Possible Fowler/Barton Connection

Date: Thu, 14 May 1998    From: Lee

Rumors handed down thru several lines of Fowlers has it that we were originally Bartons and were adopted by a Fowler family.   James Fowler b. 1797 in SC migrated to GA in early 1820's. Also brother William and possible brother Thomas (no proof). Several Fowler descendants have the given name Barton, which leads credence to the rumor. During my research I have met very distant cousins who were told the same thing. I cannot link James Fowler to any of the Fowler lines in SC. He stopped for a while in Hall County, GA (as did a number of Barton families) before settling in Forsyth/Cherokee counties GA.

Has anyone run across any Barton children being adopted in SC in the early 1800's?

[Lee (above) mentioned on his web page that James, Sarah and daughter Jane were living in Habersham during the 1830 census.  "Jane was born July 13, 1830. Two years later on July 14, 1832, Phillip K. was born. Phillip's birth is recorded as being in Hall County. There were two older daughters, Lette - born in South Carolina in 1818, and Elizabeth - born in Georgia in 1822. This indicates that the Fowlers immigrated to Georgia between those two dates."]

Richard Fowler purchased land previously belonging to the deceased James Barton, Sr. in Pendleton District, SC.   Moses Barton handled this transaction before moving to Georgia and later to Walker Co., AL.

Two Fowler daughters, Rebecca and Alice, married Bartons.  They were mentioned in the will of an earlier Richard Fowler than the above mentioned Richard Fowler.  The will was probated in Laurens Co., SC.

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