Henry C. Barton (b. 1776; SC) lived in Blount Co., Alabama during 1830, 1840 and 1850 according to census records. Blount Co. was heavily settled by people from Pendleton District, SC.  Whether this was the part of SC Henry C. was from or not, I don't know.  Henry was md. to Rebecca.  Children:

  1. Jeptha J. Barton (b. 1816; SC) md. 6-28-1838 in Jefferson Co., AL to Sarah Cozby (b. 1818; AL), by Christopher Deavours, J. P.   According to Marty martyr@tsixroads.com Sarah was the dau. of James Cosby/Cozby (ca.1775-ca. 1839) and his wife, Elizabeth Moore (ca. 1779-ca. 1850), and a granddaughter of William Cosby/Cozby (ca. 1743-ca. 1821) and his wife, Nancy Pasteur.  The family of Jeptha J. and Sarah Cosby/Cozby Barton lived inBlount County, Alabama until 1852/1853 at which time they settled in Tippah County, Mississippi. According to descendant, Mildred Shirley, family tradition says there were two brothers and an unmarried sister. Jeptha was the son of one of the brothers. Children of Jeptha and Sarah:  
    1. Melissa Barton (b. ca 1840; Blount Co., AL) md. James M. "Jim" Westmorland Dec.17,1868 in Tippah Co., MS. Jim and Melissa's family tree was submitted by Marty, martyr@tsixroads.com   Jim Westmoreland was a son of James Westmoreland (born ca. 1810 in SC) and his wife, Margaret (born ca.1815), of Lafayette County, MS. Melissa (Barton) Westmoreland died during the late 1870's. Following her death, her children were raised by various families. The children of James M. "Jim" and Melissa Barton Westmoreland were:
      1. Hattie Westmoreland married John Skelton, Jr. The children of John, Jr. and Hattie Westmoreland Skelton were:
        1. Elmer Skelton
        2. Hazel Skelton
        3. Laverne Skelton
        4. Carl Skelton
        5. Homer Skelton.
      2. Mattie Westmoreland
      3. William Henry Westmoreland (26 February 1877-27 January 1953) married Laura Elizabeth "Lizzie" Watson (11 March 1878-28 January 1962) on 8 January 1902. Laura Elizabeth "Lizzie" Watson Westmoreland was a daughter of James Wesley Watson (17 July 1846-3 July 1914) and Sarah Elizabeth Ash (4 May 1854-18 January 1932) of Marshall County, MS. The children of William Henry and Laura Elizabeth "Lizzie" Watson Westmoreland were:
        1. Lillian Virginia Westmoreland (7 April 1903-10 December 1962) married Clifton Mullins Bennett (12 December 1896-11 August 1941) on 14 October 1922
        2. Florence Gazelle Westmoreland (31 January 1905-18 October 1987) married Thomas Henderson Ramage (15 December 1897-12 June 1966) on 15 June 1924 in Lee County, Mississippi
        3. John Hubert Westmoreland (20 March 1908-1942) married Gladys Smith
        4. Jessie Alvin Westmoreland (7 July 1910-September 1986) married Genevea Florene Childers (16 December 1922-8 March 1970) in 1922
        5. William Oscar Westmoreland (15 June 1911-30 July 1991) married Thelma Wiley (23 April 1919-12 November 1987)
        6. Eva Mae Westmoreland (born 25 May 1918) married (1)Curtis Smith on 29 July 1939 and (2)John Riles
        7. Woodrow Wilson Westmoreland (7 June 1919-10 June 1980) married Lena Mae Bumpus (born 7 October 1919) on 29 October 1935 at Hickory Flat, Mississippi.
    2. Benjamin Franklin Barton (born August 1841 in Blount County, Alabama-died 27 January 1917 in Polk County, Arkansas) md. (1) Martha Elizabeth Morgan (born 24 January 1844 in Mississippi-died 8 January 1908 in Johnston County, Oklahoma) Benjamin md. (2) to Martha Hupp.   The following family tree for Benjamin Franklin Barton was submitted by  Marty, martyr@tsixroads.com     The children of Benjamin Franklin and Martha Elizabeth Morgan Barton were:
      1. James Jackson Barton (born 14 August 1867 in Tippah County, Mississippi-died 6 May 1940 in Dickens County, Texas) married (1)Mary Stripling and (2)Mrs. Edna Holly Marrison (born 6 January 1872). The children of James Jackson and Mary Stripling Barton were:
        1. Frank Barton
        2. Della Barton
        3. Pearl Barton
        4. Myrtle Barton
        5. Louester Barton
        6. James Barton. The chidlren of James Jackson and Edna Holly Morrison Barton were:
        7. James Beatres "Pete" Barton (born 25 March 1909) married Daisy Lotta
        8. Edna Beatrice Barton
        9. Joseph Joel "Little Jack" Barton
        10. Norris Carr "Carl" Barton (born 11 February 1916) married Edna Lorene McDorman on 3 April 1937.
      2. John Franklin Barton (born 5 August 1869 in Tippah County, Mississippi) married Mary Wells.
      3. Thomas Jefferson Barton (born 29 January 1870 in Tippah County, Mississippi) married Elizabeth Crawford. The children of Thomas Jefferson and Elizabeth Crawford Barton were:
        1. Lula Irene Barton (8 September 1895-18 January 1978) married John William Jackson on 14 August 1920 in Cherry Hill, Arkansas
        2. Sarah Emma Barton (18 July 1896-March 1968) married John Franklin Elgger on 24 August 1913 in Cherry Hill, Arkansas
        3. Anna Belle Barton (18 December 1898-31 August 1968) married Marvin Kirkland Jackson on 12 October 1921 in Polk County, Arkansas
        4. William Frank "Jack" Barton (born 19 May 1902) married Lula Maybelle Faulkner on 30 June 1921 in Cherry Hill, Arkansas
        5. James Alvin Barton
        6. John Ernest Barton
      4. William Henry Barton (2 April 1872-9 September 1922) married Sarah Elizabeth Holiday (18 December 1873-7 January 1955). The children of William Henry and Sarah Elizabeth Holiday Barton were:
        1.  Benjamin Franklin Barton (1896-1897)
        2. twin daughter (1897-1898)
        3. twin daughter (1897-1898)
        4. William Thomas Barton (born 11 March 1899) married Lillie Ann Colter in 1922 in McCurtain County, Oklahoma
        5. Rubin Jacob Barton (born 1900)
        6. James Tolbert Barton (born 1901)
        7. Ova Alameda Barton (born 22 February 1902) married Sanford Moore on 30 April 1922 in Polk County, Arkansas
        8. Russell Raymond Barton (born 13 September 1905) married Ruby Lewis on 15 December 1940 in Nashville, Arkansas
        9. Lucy Caroline Barton (born 7 April 1908) married Andrew Jackson Moore on 3 March 1929 in Garland County, Arkansas
        10. Fred Clinton Barton (born 7 January 1912) married Winnie Ira Cliff on 15 March 1930 in Polk County, Arkansas
        11. Alice Elizabeth Barton (born 18 November 1913) married Lawson Ferguson
        12. and Effie Jane Barton (born 12 November 1918) married (1)Harvey Glen May and (2)William Henry Earp (born 16 April 1915).
      5. Mary Ann Barton (29 July 1875-17 October 1930)
      6. Sarah Catherine Barton (born 15 August 1877)
      7. Lenora Labith Barton (20 August 1879-17 April 1931) married James Asa Gatlin (1846-1954) in 1897 in Polk County, Arkansas. The children of James Asa and Lenora Labith Barton Gatlin were:
        1. Ina Ester Gatlin (11 March 1898-August 1927) married John Graf in 1918 in Mena, Arkansas
        2. Ivan Lee Gatlin (1 November 1900-15 July 1965) married Hattie Wason
        3. Ethyl Mary Gatlin (5 March 1903-March 1943) married John Stokes
        4. Bert James Gatlin (11 February 1906-24 July 1974) married Charlotte White
        5. Marvin William Gatlin (born 25 May 1908 married Margie Buckner in 1928 in Dickens County, Texas
        6. John Franklin Gatlin (born 21 February 1910) married Edwina Blair in 1938 in Scurry County, Texas
        7. Opal Alene Gatlin (born 18 July 1913) married Bunyon L. Evans on 28 October 1933 in Scurry County, Texas
        8. Pauline Erma Gatlin (born 23 June 1915) married Raymond House on 27 October 1934 in Snyder, Texas
        9. and Edna Mae Gatlin (born 6 August 1921) married Cecil Mearse.
      8. Harvey Daniel Barton (15 November 1881-4 July 1954) married Mary Ella Pate (2 September 1885-7 February 1976) on 10 September 1905 in Cherry Hill, Arkansas. The children of Harvey Daniel and Mary Ella Pate Barton were:
        1. Ova Elizabeth Baron (born 15 December 1906) married Henry Houston McPherson on 24 October 1947
        2. child (born and died in 1908)
        3. Virgin Barton (born 14 December 1910) married Willie Mae Atkinson (born 10 April 1907) on 29 August 1931 in Crosby County, Texas
        4. Tolbert Barton (born 23 September 1914) married (1)Elsie Earlene Lowrance (born 29 April 1919) on 29 December 1934 in Motley County, Texas and (2) Bernice Marie Swafford (born 1 December 1923) on 6 July 1943 in Potter County, Texas
        5. Iley Barton (born 9 February 1921) married Daisy Jo Rose on 23 April 1942
        6. Ruby Jane Barton (born 2 July 1923) married J. W. Price, Jr. on 15 September 1945.
      9. Marvin Bishop Barton (19 March 1884-2 February 1943) married Ella Ethel Moran (11 May 1888- 11 March 1976) on 30 May 1903 in Bryan County, Oklahoma. The children of Marvin Bishop and Ella Ethel Moran Barton were:
        1. Lee Barton (born 30 March 1904)
        2. Reese Barton (born 31 July 1906)
        3. Audrey Barton (born 29 February 1908)
        4. Marie Barton (born 8 January 1910) married Casey Jone Hipkins
        5. George Truie Barton (11 April 1912-6 October 1973)
        6. female child (born and died in 1914)
        7. Otho Johanson Barton (born 24 November 1915)
        8. Ross Barton (born 19 June 1919)
        9. Josephine Barton (24 February 1922-23 October 1970)
        10. Ano Barton (born 29 December 1923)
        11. Troy Barton (19 May 1926-1942)
        12. Don Barton (born 8 April 1930).
      10. Norris Barton (27 September 1886-9 January 1968) married Lillie and settled in McClain County, Oklahoma. Norris and Lillie Barton had two sons:
        1. Clayton Barton
        2. Cecil Barton  
    3. Henry C. Barton (b. ca1842; AL)  Henry moved to Gibson Co., TN.   He md. Matty Becton in 1869 in TN and later moved to AR.
    4. Margaret Barton (b. ca 1843; AL?)
    5. Walker D. Barton (b. ca 1845; MS)  May have moved to Yalobusha Co., MS by the 1880 census.
    6. Catherine Barton (b. ca 1847; MS?)
    7. Virginia Barton (b. ca 1848; MS?)
    8. Columbus J. Barton (b. ca 1852; MS) Moved to Dyer, Gibson Co., TN where he remained for many years.
    9. Noah H. Barton (b. ca 1853; MS)
    10. Jane B. Barton (b. ca 1854; MS)
    11. Paralee Barton (b. ca 1857; MS?)
  2. Catherine Barton (b. 11-16-1836; St. Clair Co., AL) dwatson@texas.net  states that according to Catherine's obituary, she was the dau. of Henry C. and Rebecca.
  3. Elizabeth Barton

Mar. 14, 1999
Jan  jwoods7439@aol.com

I am only assuming that Henderson is the son of Henry C. Barton because Henry C. had a son that would have been the correct age of Henderson in the 1830 census. Henderson married in 1839 and in the poorly written marriage record it mentions mother, Martha Henderson, as giving permission for the marriage.

Henderson married Matilda Fortner of Blount Co. She died between 1854 and 1860. By 1860 Henderson lived in Poinsette Co. AR, then by 1870 he lived in Clark Co. AR and had remarried. I knew he disappeared from the AR census in 1880. I was contacted about a year ago by a descendant of one of Henderson's children by his 2nd wife who stated Henderson died in Indian Territory after 1880, which is now McCurtain Co. OK.

As for Henry C. Barton, I would love to find info that could connect him to Henderson.

Date: Tue, 09 Nov 1999
From: Linda     LSartin237@aol.com

The following is my research. It probably contains a lot of the same info as others have found but may be put together with a little different reasoning. I believe Elizabeth Barton Hartgraves to be the daughter of Henry Caldwell Barton for the following reasons:

1810 Pendleton South Carolina census:
Henry C. Barton 26-45
female 26-45
male 16-26
male 10-16
female 10-16
male 0-10
male 0-10
female 0-10 (born btwn 1800-1810, Elizabeth was born abt 1808)

Blount Co. Marriages - Caleb Hartgraves marries Elizabeth Barton on May 6, 1826.

1830 Jefferson Co., Alabama Census
Caleb Hartgraves head of household:
a son under 5
male (Caleb) 20-30
one daughter under 5
female (Elizabeth) 20-30

1830 Blount Co., Alabama Census, page 12
Henry C. Barton, age 50-60
two females 50-60
one son 10-15
one daughter 5-10

1830 Blount Co., Alabama Census, page 12
Gilbert Barton, age 20-30
one female 20-30

1830 Jefferson Co., Alabama Census
Caleb Hartgraves 20-30
female (Elizabeth) 20-30
son under 5
daughter under 5

1835 Caleb Hartgraves purchased 40 acres (nw qtr of se qtr of sect 5, twp 14s, range 1w) in Blount Co. Where this land is located is near the Jefferson Co. - Blount Co. border.

Henry Caldwell Barton purchased the SE quarter of the SW quarter of Sect. 27 in Township 14 of Range 1 West containing 40 and 8/100 acres in Blount Co., Alabama 10 Sep 1838.

1839 Caleb Hartgraves purchased 40 acres (ne qtr of sw qtr of sect 27, twp 14s, range 1w) in Blount Co. (same section as Henry's land).

1840, January 26 - Caleb dies at 36 years of age.

1840 US Census for Blount Co., Alabama
H. Barton, page 85 1 m 20-30, 1 f 20-30
H. C. Barton, page 92 1 m 60-70, 1 f 60-70
J. J. Barton, page 92 1 m 30-40, 1 f 20-30, 1 m to 10, 1 f to 10
Elizabeth (Barton) Hartgravis, page 92 1 f 30-40, 2 f 10-15, 1 m 5-10, 3 f 5-10, 2 f to 5 (widow of Caleb Hartgraves) on  same page as H. C. Barton.

1850 US Census for Blount Co., Alabama
Henderson Barton, 30, farmer, 100, Ala (Henderson Barton married Matilda Fortner 28 Mar 1839 in Blount Co., Alabama)
Matilda, 40, NC
Nancy, 20, Ala
Minerva, 9, Ala
Hassa, 7, Ala
William, 5, Ala
Andrew, 4, Ala
Sarah, 3, Ala

Gilbert Barton, 47, farmer, 125, SC
Mauldin (Mullins), 46, SC

Harris Rickles, 40, GA
Margaret, 37, SC
John, 5, Ala
H. C. Barton, 76, SC

Elizabeth Hartgraves, 42, SC
Catharine, 21, Ala
Caroline, 16, Ala
Adaline, 12, Ala
Calesta, 10, Ala

1860 Barbour Co., Alabama Census

M.W. Blair, born in SC (Michael W. Blair married Martha Hargroves 10 Jan1850, Barbour Co., Alabama)
Martha A., 31, born in Alabama
Henry W., 4, Alabama
J. W., 11/12, Alabama
Elizabeth Hargrove, 52, born in SC (I believe this is the same Elizabeth Barton; she is consistent with her age and birthplace, and Martha's maiden name was Hargroves)

From: "R.N. Tex" <dwatson@texas.net>

1850 U.S. Census Tippah Co., MS 2 1183

William and Benjamin are R. P.'s two sons by Polly WILSON. They are William J. and Benjamin S. HARRISON. Robert P. HARRISON apparently moved around a lot.  It looks as if he was in Texas many years before moving his family to Texas. Even though he is on the 1850 census for Tippah County, he appears in some records in Texas in the 1840's. After moving his family to Texas, Catherine died in 1859 at Brazoria County.  In October of 1860 R. P. married the widow Anna HUBBARD HOWE. She was the widow of Edward Percy HOWE.  A descendedent of Anna HUBBARD HOWE currently living in Blanco county on the old R. P. HARRISON place has some diaries that were kept by a daughter of Anna H.  HOWE. It appears that R. P. HARRISON and Catherine were friends of the HOWE's from back when the HOWE's were living in Yabalousha County, MS.  Edward was a newspaper man and had moved his operation to Texas except that the ship they were traveling on got into some trouble at Indianola, TX and was scuttled, the printing press being lost. Seems about 10 or 15 years ago some archeologists found that scuttled ship's remains including the old printing press.

Catherine BARTON Obituary:

Mrs. Catherine Harrison died at the residence of her husband, R. P. Harrison, in Columbia, Brazoria Co., on the 30th ult., of congetive chill.   She was the daughter of H. C. and Rebecca Barton, born in Jefferson Co.,    Alabama on Oct. 10, 1819, married November, 1836 and joined the M. E. Church, South in 1845. She and her husband came to Texas in 1845, resided at various places in the State. Left husband and large family of young  children, some too young to know their loss. P. V. H., Columbia, Aug. 9, 1859.   [Texas Christian Advocate, Aug. 1859, Vol. VI, No. 3]

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999
From:  Patti.Russell@incirlik.af.mil
My grandfather was named William Barton Walker.  His father was Japheth Walker often mispronouced Jeptha.  He was born in Pontotoc County Missisippi.  I noticed your Jeptha had a son named Walker.  Do you know how the Walker name connects?   I can't figure out where the Barton name connects.  

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