Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998

From: Stan Reid   StanR@TACn04.County.Org

I have been researching the Barton clan as an allied family of mine. A bit of background:

The oldest identifiable relative in my direct line is a William Reid who was born in North Carolina c. 1774-76.  All of his children, however, were born in South Carolina starting in about 1794. By 1819, the family was in Jefferson County, AL. One of his sons, Reuben (b.c. 1802, SC) married Shaba Liverman in Jefferson County in 1823 and had moved to Rusk County, Texas, before the 1850 Census. Two of his daughters married Barton boys -- Mary Adaline Reid married Elliott Monroe Barton in 1852 and Carey Ann Reid married Reuben Patrick Barton in 1849. These two Barton boys were the sons of J. Benjamin Barton and Zilpha Baker.

J. Benjamin and Zilpha were from the Pendleton District. J. Benjamin's father was Benjamin who died in Pickens County, SC. They came to Texas in about 1840 but I don't know their route so since I figure that area is a high probability area for my William Reid, I began looking for connections there. Although I haven't found any marriages, the census records show that a Benjamin Barton lived near a William Reid in Pendleton District.

Then I began looking in Jefferson County for Bartons and Reids and found a Benjamin Barton near William Reid on the 1830 Census as well as some other Bartons who were gone by 1840.

I believe that my Reids left SC between 1805 and 1815 and that they were in Georgia for a while before going on to Alabama. I have no proof of this yet.

I have continued to research the Barton clan because they are really interesting and because they seem to be a "marker" for my Reids --wherever I find Bartons, I find Reids.

Date: Sun, 17 May 1998    From: Stan Reid

Another Reid researcher sent me this:

22 June, 1833, Jefferson County, AL; Isaac Barton and wife Nancy sell to William Reid, 80 acres...Witnessed by Jonathan Liverman and Isaac Nations.

The 1830 Alabama census for Jefferson County, AL, shows:

Ashcroft Barton p. 183
Avry Barton p. 183
Benjamin Barton p. 183
John Barton p. 183
Isaac Barton p. 183
Thomas Barton p. 184

My William Reid is also on p. 183 as is James Reid.

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