Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000  
From: Michael <mscrape@isiar.com>

I am not sure where my family fits in the relationship to Willis Barton, But I have an Uncle that looks like the picture of Willis.

My great, great, grandfather was William Bayliss Barton (b. April 19,1845/50; AL/d. Sept 24,1925/bd. Pine Hill Cem., Jonesboro, Craighead Co.,  AR)
Mother:  Melissa Copeland
Father:  Elija/Elige/Eli Barton

William Bayliss Barton was 1 or 2 years of age when his father died and was 3 years of age when his mother died. William was reared by the Mills Family I think that it was in Craighead Co., AR because William was married in Craighead Co on Oct. 18,1900.

The story that is handed down to my mother was that William Bayliss Barton was sitting on a fence when a Confederate sargent came by with a company of men and they stopped and asked him how old he was and told him to fall in.  He was barefooted and had a sore toe and had to wrap his foot up and marched barefooted and did not see his folks again, but he did survive the war. I have found some 14,000 family members in my family.  We still have a lot of Bartons here, but I have not been able to find the brothers and sisters of William Bayliss Barton or his grandparents.

I believe that the Lear family is tied in somewhere as both my Grand Uncle Claude's middle name was Lear, and My mother's sister was named Madlyn Lear Neal.

William Bayliss Barton married  (1) Lucy ? and they had son:

  1. Harvey Barton b. in Newport, AR on Aug.14,1878.  He married 1898/99 (1) Cora Lee Jerdine, (2) Ida and in Marion Co., AR to (3) Bessie Mae Taylor (b. Sept. 8, 1906).  Harvey Barton and Cora Lee Jerdine had the following children:

William Bayliss Barton married (2) Cynthia

William Bayliss Barton married (3) Hester Green

  1. Mary M. Barton that married Albert Kirbey Mary was born 1880

William Bayliss Barton married Oct. 18,1900 in Craighead C0., AR to (4) Delia Lanora/Nora Hall (b. Oct 29,1882; AR/d. March 16,1957/bd. in Holly Springs Cem., Poinsett Co., AR)  Her father: Benjamin Hall (born Dec. 1845; MO) married 1876 Cynthia Speaks (b. May 1854; TN)  They lived in Poinsett Co., AR.  According to my mother, William Bayliss Barton married my great grandmother when he was 57 and she was 17.

  1. Oscar Barton who died young
  2. Elijah Wesley Barton B. 1-30-1904, d.8-25-1959 in Poinsett Co. AR
  3. Minnie Elizabeth Barton who was my grandmother (born 8-14-1906/died 6-18-1937)
  4. Claude Lear Barton born 10-20-1908--Claude looks like Willis.
  5. Willie May Barton b. 9-8-1919 d. 3-9-1981.

My grandfather on my mothers side, not a Barton, was Sheard Ray Neal.  He was a third cousin to my maternal grandmother and her name was Minnie Elizabeth Barton, so they were third cousins through the Mills family according to my sister but I do not know a lot about the Mills Family. I do know that there is an E.C. Barton Lumber Co in the northeast part of AR and that they are related also but I am not sure how.

William had a son named Elijah Wesley Barton and there is a Elijah Jr. and a Elijah 111.

I have gone to Jackson Co.,  AR and found the following:

A Wm.B. Barton divorced a Bynthia L. on March 22,1883 in Jackson Co , AR.  
According to my sister's records, [our] William was married to a Cynthia and the C or B could be a type O.

I also found early marriages in Jackson Co.

N.M. Barton age 21 married Lavina Smith age 17 on July 17,1873 ,so I guess N.M. was born 1852.
Andrew Barton age 20 married Susan Vandigriff age 19 of Poinsett Co. AR on Feb 8,1866 , so Andrew must have been born 1846.
Joshua Barton age 19 married Sara Wilkerson age 17 Feb 7,1865.  He must have been born 1846. If Andrew and Joshua were brothers they must have been twins.

I found a Wm.P. Barton (b. Nov. 6,1853/d. Dec. 3,1887; bd. Shiloh Cem., Diaz, AR)

With two William Bartons in the same co., there must have been at least two Barton families in Jackson Co., AR.

I found a query posted in Jackson Co. where someone was looking for the Bayless Famliy in Jackson Co.

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