This is a limited list of patriarchs/matriarchs.   I started this section after all ready having loaded many files on the Barton Quest web site so a lot of Bartons on this site aren't represented in this section.  If you discover your forefather has data in the Barton Quest web site, but is not listed here, please let me know.  If your ancestor isn't on the site at all, please email his family file and I'll include it in this section.  Also mention each of the counties he lived in and I'll provide links to the corresponding Barton Quest counties.   

In the beginning of this venture, I merely linked the patriarchs to a county in which he lived.  Later I began adding family files.  If you find your patriarch is linked to a county instead of a family file, please send a family file within the text of an email and I'll add it to this section.  Check some of the other patriarch/matriarch files if you wish to get an idea of what to submit.  It can be a small summary or a large file...which ever you'd prefer.  David Eli Barton is a good example of a small family file.  Henry C. Barton or David Barton who md. Ruth Oldham are good examples larger files.  Thanks


Andrew Jackson Barton
Aquilla Barton of NC and MO
Bavester Barton of SC/KY
Benjamin Barton who md. Lucy Welborn
Caleb of SC and GA
Christopher & Dorothy Barton
Columbus Barton, descendant of Thomas
Weeden Barton
David Barton who md. Hannah Hill
David Barton who md. Ruth Oldham
David Eli Barton of Walker Co., AL
Dulenia Barton of Orange Co., NC who md. Daniel W. Johnston
who md. Ann Green and had Lettice
Elder B. Barton of Hildalgo Co., Texas
Enoch Barton of Chambers Co. and Randolph Co., AL
Francis Marion Barton of Franklin Co., GA
George Washington "Wat" Barton
Henderson Barton of Blount Co., AL
Henry Barton of Hall Co., GA and Carroll Co., GA
Henry C. Barton
Holly Barton of Hall Co., GA
Houston Barton
Isaac Barton of Jackson Co. land lottery

Isaac Barton of Killaloe, Ireland
Isaac of Georgia who md. Julia Patton
Isabell Barton who md. Abraham Crabtree in Orange Co., NC
Isaac Barton who md. Nancy Snow
James & Delila Barton of Hall Co., GA
James Earl Barton of Greene Co., MO
James Lewis Barton of AL/Hood Co., TX
Jeptha Barton
John Barton of Orange Co., NC
John & Delphey Barton
John & Elizabeth Barton of Randolph Co., NC
John & Mary (Earls) Barton
John Barton who md. Mary Underwood
John & Permelia Barton
John Barton, brother? of David who md. Ruth Oldham
Joseph & Matilda (Kelly) Barton of Hall Co., GA
Joseph T. & Mary Barton of Richmond Co., NC
Joseph of Pendleton District, SC/Laurens Co., SC
Joshua Barton who md. Elizabeth Bradley
Joshua Barton who md. Mary Amos and resided in Bourbon Co., KY
Joshua Barton II who md. Jane Dubart
Kimber Barton who md in Fauquier, VA to Elizabeth Lewis
Lewis Barton who may have had a son, Delmus
Lewis Barton of Carroll Co., GA
M. O. Barton, descendant of Thomas and Sarah (Wilson) Barton
Mary of Coosa Co., AL
Mary  Barton  who md. Moses Holland in Charlotte Co., VA
Mary Frances md. Thomas Crabtree
Michael Barton
Molly Barton, dau. of John from AL
Moses Barton of Walker Co., AL
Nancy Barton md. Asa Crabtree
Ralph & Angelina (Johnston) Barton of Guilford Co., NC
Samuel & Nancy (Barton) Barton of Orange Co., NC
Sarah Barton who md. William Brown
Septimus Barton of Randolph Co., GA
Squire Phillip & Rachel (Thrasher) Barton of MO

Stephen Barton of Hall Co., GA/Rusk Co., TX
Stephen Barton of Forsyth Co., NC
Thomas Barton of Jefferson Co., AL
Thomas & Frances (Davis) Barton
Thomas & Mary (Kimber) Barton
Thomas Barton, patriarch? of David who md. Ruth Oldham and Thomas who md. Sarah Wilson
Viannah Barton of Georgia who md. William Justiss
William & Bethania/Bethenia (Murphree) Barton
William & Elizabeth (Crabtree) Barton
William & Hannah (Oliphant) Barton
William & Nancy (Dockery) Barton
William & Rhoda Barton
William & Sarah (Carroll) Barton of Orange Co., NC
William & Sarah (Dunning) Barton
William  & Susan (Allen) Barton
William Barton of Lafayette Co., MO
William Bailus Barton of Craighead Co., AR [Some records have William Bayless or Bayliss]
William S. & Sarah Malissa (Harrington) Barton
William Starnes Barton
Willis Barton of Hall Co., GA/Winston Co., AL
Willis Barton of Sumner Co., TN

Willoughby Barton of Richmond Co., GA
Wisley Barton md. Eliza Clark


Fowler, James [Possible Barton Connection]
Martin, Margaret [Md. Willis Barton]
Murphree (Bethania md. William Barton of Walker Co., AL/Upshur, TX)
Reid   Inter-married


Joseph & Phebe Barton
Samuel Barton of Juniata, PA

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