Date:  6 Jul 1998
From:  Daniel
[This is a ] chart showing the children of Henry Barton, as well as the children of Wilson Pierce and Nancy Barton.  Most of the info on the children of Henry Barton came from Elizabeth Barton of Gainsville, GA. Some of it came from the probate records of Henry Barton (1870-1873 Hall Co., GA), and some from census records and Hall Co. marriage records.


From Debby:  Data typed in purple is added to this chart from personal notes.  

Descendants of: Henry BARTON

1 Henry BARTON b. 1 Jul 1796 SC d. 30 Jan 1871 (Hall) GA

Henry bought Lot #3 (11 Dist.) Hall Co., GA in 1822. This lot was sold to his son-in-law, Wilson Pierce, in 1873 at the estate sale.

Mary:  Daughter of John Thomason and Hannah Abercrombie

2 Nancy BARTON b. cir 1816 GA d. aft 1880

  1. (3)Mary Ann (Rosie) PIERCE b. 1838 (Hall) GA d. 14 Apr 1889 m. 11 Feb 1858 Dahlonega (Lumpkin) GA Joseph THOMPSON d. bef 1870.  Mary was living with her sons Reuben, James and Joseph next to her father, Wilson, in 1870.  She bought Lot #308 in Lumpkin Co. from her father in 1871.
  2. (3)Permelia PIERCE b. Oct 1839 (Hall) GA d. ?   m. 4 Oct 1856 Dahlonega (Lumpkin) GA Mountenell P. COLEY b. Aug 1835 GA d. ?
  3. (3)Reuben PIERCE b. cir 1839 (Hall) GA d. ?    m. 31 Mar 1859 (Lumpkin) GA Martha J. MARLOW b. cir 1843 NC d. ?
  4. (3)Wilson Jasper PIERCE b. cir 1841 (Hall) GA d. ?  m. 18 Aug 1859 Dahlonega (Lumpkin) GA Lilly Caroline ROBERTS b. cir 1844 (Union) GA d. ?  Wilson J. bought land in Lumpkin Co. in 1854, 1867 and 1885. He was living in Lumpkin Co. in 1900 when he signed an agreement to extend a loan for 5 years.
  5. (3)Newton J. PIERCE b. __ Jan 1846 (Hall) GA d. ?   m. 13 Apr 1865 Dahlonega (Lumpkin) GA Margaret FREELAND b. __ May 1848 GA d. ?  Newton bought land in Lumpkin Co. from his father in 1867 & 1868. He lived in Green Co., MO in 1891 when he sold this land to M.P. Coley through his agent, Wilson Pierce. In 1897 he bought the same land back while still living in MO.  His daughter Pearly was born in Kansas in Aug. 1888. Margaret:  Mother of 12 children with 7 living by 1900.
  6. (3)James Henry PIERCE b. 11 Apr 1847 (Hall) GA d. 3 Mar 1903 Muskogee (Muskogee) OK  m. 27 Jul 1865 GA Hulda Louisa ROBERTS b. 8 Dec 1846 (Union) GA d. 28 Oct 1918 Checotah (McIntosh) OK  His remains were moved to a masoleum at Greenhill Cem. in Muskogee.  James and Hulda were living in Hall Co., GA in 1880. In about 1885 they moved to Indian Territory (later Oklahoma), then shortly after, went to Kansas.  Apparently the families of Newton Pierce and Columbus Roberts moved with them.  In 1889, James and Columbus moved back to Indian Territory and settled in the Ft. Gibson area in Cherokee Nation. After James' death, Hulda lived with Roy  Hulda:  Remains were moved to a masoleum at Greenhill Cem. in Muskogee.
  7. (3)Nancy J. PIERCE b. cir 1850 (Lumpkin) GA d. ? m. 17 Sep 1865 (Lumpkin) GA George W. MONTGOMERY Marriage performed by the Rev. M. M. Roberts, father of Hulda Roberts.
  8. (3)Washington Wiley PIERCE b. cir 1851 (Lumpkin) GA d. ?  m. 13 Nov 1879 (Dawson) GA Mary J. ORR b. cir 1855 GA d. ? Marriage performed by George W. Bowen, O.M.G. Washington W. bought land in Lumpkin Co. from his father in 1875 & 1876. He was living next to his father in Hall Co. in 1880. He bought land in Dawson Co. in 1885 & 1886.
  9. (3)Arminda(?) PIERCE b. cir 1853 (Lumpkin) GA d. ?
  10. (3)Emaline R. PIERCE b. cir 1855 (Lumpkin) GA d. ?  Living with parents Wilson and Nancy in 1880 in Hall Co., GA.

2 Hannah BARTON b. cir 1817 GA d. ?

2 John S. BARTON b. cir 1821 (Hall) GA d. ?

2 Mary (Polly) BARTON b. cir 1823 (Hall) GA d. ?

2 Henry D. BARTON b. cir 1825 (Hall) GA d. ?

2 James M. BARTON b. cir 1826 (Hall) GA d. Civil War

2 Permelia BARTON b. cir 1827 GA d. ?  m. 17 Sep 1846 Gainesville (Hall) GA Nathaniel ELLIOTT. b. 26 Dec 1822 GA.  Their children:

2 Young H. BARTON b. __ Apr 1829 (Hall) GA d. cir 1910 Tenaha (Cherokee) NC

2 Elizabeth R. BARTON b. cir 1832 (Hall) GA d. ?

2 Hiram T. BARTON b. 1834 (Hall) GA d. ?

2 Amanda BARTON b. cir 1837 (Hall) GA d. ?

2 Wesley BARTON b. cir 1844 (Hall) GA d. ?

Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 From: Ruth

would like to know if willis was related to henry barton of hall county,ga. or a lady named holly barton or any connection with Wahoo church in hall county. I am searching for the parents of henry born 1793.

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