Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999         From: Debby <unikorn9@swbell.net>      To: imolhd@lightspeed.net

I've come across a little informaton on William Brown, Sr. and wife, Sarah Elizabeth (Barton) Brown, but I have never verified the data.  Whoever recorded this information had the same birth date as you for William. She had him born in Pittsylvannia (Co.?), VA/ d. fall of 1853; Monroe Co., MS. This person listed them living in Lincoln Co., TN as well as places listed below. Children:

1. Eliza (1778; Gilford Co., NC) Md. Jeremiah Jones.
2. John (1780; Gilford Co./d. after 1860; Johnson or Pope Co., AR) Md. 4-7-1808 in Franklin Co., GA to Mary                 Crawford.
3. William, Jr. (1782; Gilford Co., NC/7-1866; Jefferson Co., AL) War of 1812. Md. 1803 Franklin Co., GA to Sarah         McCracken.
4. Isaac (1784; Gilford Co./1-31-1857; Pope Co., AR) War of 1812. Md. in Franklin Co., GA 9-11-1810 to Nancy Lovelady.
6. Joseph who resided in Jefferson Co., AL at one time.
7. Jesse: In Jefferson Co., MS??? in about 1816. [Wonder if this could have been a mistake and they meant AL]
8. Thomas (10-24-1794)
9. Samuel (1797; GA) Md. Margaret. He may have been in the 1850 Choctaw Co., MS census.

I have a reference with this information which lists the Barton Bulletin, 1988-1989, data submitted by Melva Y. Whitehead. I'm not sure if she submitted all or part of the above material. There is a link on my web site for the Barton Historical Society and how to contact them.  I may have a little more information in my county files (hard copy, not the Barton Quest web site.)

If you have a file for the first three generations or so, I could include it in a patrarch/matriarch page for Sarah Elizabeth on my Barton Quest web site along with links to the counties in which they lived and an email link to you. The information might help to eventually attract more descendants. Let me know what you think.



RE: Barbara - 09/19/99 My husband's great grandparents were Gillison Martin and Rebecca Brown. It has come to our attention that one of her ancestor's was an Sarah Elizabeth Barton married to William Brown who was in the Revolutionary War. His birthday is 8/27/1760 in VA and died 1853 AL his Rev. record # is S6697.  Do you know if she,Sarah Barton Brown is in your family? Please email me if you know of this fmaily. Thank you, Barbara Martin


Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999       From: Barbara     To:   unikorn9@swbell.net

Debby, I don't have much information on Sarah Elizabeth Barton. The only thing I have is on Rebecca Brown married Gillison Martin 2/13/1840. She was born in TN. Her father's name was Thomas Brown married to Elizabeth ?, they had three children that I know of. Smith Brown b. abt 1820 married Lucretia Martin 7/31/1842, Mary Brown b. abt 1824 married Moses Martin 6/4/1840, and of course Rebecca. They were all married in Perry County Missouri and they all married into the same Martin family. I do not know where William Brown and Sarah Barton fit into this family, I don't know what generation they may be to our Rebecca Brown. Any information you may have I would be greatful to get.

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