A descendant of Moses Barton has contributed DNA to the Barton Historical Society DNA Project.  The result shows that Moses is part of the Greenville Co./Pendleton Dist., SC Bartons (G/P Bartons) who descend from David & Ruth (Oldham) Barton and Thomas & Sarah (Wilson) Barton. Many southern and some northern Bartons seem to be closely connected to this clan of Bartons.
Moses Barton (b. 1774/d. after 1850)  Possibly married Fannie    ?   .

On 9-19-1803, Moses Barton of Pendleton District sold 100 acres of land which had been granted to James Barton, Sr. on 10-3-1796.

Since Moses sold land which had belonged to James, Sr., could Moses be the son of James? It should be mentioned that some people believe Moses was the son of a Thomas Barton.  The report on these pages does not address the family traditions as to the parentage of Moses, but is merely a study of available records.

Where there is a James, Sr., there ought to be a James, Jr.  Moses was living beside a James of an age to be Moses' brother in the 1800 census of Pendleton Dist., SC.

1800 Pendleton Dist., SC (P. 35)

#0857 Moses Barton

  • m   16-26    [Moses]
  • m   16-26    [brother of Moses???]
  • f     16-26    [wife, Fanny?]
  • m       -10    
  • f         -10

#0858 James Barton

  • m   16-20
  • f     16-20                                                                                 

#1079  James Barton

  • m    45+            [James, Sr.?]
  • f     45+             [Rebecca?]
  • m   16-26
  • m   10-16
  • m       -10
  • f     16-26
  • f     10-16
  • f         -10

The 1790 census compared to the 1800 census makes an even stronger case for Moses being the son of James.

1790 Pendleton District, SC

  • m   16+     [James]
  • f                [Rebecca?]
  • m   16+     [Moses?]
  • m   -16      [Bro.? living with Moses in the 1800 census???]
  • m   -16      [James, Jr.?]
  • m   -16    
  • m   -16
  • f
  • f

Note that  three of the sons of James are no longer living in his household in the 1800 census, but suddenly Moses, James (of an age to be his brother) and a third male show up in separate households.

Moses settled in Walker Co., AL, but what happened to the other five sons and three daughters of James, Sr.? (Remember, this is just a theory.  Moses might not have been a son of James, Sr.)  Other Bartons moved to Walker Co. around the same time as Moses.  Most of them were included in the 1830 census.  Following are a few of them:

Joshua Barton (b. 1774 or later/d.1843) who md. Elizabeth Bradley (see 1850 Hot Springs Co., AR, #291)

  1. Thomas A.?

  2. John Thomas

  3. fem.

  4. Lewis

  5. fem.

  6. Matilda

  7. Joseph

  8. Samuel M.

  9. Jonathan Evan

  10. Erasmus

  11. Hiram

William Barton (b. 1790; SC) who md. Bethania Murphree [Some accounts spell her name Bethenia]

  1. Bailey      (b.1828; AL)

  2. Martin     (b. 1830; AL)                                    William and Bethania were in 1830 Walker Co, AL

  3. Samuel    (b.1831; AL)                                                                                  1840  Yalobusha Co., MS

  4. Jemima    (b. 1833; MS)                                                                                1850  Yalobusha Co., MS

  5. David      (b. 1837; MS)                                                                                1860 Upshur Co., TX

  6. Alfred      (b. 1837; MS)

  7. Matilda    (b. 1839; MS)

  8. Solomon  (b. 1843; MS)

  9. Thomas   (b. 1848; MS)

  10. John        (b. 1848; MS)

David Eli Barton (b. 1790-1800; SC)  who md. (2) Jane

  1. Nancy                                                                       David Eli Barton was in 1830 Walker Co., AL

  2. Albert      (b. 1828; AL)                                                                                 1840 Yalobusha Co., MS

  3. John        (b. 1831; AL)                                                                                  1850 Chickasaw, MS

  4. Miley       (b. 1833; AL)                                                                                 1860 Calhoun Co., MS

  5. Wm. C.   (b. 1841; MS)

  6. Merritt     (b. 1843; MS)

  7. Eli?        

A Phoebe Barton married a Joseph Nations in 1820, Jefferson Co., AL  [Walker Co. Joshua lived in Jefferson Co. before moving to Walker Co.]  Both William Barton of Walker Co. and a Joseph Nations moved to Yalobusha Co., MS by 1840.  By 1860, William was living in TX and some Nations children were residing in his household.  A Lydia Barton md. Daniel Nations in 1823 Jefferson Co., AL.  A Daniel Nations was also enumerated in the 1840 census of Yalobusha, MS.  Just because these families took the same migration pattern as William doesn't mean Phoebe and Lydia were two of the missing daughters of James, Sr.  There were many other Bartons living in Jefferson Co. including an Isaac who also later moved to MS.  He is also a part of the MH1 (G/P) Bartons. One of his descendants married one of the descendants of Willis Barton. Some references have been made stating at least part of these Jefferson Co. Bartons came from Laurens Co., SC.


Where was Moses in 1810?  [Documentation needed]
Where was Moses in 1820?  [Documentation needed]
Moses was in Walker Co., AL in 1830 [Documented through census records]
Moses was in Walker Co., AL in 1840 [Documented through census records]
Was Moses listed in the 1850 census?

Children of  Moses & Fannie(?)
(b. 1798;SC)
Lydia (Barton) Nations/Morrow
(1805; SC)
Nancy (Barton) Robins
(1807; GA)
John Mason
(1808; GA)
James Allen
Rebecca Barton) Robins/Mullens
(1815; TN or AL)
Frances (Barton) Morrow
(1813; GA)
Vincey? Louisa (Barton) Sanders
(1815; TN)
Milley (Barton) Raines  
(1817; AL)
Moses, Jr.
(1820; AL)
Mary A. (Barton) Nations?
(1822; AL)

We still lack children for Mary and Nancy; we have only one child listed for Hiram.

Children of Nathaniel Barton:
1. Hiram L.
2. Isaiah
3. Moses
4. Frances
5. Elija    
6. James
7. Emaline
8. John M.
9. William

1.  Nathaniel Barton
The oldest known child of Moses was Nathaniel Barton (b. about 1795/d. 1879).  Nathaniel is included
on numerous family records as being a child of Moses. One of Nathaniel's descendants mentioned in
a letter a few years ago that she'd never been able to find proof that Nathaniel belonged to Moses.  
Does anyone know of a legal document proving the connection?  Nathaniel md. (1) Mary Wilson.  
There were many Barton/Wilson marriages among the Winston/Walker Co. Bartons.

Nathaniel md. (2) a Yarborough.  Although there may be no connection, a Cephus Barton, age 6, was
listed in the household of Jackson Yarborough in the 1880 soundex of Calhoun Co., MS.  Some of the
descendants of David Eli of Walker Co., AL [possible relative of Moses (b. 1774)] settled in Calhoun
Co., MS.

Other sources say Nathaniel md. Massa (Massey) Rogers.

"Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999
From: Ginny 
I descend from Mary Ann "Polly" Barton Dill daughter of Nathaniel Barton and Mary Wilson, linking to
Moses Barton in Walker County AL. 1860 census finds William and Mary Ann Dill living near her older
brother Hiram, the Mullers and Black families and a widowed sister in law. Mary Ann Barton b 1831 near
Jasper, Walker County AL; d 1895 Bullard, Smith County TX; married ca 1847 Cordova AL to
William Abner Dill."

Child of Hiram Barton:
1. James 2.  Hiram Barton md. Sarah K. Willis
There were two young males living in Hiram's household in the 1840 census. It is not known if the 2nd male
was a son or not.  He was considerably older than the youngest male, but may have been from an earlier
marriage or perhaps several children died in between the two sons.

Children of Lydia (Barton) Nations/Morrow:
Chdn by Daniel Nations

1. Louise
2. James
3. Martha
4. Geo. Wash.
5. Harriman
6. Joseph

Chdn by Samuel Morrow

7. Mary
8. John (2nd source has James, not John) 
9. Nancy
10. Frances

3.  Lydia Barton
The Morrows were said to have moved to TX.

There was a Samuel Morrow listed in the 1840 Walker Co. Census (#290)
and in the 1850 Walker Co. census (#326).  

A Samuel Morrow registered land in Jefferson Co. 1-18-1826 and listed
his residence as SC.

Children of Nancy (Barton) Robins:  
?  4.  Nancy Barton md. John B. Robbins. [Is this an error or were there two John Robbins?  See the Rebecca Barton
family data for explanation.] Some believe Nancy was not md. to John Robbins.

The John  & Nancy Robbins family was said to have moved to TX.  There was a John Robbins listed as #268 in 1830
Walker Co., #287 in 1840 Walker Co. and #304 in 1850 Walker Co., AL.  Also a John Robbins was enumerated in
the 1840 Yalobusha Co., MS census (p. 301) along with many other families who'd previously lived in Jefferson or
Walker Counties, AL.  Isaac Nation was also listed in the Yalobusha census on p. 301.  Benjamin, David and
William Barton, Bayliss Nations, Martin Murphy (Murphree?)  and Ransom Murphy (Murphree?) were also listed in
this census on p. 292.  Joseph Nations (who md. Phoebe Barton???), Daniel Nations (who md. Lydia Barton???)  
and Samuel Murphy ((Murphree?) who md. Phoebe Nations?) were listed on page 278 of the 1840 Yalobusha
census.  Isaac Barton of Jefferson Co., AL was on p. 291 of 1840 Yalobusha census.

Children of John Mason Barton:
1. Caroline
2. Hiram  
3. Sarah
4. Moses
5. William Wallace
6. Fanny  
7. John Mason, Jr.
8. Nancy  
9. Mary Martha


5.  John Mason/Mace
2nd source say this John Mace md. Susan and had Mary Ann, Rosella, Martha E. and
John H. Barton. Does anyone know the facts about this?

The family data came from the 1850 and 1860 census records. There are other Walker Co.
records which don't mention any of the children in those census records, nor do they mention
Anna Willis, John Mace' wife.  We either have another John Mace or John Mace had two different
families and the first wasn't acknowledged in his will.  I hope someone will see this puzzle who
knows the answers because we have made contact with the family of Moses Barton, the son of
John Mason who is listed in the chart as the son of Moses Barton, Sr.  This family would truly
like to make a positive connection to the correct father of  their Moses Barton who moved to

The following data was supplied by a member of that family, Dot 

1860 census of Walker County, Al FHL # 0803026 Page 880 June 13, 1860   Eastern Div. P.O. Bartonville

Moses Barton 25 m Farmer 175 AL

  • Mary A. 23 F MS
    • Houston 4 m AL
    • Nancy J. 2 F AL
    • John D. 5/12 m AL

FHL # 0545834 Lawrence County, Indiana Flinn Twp. Page 379 July 28, 1870     P.O. Leesville

Moses Barton 36 m miller 500 AL

  • Mary A. 34 F Keephouse MS
    • Huston 14 m AL  
    • Nancy 12 F AL
    • John D. 11 m AL
    • Francis M. 6 m AL
    • Wm H. 4 m IN
    • Rosanna 2 f IN
    • Julissa 2/12 f IN


From: Deb

Anyone heard of this town Bartonville? It was listed on census as a town, this is where my
gggrandmother came from

Moses Barton (father)
Mary A. (wife)
Nancy Jane (d.)
Harrison (s.)
John D.(s.)
looking for location of town and any info on this line


Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2005 1:07 PM

My great grandfather was Moses Barton, son of John Mason Barton. Moses was born abt 1837 in Walker Co., AL. He married a Mary A. (last name unknown to me). They had the following children:

Huston Barton; b. 1856; Walker County, AL
Nancy Jane Barton; b. Oct 1857; Walker County, AL
John D. Barton; b. 1859; Walker County, AL
Marion Francis Barton (male); b. 1863; Walker County, AL
William Henry Barton; b. 1866; Walker County, AL
Rosanna Barton; b. 1868; Flinn, Lawrence, Indiana
Julissa; b. 1870; Flinn, Lawrence, Indiana
Sarah Barton; b. 1870; Flinn, Lawrence, Indiana
Joseph Barton; b. 1872; Flinn, Lawrence, Indiana
Oliver Dean Barton; b. 10 Sep 1872; Flinn, Lawrence, Indiana; d. 7 Jul 1934; Antlers, Pushmataha, OK
James B. Barton; b. 1875; Flinn, Lawrence, Indiana

Most of this information comes from an 1870 Census record of Moses and an 1880 Census record for Mary A. Barton in Wabash, Wabash, IL. On this census, she says she is a widow. From the information above, it is obvious Moses took his family from Walker, AL to Indiana between 1866 and 1868 and died sometime between 1875 and 1880. I actually think Julissa and Sarah are the same person, but can’t prove this yet. Her name was probably Julissa Sarah Barton.

I assume that Mary went to Illinois after Moses’ death. From Illinois, Mary then took her children to Dublin, Erath, Texas and ultimately the children migrated to southern Oklahoma.

Oliver Dean Barton, listed above, was my grandfather. He married Dora Caroline Pridgen in Antlers, OK. I don’t know the year. Dora was born on 14 Nov 1876 in Texas. I have been unable to trace her lineage so far. Family lore says that she was raised by her grandparents. I don’t know their last name or where they lived in TX, although I assume it was near Dublin, TX since that’s where Oliver was. I don’t know what happened to her parents. Dora died 29 Oct 1964. She never remarried. Per the Oklahoma’s USGenWeb website under “Cemetaries”, both Oliver (Ollie) and Dora are buried in the Old Section of the Antlers City Cemetary in Antlers, OK. They share a double headstone. They had the following children:

Odie Barton; b. 19 Jan 1900; Texas (this son might have been Dora’s from a previous marriage); d. Aug 1977, Salem, Marion, OR
Montie Lee Barton; b. 23 Feb 1906; Antlers, Pushmataha, OK; d. 4 Feb 1977; San Jose, Santa Clara, CA
Austin H. Barton; b. 29 Mar 1914; Antlers, Pushmataha, OK; d. 16 Aug 1991; Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Lois E. Barton; b. 7 Apr 1917; Antlers, Pushmataha, OK; d. Oct 1974; Coolidge, Pinal, AZ
Lurie M. Barton; b. 1922; Antlers, Pushmataha, OK

There might also have been another daughter named Lorena.

[Montie Lee and wife]...were both raised in the small community of Antlers, OK but did not meet until they had both come separately to California, as many of the Okies did. The story goes that Dad was driving a taxicab and took my mother and my oldest sister (my mother had been married previously and had 8 living children) to a dance they wanted to attend. Daddy liked Momma’s looks and decided to hang around to drive her back home. They discovered they were from the same town in Oklahoma, knew all the same people, and the rest, as they say, is history.

I have read a brief description of Oliver Dean, Moses’ son, on his WWI registration card. Says he was short and slender. My father must have taken after him. Montie Lee was only 5’3” tall and weighed about 118 lbs (soaking wet, as my mother used to say! Ha!)...

Perhaps by adding this information to the tree, other descendents of Moses Barton and Oliver Dean will find it and contact me. I never knew most of my Barton relatives and would love to hear from them.

Thanks again for this wonderful website. And to the rest of the Barton clan, greetings and best wishes.



Researchers for John Mace' line:

Children of James Allen  Barton:
1. Sarah A.

2. Nancy E.
3. Malinda A.
4. Francis E.
5. Moses
6. Lucinda J. 
7. Mary Ann
8. Nathaniel
9. Laray N. A.
10. Martha A.


6.  James Allen Barton
James Allen Barton (d. 1850/1860) md. Celia Ann Brock (b. 1823; TN) [James wasn't listed in the 1860 census of Walker Co., but Celia and children were.] Their oldest dau. was Sarah Ann Barton (1839 - 1908) [died in Nowata Co. OK/bd. Lenapah, OK//Small world!  We had friends who owned a lot of land around Lenapah.]  Sarah md. John Henderson Wilson (1839 - 1907) [Bd. at Hicks Chapel Cem., north of Fanshawe, Le Flore Co., OK.  Andrew Jonathan Barton, grandson of Willis Barton, was bd. in the main Fanshawe Cem. My aunt, Madeline (Barton) Whitfield, and I have copied the tombstone information at both of these cemeteries.] Sarah was a teacher and a midwife.  John was a Methodist minister and a farmer.

Moses Barton 1848 - 1939 [Bd. Maxey Cem., Le Flore Co., OK///Lived in Victor, OK which was just down the road from where descendants of Willis Barton lived in Fanshawe.  Moses was a Primitive Baptist Minister.  He and his wife, Martha, owned a store in Victor.  One of the things "Mose" Barton's granddauther, Cherry Pack, remembered about her grandfather was that people were always seeking him out for advice.  He was very well respected in his community.  Mose Barton said he knew his Barton ancestors by name back to when they came to the United States.  He said our ancestors came over on the second ship.  Cherry said he used to tell her the name of the ship, but she couldn't remember it.  For a more detailed explanation, click here.]

Moses md. Martha Jane Fry (1841 - 1928) [Sister of  Caleb Fry who md. Martha Elizabeth League.  Martha League was the sister of Cicero and Robert League who both md. a Margaret Barton (two different Margarets, both of whom were descendants of Willis Barton.)  Caleb & Martha had Simon Kimsey Fry (1876/1938/bd. Lynn Cem., Lynn, Winston Co., AL) who md. Sarah Ann "Sissy" Harris, granddaughter of Willis Barton of Winston Co.  ]

Moses and Martha had a number of children.  Their son,  Henry (1881 - 1971) md. Clara Evalee Evans (1900 - 1973)  [Clara's brother, Claudy, md. Lena Bell Barton, a descendant of Willis Barton of Winston Co.  Clara and Claudy were children of John Wesley Evans (1906-1961).]

Another son of Moses and Martha,  Rueben, md. Nancy Ethel Presson, dau. of Jacob Little and Phoeba Almeda (Mathews) Presson.  They had 14 children born in Sebastian Co., AR.  [When I interviewed "Pete" Barton and his sister, Cherry Pack, (grandchildren of OK "Mose" Barton) in the early 1970's, they said Rueben owned an apple orchard in AR and the last they had heard of him, he was in a nursing home.  They also said there was a Mr. Ingle in a nursing home nearby who was from Winston Co., AL who knew all about the different relatives.  I was so excited.  We got in the car and drove to the nursing home in Vian, OK.  Mr. Ingles was ecstatic to find someone interested in his AL roots.  His mind was sharp and he was eager to talk. The only problem was, he'd just had a stroke.  I couldn't understand enough of what he said to make sense of anything.  It was a very frustrating interview for both of him because he wanted so much to talk about his past in AL, and to me because I wanted so badly to obtain the information he had to impart.]


From BQ Guest Book:

Kelly - 09/27/00
The name of your first known ancestor: James Allen Barton

I am the GGGD of Moses & Martha Barton. Just started researching. My grandma remembers the store that Moses had and has pictures. Thanks again.


From BQ Guest Book:

Lynda Langston Fredendall - 02/24/00 02:23:12
The name of your first known ancestor: Moses Barton

I am descended from Moses' son James Allen. I keep seeing that he was born in 1810 in Georgia. I have 1817 born in Alabama, which is the information on the 1850 Walker Co., AL census. 1817 is more consistent with his marriage date. I'm just wondering if anyone has proof he was born in Georgia in 1810?? This is a great web site by the way. I'm printing out many pages. Thanks!


Other researchers for James Allen's line:  
Tarna:      Web Page:

Children of Rebecca (Barton) Robins/Mullens:
Chdn by John Robins

1. Hian?
2. Nathaniel  
3. Milla         
3. Masse        
4. Mehala A.  
5. Fanny       
6. Penelope  
7. Mossy  

Child by Burgess Mullens

8. Samantha Pocahontas


7.  Rebecca Barton
Rebecca Barton (b. 6-1815)

Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2001
From: Forrest Mullins

1. Hian? Robins
2. Nathaniel  "
3. Milla          "
3. Masse        "
4. Mehala A.  "
5. Fanny        "
6. Penelope  "
7. Mossy        "
8. Samantha Pocahontas Mullens

Rebecca was first married to John Robins. Walker Co., AL Census, 1850, page 304 was John B. Robins 41, b.S.C. with wife Rebecca 31, b. Ala and 8 children, all born in Ala; Hian??
(f) 15, Nathaniel 19, Milla (f) 14, Masse [Massa] (f) 12, Mehala A. (f) 10, Fanny [Frances] (f) 8, Penelope (f) 6 and Mossy (Moses), 2.

Sometime between the 1850 Census and the 1860 Census both Rebecca (Barton) Robins and Burgess Mullens lost their spouses (Burgess had been enumerated in 1850 on page
319A, Family #271 with his wife, Patience and 10 children). Burgess Mullens, b. 1799, SC was the son of Bud Mullins, b. 1758/9 NC, d. 1856 Paulding Co., GA. He was an older
brother of my Gr-Gr-Grandfather, Samuel Mullins, b. 1810. Most of Burgess' descendants have maintained the spelling, "Mullens" while all other known descendants of Bud spell it

In the 1860 Walker Co., AL Census are listed: Burgess Mullins 57 M Farmer $400 $400 S.C; Rebecca 46 F Domestic Tenn, then four children from Burgess' first marriage, and last,
Mosses Robins, 12 M AL. Not listed was Burgess and Rebecca's two year-old daughter, Samantha Pocahontas Mullens. The age and birth place of Rebecca are different from the
1850 Census, but we all know that Census takers have made bigger mistakes. The item that firmly shows that Rebecca Robins and Rebecca Mullens are the same person is Mosses
Robins, 2years old in 1850; 12 years old in 1860, and the persistent story that Rebecca Barton, daughter of Moses, married a Mullens and went to Texas.

In Texas, 1870, Falls Co. page 112B is: Mullins Brutus 70 M W Farm Labor $200 South Carolina; Rebecca 55 F W Keeping House Tennessee; Sacramento 12 F W Attending School
Alabama; Sam 37 M W Farm Labor Georgia. Census errors here are Burgess being called "Brutus" and Samantha being called "Sacramento". Sam was Burgess and his first wife's
oldest son who had been wounded during the Civil War and, according to family legend, Samantha Pocahontas, his little half-sister, helped nurse him back to health.

Samantha Pocahontas (known as Aunt Poke by her kin) married Hyman Quentin "Hi" BYRD 1877 in Limestone County, Texas (next to Falls Co., where Burgess and Rebecca were
enumerated in 1870

The last thing we have on Rebecca is from the 1900 Limestone Co., TX Census. She was living with her daughter, Samantha Pocahontas and her husband, Hyman Quentin (Hi) Byrd and their seven children. Rebecca is listed as "mother-in-law", born June, 1815 in AL and is 84 years old at the time of the Census taking, June 5.

I also have Robins, Nations, Vickery and Murphree ancestors--gained from my Gr-Grandfather Mullins' marriage in Yalobusha Co., MS--who also seem to have tied up with the Bartons from time to time.

Children of Frances (Barton) Morrow:
1. Silas  
2. Mary
3. Moses D.
4. Jacob
5. Louisa
6. John
7. James
8. Samuel
8.  Frances Barton
Frances Barton (1813-1816) md. James Morrow (b.1816)  Was James related to Samuel Morrow who md. Frances' sister, Lydia?  Barbara White sent in an answer to this question.  She says, "Yes, they were brothers."

Children of Vincey? Louisa (Barton) Sanders:
1. Martha D
2. Sarah Anne E.
3. Lydia L.
4. Josephus Norman 
5. Eliza J.
6. John F.
7. Lucinda C.
8. David A.
9. Gustavus A.
10. Beatty Eli
11. William Julius


9.  Louisa J. Barton
Louisa Barton (1815-1820) md. Jimmy  Sanders.  A James Sanders, #268 in 1830 Walker Co., AL; #291 in 1840 Walker Co., AL; #301 in 1850 Walker Co., AL.

Louisa Barton md. John[?] Sanders (b. ca 1820; Anderson Co, SC)

  1. Martha D Sanders b. 1844 in Anderson Co, SC
  2. Sarah Anne E. Sanders b. ca 1841
  3. Lydia L. Sanders b. ca 1847
  4. Josephus Norman Sanders b. ca 1848
  5. Eliza J. Sanders b. ca 1851
  6. Josephus Sanders b. ca 1848
  7. John F. Sanders b. ca 1853
  8. Lucinda C. Sanders b. ca 1853
  9. David A. Sanders b. ca 1858
  10. Gustavus A. Sanders b. ca 1859
  11. Beatty Eli Sanders b. ca 1864
  12. William Julius Sanders b. ca 1861

Data in purple from Jan

For more information on James and Louisa (Barton) Sander's descendants, see:


Children of Milla (Barton) Raines:
1. William Bailey   
2. Hiram
3. James
4. Allen
5. Francis
6. Rebecca
7. Massa
8. Milla
9. Margaret      


10. Milla Barton md. James Raines

From: Dolores

Milla died 1843 and is buried in Sardis Cem in Walker Co. James remarried and had 3 more children.

Their oldest son, William Bailey Raines[1819], was my great grandfather.

This history can be found at

Children of Moses Barton, Jr.:
1. William B.
2. James Allen
3. Mary P.  
4. Talitha Frances
5. Henry
6. Sarah E.


11.  Moses Barton, Jr.  
Date:  Sept. 14th, 15th & 16th, 1998

Barbara White ( ) sent the following data on the Moses Barton, Jr. clan.  If the Barton Quest site keeps getting contributions like this one, we'll have the southern Barton family puzzles put together before long!

Moses Barton, Jr. (born Feb 18, 1818 died April 14, 1890, Walker Co., AL/bd. Sardis Cem., Walker Co., AL) married Feb 27, 1840 Margaret Ann "Peggy Ann" Morrow (born Jan 19, 1819 in Lawrence Co., AL died Oct 05, 1898, Walker Co., AL/bd. Sardis Cem., Walker Co., AL) who, according to Barbara White, was a sister to James and Samuel.  This information was gathered from William Bailey Barton (Moses, Jr.'s oldest son) by W.B.B.'s daughter-in-law when he lived with them in Oklahoma in the early 1900's.


1.(a)William Bailey Barton born Feb 19, 1841, Walker Co. AL died Feb 07, 1922, Kiowa Co., OK married Louisa Jane Hayes May 18, 1865 died June 14, 1888, Lamar Co., AL, daughter of Dr. John S. Hayes and his first wife, Nancy Strickland.
..2.(a)Larilla Jane "Lollie" born March 23, 1866, Walker Co., AL died Jan 12, 1921, Kiowa Co., OK married George Stephenson Aug 08, 1887 Walker Co., AL
..2.(b)James Azor Barton born Aug 07, 1869, Walker Co., AL died Aug 09, 1922,  Wichita Co., TX married Violet Lucinda Lillian Belle ........Homer Dec 24, 1890, Lamar Co., AL
......3.(a)Grover Eliot Barton born April 11, 1892, Lamar Co., AL died March 11, 1894, Lamar Co., AL
      3.(b)Lou Hazel born April 15, 1895, Lamar Co., AL died April 05, 1924, Wichita Co., TX married Nuel E. Lyon, Sept 06, 1916, Jackson Co., OK
      3.(c)Hershal May born Feb 21, 1897, Hamilton Co., TX died June 30, 1954, Jackson Co., OK married Charlie Howard Schopf Jan 11, 1917, Kiowa Co., OK
      3.(d)William Homer Barton born March 18, 1899, Lamar Co., AL died Jan 04, 1948, Kiowa Co., OK married Susie Elizabeth Bryan Feb 26, 1925, Kiowa Co., OK
      3.(e)James Hubbard Barton born June 11, 1901, Lamar Co., AL died May 12, 1969, Archer Co., TX married Erma Shaw Gorman Oct 14, 1929, Custer Co., OK
      3.(f)Myrtle Hester born Sept 03, 1903, OK Territory died Oct 17, 1988, Kiowa Co., OK married lst Lemuel Bruce Bryant June 09, 1923.  married 2nd Roy ............Funkhauser
      3.(g)Hue Ella born Sept 27, 1905, OK Territory died Oct, 1984, Conroe, TX married Sidney Franklin Sanderson  Aug 14, 1924, Wichita Co., TX
      3.(h)Helen Hayes born July 12, 1907, Greer Co., OK died Sept, 1971 married lst William Walker April 30, 1926, Tillman Co., OK  married 2nd Tom Bice March 11, ............1944, Hartshorne, Pittsburg Co., OK
      3.(i)Hallie Gloe born June 16, 1910, Greer Co., OK died Sept 25, 1974, Lakewood CA married Lester Ritter March 17, 1928, Kiowa Co., OK
   2.(c)William Henry Barton born July 25, 1872, Walker Co., AL died Jan 05, 1941, Hale Co., TX married Ella R. Sanders Dec 10, 1893, Bosque Co., TX
      3.(a)Anna Lee born Oct 31, 1894 died Oct 02, 1980 married Avery Head Feb 17, 1923
      3.(b)Emma Viola born Feb 11, 1896 died Sept 23, 1978 married John Miller Sept 13, 1917
      3.(c) William Brack Barton born Apr 04, 1898 died Nov 30, 1997 married Tressie Andrews Feb 08, 1920
      3.(d) Lela Estelle "Jane" born Oct 14, 1899 died ?? Hobart, OK married Aubry A. Howl Dec 10, 1916
      3.(e) John Shearl "Pat" Barton born March 01, 1902 died June 16, 1985 married Viola Bryan
      3.(f) Henry Clyde Barton born Jan 23, 1905 died Nov 09, 1976 married Helen Findley May 04, 1956
      3.(g) Velma Lou born Jan 21, 1907 died Jan 17, 1912
      3.(h) J. L. "Jeff" Barton born Feb 22, 1911 died Jan 31, 1982 married Rachael ___ July 6, 1940
     3.(i) E. W. "Bill" Barton born Dec 06, 1915 died Aug 16, 1995 married Bernice Rice Oct 25, 1935
     3.(j) Dorothy Marie
   2.(d)Sara Ulala Carylee "Sallie" born June 13, 1878, Walker Co., AL died Nov 02, 1960, Greer Co., OK  married John Allen Hughes Sept 09, 1894, Lamar Co.,AL
   2.(e)Mary Louisa born May 20, 1880, Walker Co., AL died Aug 31, 1883, Walker Co., AL
   2.(f)Cecil born May 22, 1882, Walker Co., AL died Nov 19, 1945, Kiowa Co., OK married Myrtle Gyre Ewalt Feb 17, 1907, Greer Co., OK
   2.(g)John Shearl born March 03, 1887, Lamar Co., AL died July 3, 1964, Kiowa Co., OK married Bertha Martin Feb 17, 1907, Greer Co., OK  (Note: Cecil and John ..........Shearl and another couple were married in a triple ceremony)
1.(b)James Allen Barton born March 11, 1844, Walker Co., AL married Milla (Millie) Ferguson April 17, 1873 born Jan, 1846
1.(c)Mary Parthena born Oct 14, 1845, Walker Co., AL died Oct 29, 1895, Walker Co., AL married David Joseph Files
      One Child: Florence
1.(d)Talitha Jane born circa 1849 married John Wesley Uselton died??Ark??
1.(e)Henry Paneler Lucius Barton born June 21, 1852, Walker Co., AL died 1932, Panola Co., TX married Alice Rachel Minor born Jan 18, 1852, AL
   2.(a)Moses Barton born 1873, Walker Co., AL married Minnie Roberts Nov 10, 1901
   2.(b)Della Margaret born Dec 05, 1875, Walker Co., AL died May 29, 1957, Lamar Co., AL married Charles M. Weeks Dec 24, 1890, Lamar Co., AL (note: Della ..........Margaret and her first cousin, James Azor Barton married in a  double ceremony)
   2.(c)Mary T.A."Sugar" born 1877, Walker Co., AL married April 09, 1895 Sylvester L. Banks
   2.(d)Edward T. Barton born Jan 18, 1879, Walker Co., AL died Dec 14, 1947, Panola Co., TX married Bula Browning Jan 17, 1903
   2.(e)Andrew Jackson Barton born Sept 01, 1880, Walker Co., AL died March 03, 1954, Panola Co., TX  married Mary Alice Sharp July 20, 1902
   2.(f)Lillie Jane (twin) born June 21, 1882, Walker Co., AL died Oct 31, 1965, Fulton Co., GA married Oliver Ralph Hewett Feb 21, 1902
   2.(g)James Lucius Barton (twin) born June 21, 1882, Walker Co., AL died Oct 26, 1944, Panola Co., TX  married Tinie Beatrice Shivers Feb 24, 1904
   2.(h)Dempsey Barton born Aug 05, 1882, Walker Co., AL died March 20, 1953, Greer Co., OK married Ora----
   2.(i)Willis W. Barton born Sept 22, 1885/86? Walker Co., AL died May 13, 1953 Panola Co., TX married Claudia Wyatt Dec 25, 1905
   2.(j)John Wesley Barton born Jan 30, 1888 Lamar Co.(?) AL died Dec 24, 1902, Panola Co., TX not married
   2.(k)Carrie M. born July--, 1893, Lamar Co., AL died?? married Aug 28, 1907, Wade Sanders
   2.(l)Vashti born Sept--, 1895 Lamar Co., AL died:?? married July 05, 1910 Marshall C. Gentry
1.(f)Sara Elizabeth born Sept 22, 1855, Walker Co., AL died June 25, 1938, Walker Co., AL married Hiram Morrow Oct 05, 1879 (Note: Sara E married her own double ......first cousin.)
   2.(a)Mary Louise Talitha Katherine born Jan, 1881, Walker Co., AL died?? buried at Sardis Cem, Walker Co.,AL,  never married
   2.(b)Elbert Feltman Morrow born Dec. 1882 Walker Co., AL died?? buried at Sardis Cem, Walker Co., AL married 1933, Fanny Roberts, no children
   2.(c)Otto Cullman Morrow born Oct, 1884 Walker Co., AL died?? buried at Sardis Cem, Walker Co., AL married ??  Lillie Skinner
   2.(d)James Mode Morrow born Apr, 1887, Walker Co., AL died?? buried at Sardis Cem, Walker Co., AL
   2.(e)Kelsey Morrow born Feb, 1892, Walker Co., AL died?? buried at Sardis Cem., Walker Co., AL never married
   2.(f)Chesley Breckinridge Morrow born Dec, 1893, Walker Co., AL died?? married?? Annie Gilbert
   2.(g)Thomas Adford Morrow born Nov. 1899, Walker Co., AL died?? buried at Hunter's Chapel, Walker Co., AL married?? Carrie Shubert
   2.(h)Leoma Angelo Morrow born?? died?? buried at Sardis Cem., Walker Co., AL married?? Mamer Sanders

Children of Mary A. (Barton) Nations?:
? 12.  Mary A Barton
Mary A. Barton (1822 )  According to the annotated 1800 Census of Pendleton District, South Carolina, (a review book) Mary md. a James? Nations.  There are numerous marriages between the Bartons, Murphrees and Nations families.

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