Houston Barton was probably the son of Moses Barton (3rd generation), the son of John Mason/Mace Barton, the son of Moses Barton [patriarch] of Walker Co., AL.

The evidence?  Paul Barton states that his ancestor, Tom, was known to be from Indiana, but census records indicate he came from AL.

Moses(3) Barton, son of John Mason, was from Alabama, but moved to Indiana.  There were numerous Moses Bartons in Walker Co., AL so it would be logical for Moses(3) to go by another name.

Both Tom and Moses(3) were born about the same time.

Paul has the following Children for his Tom:

1. Houston Barton
2. Henry Barton
3. Bert Barton
4. Dave Barton
5. Ollie Barton
6. Collidge Barton
7. Marion Barton
    Three sisters

The 1860 census of Walker County enumerates the following family:

Eastern Div. P.O. Bartonville

Moses Barton 25 m Farmer 175 AL
Mary A. 23 F MS
Houston 4 m AL
Nancy J. 2 F AL
John D. 5/12 m AL

The 1870 Census of Lawrence County, Indiana Flinn Twp., states the following:

P.O. Leesville

Moses Barton 36 m miller 500 AL
Mary A. 34 F Keephouse MS
Huston 14 m AL
Nancy 12 F AL
John D. 11 m AL
Francis M. 6 m AL
Wm H. 4 m IN
Rosanna 2 f IN
Julissa 2/12 f IN

Comparing the names of the children of Moses to those of Tom we come up with the following:

Children of Moses



John D.

Francis M.

Wm H.



Children of Tom


Sister #1




Sister #2

Sister #3

Merging the two families



John David?

Francis Marion?

William Henry?



Perhaps Bert, Ollie and Collidge were born after this census was taken.

Paul's ancestor, Houstin, probably had sisters plus he had some step brothers and sisters because his mother remarried after the death of her husband shortly after the Civil War.

Since we haven't established positively that Moses and Tom are the same,  Houston will be listed as a patriarch.  His descendant, Paul, provided the following family tree.

Date: Apr 1999

From:  Paul Barton    PBARTON1@email.mot.com

Houston Barton (b. AL 8 Oct 1855; AL/d. 9 Oct, 1935, pl. Ninnikah, Grady Co., Okla. buried, Ninnikah Cemetery. ) His occupation was a farmer.  
Md. Nov. 19 Nov. 1888 in Groesbeck, Limestone Co., TX to Ellen Francis Wood (b. 6 March 1866; Limestone Co., TX/d. 15 July 1941, Chickasha, Grady Co., OK)   Ellen's father: Eli Newton Wood; Ellen's mother: Elizabeth J. ____.  
 In 1900, Houston & Ellen were living in Limestone Co., Texas (*Texas 1900 census records).  In 1910, they were living in Jones Co., Texas (*Texas 1910 census records).  By 1920, they were living in Lucille, Grady Co., Oklahoma (*1920 Okla. census records). I'm thinking they moved to Grady Co., Okla. around 1915 because my grandfather, Herbert Barton and his brother Lenard Barton, went to France during WWI in 1917.

Children of Houston and Ellen:

  1. Annie Belle; b. Jan, 1892, pl: Texas d. ? pl. Amarillo, Texas
*2. Herbert Barton Sr.; b. 17 Sept. 1893; pl. Coleman Co., Texas; d. 6 April 1983; pl. Spencer, Okla. Married 1.       Ruby Gaston; 7 May 1922, she died 11 April 1923 ; 2. Jimmie Ruth Burton; 6 June 1926. (My grandparents)
  3. Lenard Barton; b. 11 Sept. 1895, pl. Mexia, Limestone Co., Texas, d.16 June 1965, pl. Midwest City, Okla.
  4. Ruby (Barton) McClintock; b. 10 Sept. 1898, pl. Texas; d.?
  5. George Earl Barton; b. 5 March 1899, pl. Texas, d. ?; Oakland, Calf.
  6. Dudley Barton; b. 7 June 1903, pl. Texas, d. Sept. 1986, Oakland, Calf.

Houston Barton died on 9 Oct. 1935, one day after his birthday, while plowing the fields, he was 80 yrs. old.; from a heart attack, fell off cultivator. Grady Co., Okla.

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