Land Transaction in Franklin Co., GA: John & Delpha from John Stonecypher [Index to Deeds of Franklin Co., GA, 1784-1860]

1832:  John Barton (S.?)  of Hall Co.? drew land, Lot 118, Dist. 16, Sec 1, originally in Cherokee Co., but presently in Union Co., GA.  Also drew land in Cherokee Co. which is now Murray Co., GA.  Could this be John Barton with wife, Delphy, who later moved to Murray Co.?

1850  Census of Murray Co., GA
Barton, John
 72; NC laborer  [ca 1778]
 69; SC  fm.

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Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 22:49:13 -0500

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"...I am trying to locate the family of John Barton who married Delpha? maybe Holmes, and who lived in Franklin Co, GA during 1820's. While looking for information on Gideon Holmes (I think my great, great, grandfather) I found documentation that he witnessed a land document with John and Delpha Barton...

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