John may have been the brother of David who md. Ruth Oldham and Thomas who md. Sarah Wilson.  I have a long list of unsubstantiated children for him.  One of his descendants, Ben, doubts the authenticity of this list so I will only include those children Ben has documented according to Bible records.

"Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998
From Ben

Capt. John Barton lived in Franklin County, Georgia. He was a Revolutionary soldier and is said to be buried in South Carolina. His wife was Rhoda _____ and he had three sons...according to Bible records. Capt. John served in the Georgia Legislature from Franklin Co.  

The only son of John's I have any information on is Lewis and he died in Carroll Co., GA in 1831. His family remained in the area. I have found John's family in Surry Co., NC before they miagrated to SC. There was John, William, Henry and Benjamin Barton in the area. The Thrashers and Welborns who married into the David O. Barton line were also there...Any help would be appreciated.



1.  John Barton, Jr.
2.  William Barton
3.  Lewis Barton

Some of the descendants of John migrated through Hall Co., GA and on to Carroll Co., GA then on to Boone Co., AR.

Some of data obtained from 1850 census of Carroll Co.

1 Lewis Barton b. ca 1806 NC
md. Amelia "Milly" Chancey b. ca 1815 GA
........ 2 Causby Jackson Barton 1832 - b. ca 1832 Hall Co., GA
............ +Salethia Jane Smedley
........ 2 George Washington Barton 1834 - 1865 b. ca 1834 Hall Co., GA May 02, 1865 Carroll Co., GA
............ +Mary Ann P. Tyson d. Boone Co., AR
........ 2 Angeline Barton b. 1837 GA
........ 2 Elizabeth Barton  b. ca 1839 AL
........ 2 Eliza Barton  b. ca 1841 GA
........ 2 Susan Barton  b. ca 1843 GA
........ 2 Sarah Barton  b. ca 1845 GA

Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998


I am working on the line of Lewis Barton, and...would love to swap info.

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