Date: 11/30/02
Researcher: Linda

The story goes that Septimus father came with other brothers from either, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. There were said to have been 9 to 11 brothers who came. Three went west, three in Mass. and the rest to the South. We have not been able to connect up the brothers. They lost touch in the civil war because they were on opposite sides. We have no idea where those branches are!

Septimus brothers are:

William H.
Andrew [Could this be the right Andrew?]

We know there are more but do not know who they are.

William H. is thought to be Septimus brother since he lived by him on the same road. There is a 15 year span in their ages which I gather was not all that uncommon in those times.

Their parents are said to be either William Barton and Betsy Hardin or John Barton and Patsy Hardin. The Hardin sisters were children of Valentine Hardin and Margaret Castleberry. This is according to my grandfather.

Our family had a farm of 30,000 acres in Quitman Co. for quite a time. William Jasper was Clayton's father and had sharecroppers on the farm.

Generation I

Septimus Barton b.3-6-1825 Henry County, Georgia d.3-18-1907 m. Betty Elizabeth Harrell on 10-12-1848 in Randolph County, Ga. She was daughter of Daniel Harrell and Rachel Brown. She was born on 4-24-1928 d. 1-31-1905 in Ga.

Notes for Septimus:

Septimus was listed as a Private on Aug. 15, 1861 in Company F, 61st Regiment, Georgia volunteer infantry, Evans Brigade, Gordon’s division, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A. They were called the Stark Guards and the Wiregrass Rifles. The company was originally Company F, 7th Battalion, Georgia Infantry. He surrendered at Appomattox, Va.. on April 9, 1865. Listed in 1850 Census of Randolph County, Ga. on page 345, Cuthbert District.

He had no occupation listed in 1898, as he was unable to work. He had been farming since 1865. He applied for a pension due to infirmity and poverty. At this point his wife was blind. Buried in Midway Baptist Church Cemetary with his wife.


  1. William Jasper
  2. Martha Burnett
  3. Mary b. 1849 Georgia Mary died at an early age. She was involved in a farming accident and bled to death before help could arrive. It is unknown at what age she died.

Generation 2

WILLIAM JASPER BARTON, b.3-26-1851. Georgetown Georgia. d. 9-4-1921, Georgetown Georgia. He married Margaret Lississippi Smith in Georgia, daughter of Joel Smith and Mary Methvin. She was born 12-30-1869 in Georgetown, Georgia and died 2-28-1945 in Akron Ohio Summit County

Notes for William Jasper:

The original homestead was some 30,000 acres with a 5 acre site for the main home. Apparently there had been other large holdings sold before some of the children were born. The main crops were peanuts, cotton and corn, all farmed by sharecroppers who occupied approximately 12 smaller homes apart from the main property. The sharecroppers were always advanced more than their sale share and were really dependent on the generosity of the owner for almost eveything. The property is now is what is called Lake Eufaul after a large government project which created a dam. This happened after the family had sold their holdings.

The main house was managed by two black women and one man. The children were wet nursed by these women, whose other duties included laundry done outside in big washtubs. It was done with soap made of lye and grease mainly. The kitchen was separate from the house and was connected by a sort of corridor. Grandfather had suffered a stroke, and after a short time in a hospital. He was bedfast for about a year at home before he died.

The two house women were called Aunt Ella and Aunt Vic, and the man was “Balk”. There was a yard boy as well for errands and keeping the boys out of trouble and his name was Johnny Balk.

The land was laid out like a wheel. It had pathers that fanned out and had different drops in each area. Grandfather rode out each day in his buggy to make sure all the share croppers and their families were doing the assigned work in whatever field he’d sent them.

Submitted by Marion Montebone, granddaughter.

Grandfather William Jasper was interested in astronomy and had a number of books on the subject. One of the children, Ruby, told her son that her father gathered the family at the window of an upstairs room to view the passing of Hailey’s comet in about 1909.

Buried : Georgia Quitman County

Notes for Margaret Lississippi Smith Barton:

Grannie Barton never told her true age. They were still trying to be sure when she died! Grannie lived with each of her children for a few months and when the spirit moved her, or someone sent the fare, she moved on with her feather tick tied tightly and sent along with her things. That big striped bag of feathers could be plumped up to a huge mountain of fluff and air that would feel like floating on a cloud if one were allowed to give it a try. She had very tiny feet for a woman of her size and often complained about pain there. Grannie always had chewing gum and her little tins of snuff in her bag of crochet thread and would give out little half sticks as rewards to good little girls and boys. She spent the last days with us in our living room, turned into a hospital room. The cancer and radiation treatments had eaten most of the right side of her face and she always held a dainty hankie to shield it from view. A very grand lady.

Submitted by Maion Montebone, granddaughter

Grannie sold the Barton homestead after her husband died. She was unable to keep it up. This was after WWI and several of her sons had moved to Ohio. She and the youngest children moved to Ft. Valley, Georgia, south of their home to live with daughter Bess. This was before she moved up North to Akron, Ohio to be near her sons.

Submitted by Joe Adams, great grandson

Buried-Quitmand County, Georgia

Medical- died of cancer

CHILDREN of William Jasper and Margaret Lississippi Smith

1. Mary Pauline Barton, b.9-23-1886, Georgetown Georgia d. 8-25,1976 Georgetown, Georgia

2. Lucille Elizabeth Barton b. 2-21-1889 Georgia d 7-1982

3. William Eason Barton b 10-1890, Georgia d. 5-2-1926, Alabama

4.Lulabel Barton b.8-2-1892 d.2-1987, Eufaula Ala.

5. Mark Septimus (later changed to Stanley) Barton b.1-4-1899 Georgetown, Ga. d. 9-1970 Akron, Ohio

6.Clayton Burke Barton b. 10-25-1896 Georgetown Ga. d.2-1982 Georgetown, Ga.

7. Ruby Valerie Barton b.1-4-1899, Georgetown, Ga. d 3-1-1987, Montgomery, Ala.

8.Ross Barton b.8-16-1904 Georgia d. 10-1989 Akron, Ohio Summit County.

9. James Huddleston Barton b-3-1908 Georgia d.2002 Akron, Ohio

10. Carl W. Barton b 6-2-1910, Georgia d.12-6-1990

I saw a video with a few bits of information from my cousin. Septimus son, William Jasper (b.3-26-1851Georgetown, Ga. d.9-4-1921) wrote to a W.S. Barton who was the minister of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. He is said to have the same great grandfather in common. Anyone know who this W. S. was?

I also found that Septimus had brothers who moved to Washington State. Any info would be appreciated.

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