William S. Barton (b. 5-15-1812; SC/d. 7-5-1887; GA/bd. Timber Ridge Baptist Church Cem.) md. Sarah Malissa Harrington (b. 3-17-1818/d. 8-1-1889/bd. Timber Ridge Baptist Church Cem.)

William S. was the younger brother of Willis Barton of Hall Co., GA who later moved to Winston Co., AL.  For theories about their ancestry, see the BQ Theories page.

The following census may have no connection with William S., but it is a perfect match in both the sexes and the ages of the individuals.

1820 Pendleton Dist., SC  (P. 219)

Rebecca Barton

It is suspected that William was living in the following household in the 1830 Hall Co., GA census:

1830 Federal Census for Hall Co., GA. (P. 95)

Rebecca Barton

1830:  Rebecca's neighbors were John Thompson and Wiley A. Harrington, whose daughter later married William S. Barton.

1832:  William S. Barton md. Sarah Malissa Harrington

1834:  William S. Barton was "dismist" by letter. [Timber Ridge Bapt. Church Records]

1835:  Received William S. Barton by letter. [Timber Ridge Bapt. Church Records]

1835:  William was a Justice of the Peace according to Gina Rowe's family chart.

1840 Census of Hall Co., GA (Page 29, GA Militia Dist., 403)
William Barton
1m        -5
1m        -5
1m  20-30              
1f    20-30              
1f    30-40              
1f    60-70              
[Probably Andrew Jackson Barton]
[Owen C.?]
[William S. Barton]
[Sarah Melissa (Harrington) Barton]
[Malissa (sister of William?)]
[Unknown female #1 from 1830 census?]

1840:  Female #2 (Rebecca?) had probably died as she is not included in the census, but Willis was living next door to Wiley Arrington [Harrington].  Could Willis have moved into the house of Female #2 which would account for him being the neighbor of Wiley?

1840:  William was living beside John Dean and J. C. Mitchell.  Moses Bryant was one household down. A Moses Bryant entered land in Winston Co., AL and was recorded in the 1860 census there.

1850: William was listed twice in this census, but Willis wasn't listed at all.  William was first enumerated living beside Casander Head and Jacob Cagle.  William's sister, Melissa, was mentioned in his household. The second time he was shown living near James Waters and Philip ___?____.  Melissa wasn't included in this record.

1850 Census of Hall Co., GA
W. S.   38; SC         [William S.]
S. M.   32; GA [Sarah Harrington]
A. J.   12; GA [Andrew Jackson]
O. C.   10; GA [Owen C.]
H. J.     8; GA [Too old for Hubbard J. unless traditional birthdate is incorrect or is this the son some family lists show as H. A.]
M. F.     6; GA [Mary Frances]
M.     4; GA [Melissa]
S. M. 7/12; GA   [Sarah M.]
Melissa    42; SC [William's sister]

10-1851:  William S. and Willis Barton to hear a petition for a minister to supply the gospel.  Joel Martin, moderator. [Timber Ridge Bapt. Church Records]

4-27-1854:  Malissa Barton md. Robert Cochran. 

4-4-1959:  William's father-in-law, Wiley A. Harrington's will was probated.

To my beloved wife: Margaret Harrington all my land where I now live and my personal property during her widowhood or natural life.  Then to be divided equally between my children, to wit:

Charles H. Harrington
Frances Reynolds*
Sarah Barton
Jeptha B. Harrington's children, to witt:
          -Frances H. Harrington
          -Margaret H. Harrington
          -Jeptha B. Harrinton
Young John Harrington
Lucinda Jones

Executors:  John W. Reynolds and William S. Bates
Witt:  Sharp S. Reynolds, John Saye, James J. Head

*John W. Reynolds md. Frances H. Harrington 7-31-1834.

5-12-1862:  H. A. Barton, Pvt., enlisted in the Confederate Army.  Died 11-12-1862

5-12-1862:  O. C. Barton, Pvt., enlisted  in the Confederate Army.  Died 11-22-1862

5-12-1862:  Andrew J. Burton [Barton?], Pvt., enlisted in Confederate Army.  Elected 2nd Lieutenant.  Captured at Cumberland Gap, TN 9-9-1863.  Transferred to Baltimore, MD 2-9-1864 and to Washington, D.C. 7-16-1864.  Released 6-10-1865.  [All three may have been sons of William S. Barton. Some lists show William to have a son, H. A. Barton.]

12-1865:  William S. Barton, along with many other Bartons, included in a list of names in the Timber Ridge Baptist Church records.  

2-17-1878:  Jeptha Barton md. Sallie S. Thompson.

11-3-1878: Y. W. [Young William] Barton md. Rebecca Miller.

1880 Soundex of GA
Jepthia   25; GA [Son of William S.]
Sarah S.   28; GA
Hattie     1; GA
Ida 5/12; GA

William S. Barton's will was dated 4-9-1884 and probated 8-1-1887.

1-16-1899:  Malissa (Barton) Cochran (b. 10-28-1808) died and was buried in the Airline Baptist Church Cemetery located near Timber Ridge Church.

Children of William S. and Sarah Barton:

1. Andrew Jackson Barton (b. ca 1836 to 38)
2. Owen Ciscero Barton (b. 1840/d. 11-22-12-1862) A Confederate soldier who died during the Civil War
3. H. A. "Dink" Barton (b. ca 1842/d. 11-12-1862) A Confederate soldier who died during the Civil War
4. Mary Frances Barton (b. ca 1845) Md. 3-19-1865 in Hall Co. to Cleveland Coffee
5. Melissa Barton (b. ca 1848) Md. (1) John C. Smelly, (2) Robert? Seaton
6. Sarah M. Barton (b. 7-1850) md. (1) Lon Adams
7. Lucinda J. Barton (b. ca 1853) md. (1) George M. Thompson; (2) J. F. Reynolds
8. Jeptha Brock Barton (b. ca 1853; GA) md. Sallie S. Thompson (b. 1848/d. 1906) Enumerated in the 1910 (maybe), 1920 and 1930 census of Madison Co., GA.
9. Young William Barton (b. ca 1857) md. (1) 11-3-1878 in Hall Co. to Rebecca Miller; Md. (2) 12-8-1889 to Martha Savanah Barton, the daughter of James A. Barton, the son of Willis Barton (brother of William S.)
10. Hubbard Joshua "Harold" Barton (b. 1860/d.1935/7) md. (1) Latishia "Tisha" Gilmore of Jackson Co., GA; (2)  Salona Gilmer of Jackson Co., GA (sister to Tisha) in Hall Co., Ga. Enumberated in 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930 census of Madison Co., GA.

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002      From Myra Moody, a descendant of William S. myramoody@emeraldis.com

William S. Barton md. Sarah Malissa Harington 1832 in Hall,Co. Ga. One of thier sons was H. Josh Barton 1860 to 1935 md. Latisha Gilmore 1880, Latisha died in 1907..H. Josh Barton then married her sister  in 1909. They are all 3 buried at Cedar Grove Church, Madison Co. Ga. The Gilmore sister parents were William & Jane Cowen Gilmore. I can't find anything on them.  

H. Josh Barton and Latisha G. Barton Children:

Lonnie   B-1886 D-1937
Arthur    B-1892
Oscar    B 1893
Sallie     B-1905
Daisie    B-1900

Lonnie Barton md Andrew Jackson Roberts - 12-29-1901- in Madison Co. Ga. Thier Children were Ruby, Jessie, Arnold Jackson Lucille,
Rilla and Lavern.

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