Date: February 05, 2003
From: Sharon

Family Group Report - 5 Feb 2003

Photo On back:
Daniel Barton
Charley Bartons father
Killed at close of Civil War.


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Regarding Photo: ®258

Husband: Daniel Weeden Barton
Birth: 22 Oct 1825 ®107
Death: 31 May 1865 ®107
Father: Squire Phillip Barton (1801-1868)
Mother: Rachel Thrasher (1793-1885)
Marriage: 1 Jan 1845 Place: Monroe Co., MO ®121
Wife: Sarah (Sallie) McBroom
Birth: 9 Mar 1824 ®303 Place: Maybe born Henrico Co., VA ®107 or Smythe Co., VA ®399
Death: 2 Mar 1902 ®303 Place: Marion Co., MO ®185
Father: Andrew (Andy) McBroom (1785-1870)
Mother: Margaret Heninger/Heniger (1795-1865)
1. M Child: Samuel (Sam) Patton Barton
Birth: 11 Oct 1845 ®303 Place: MO ®381
Death: 11 Oct 1925 ®133 Place: Deaconess Hospital, Salem, Marion Co., OR ®381
Burial: 12 Oct 1925 ®381 Place: Lee Mission ®381
Occupation: Fruit grower ®381
Spouse: Mary E. Barton
Marriage: Circa 1892 ®373
2. M Child: Wiliam Taylor Barton
Birth: 15 Feb 1848 ®303
Spouse: Rosetta Stalcup
Marriage: 13 Feb 1879 Place: Shelby Co., MO ®521
3. F Child: Rebecca Ann Gordon (Gordie) Barton
Birth: 22 Nov 1849 ®303
Death: 26 Jun 1885 ®339
Spouse: Elijah B. (Lige) Baker
Marriage: 9 Mar 1876 ®521 Place: Shelby Co., MO ®339
4. M Child: Philip Parker Barton
Birth: 26 Jan 1852 ®303 Place: near Clarence, MO ®260
Death: 2 Jul 1926 ®478 Place: Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri ®478
Burial: Place: Mt. Wash. Cem, Jackson, Missouri ®478
Spouse: Mary Adlade "Addie" Smith
Marriage: 21 Nov 1880 ®478
5. M Child: Andrew (Andy) Thomas Barton
Birth: 18 Feb 1854 ®303
6. M Child: Elias Clifton/Clifford Barton (Twin)
Birth: 7 Dec 1855 ®303
Death: About 1899 Place: Burned to death in house fire ®107
7. M Child: Elijah Graves Barton (Twin)
Birth: 7 Dec 1855 ®303
Death: About 1899 Place: Burned to death in house fire ®107
8. F Child: Harriet Catherine (Kate) Barton
Birth: 9 May 1858 ®303 Place: MO ®350
Death: 1946 ®375
Burial: Place: Saline Cemetery, Saline Township, ND ®375
Spouse: Robert (Robbie) Johnston/Johnson
Marriage: 20 Jul 1879 Place: Shelby Co., MO ®521
9. M Child: Charles Leonard Barton
Birth: 4 Dec 1859 ®303 Place: Clarence, MO ®335
Death: 15 Apr 1936 ®335 Place: Sperry, OK, at Martha Barton Bennett's house ®335
Burial: 18 Apr 1936 ®286 Place: Sperry Rest Haven Cemetery ®335
Spouse: Amanda Ellen Stohr
Marriage: 8 Mar 1883 ®107
10. M Child: Stephen Price Barton
Birth: 18 Feb 1862 ®303
Spouse: Dora B. Patton
Marriage: 1 Oct 1885 Place: Shelby Co., MO ®521
11. F Child: Sarah Elizabeth (Lollie) Weeden Barton
Birth: 23 Feb 1865 ®303
Death: 1 May 1962 ®501 Place: Anaheim ®219, Orange Co., CA ®501
Religion: M. E. Church South in Shelbina ®113
Spouse: Archie Worthy Wood
Marriage: 24 Aug 1884 Place: Maud, Shelby Co., MO ®113


Husband’s Notes...

Here is the oath that was in the provost marshall papers:


I, Daniel Barton, County of Shelby State of Mo., do solemnly swear that I will Support, Protect, and Defend the Constitution and Government of the United States, against all enemies, whether domestic or foreign; that I will bear True Faith, Allegiance, and Loyalty to the same, any ordinance, resolution, or law of any State, convention, or legislature to the contrary notwithstanding; and, further, that I will well and faithfully perform all the duties which may be required of me by the laws of the United States; and I take this Oath freely and voluntarily, without any mental reservation or evasion whatsoever, with a full and clear understanding that death or other punishment, by the judgment of a military commission, will be the penalty for the violation of this my solemn oath and parole of honor.

Daniel Barton (his signature)

Subscribed and Sworn before me this 28 day of April 1865 at Camp Douglas, Chicago, Ill.
R.P. Phurly [Hard to read so this might not be correct.]
Capt. ? aaagut [That’s what it looks like to me.]

The above mentioned has Brown Eyes, Black Hair, is 43 Years of Age, and is 5 Feet 10 Inches high.


The Daniel Barton...who was killed in the Civil War...this is a post civil war matt and the portrait is clearly a late 1840s to early 1850s original. someone has had a copy made as a memorial portrait after the civil war. His hair over the ear, his 'spooner' beard and vest with cravat are all ear marks of that period. The image is fading rapidly and should be immediately preserved. The setting agent may have been egg white, which is organic and can cause loss of the contrast. You need to have professional negative made of this one, 70mm if you can get it. Take it to a studio and wait there while they do it. Don't leave the photo. If you cant' find a place to do it, let me know. I will try to do it for you if I can get into your area. There are ways to restore these so you can actually see his face again. One of your Sam Barton pictures is in a similar state.

Shelby Co.: DANIEL WEEDEN BARTON buried Bacon Chapel Church, Lentener, Missouri. b. 25 Oct 1825 d. 31 May 1865 Was a Sergeant in Co. G 1st Northeast Missouri Cavalry. Taken from his home and killed by the militia. A brother to Elias. ®346

Daniel was killed after the Civil War at the age of 39 years by carpetbaggers. ®107

I have a copy of a letter from Addie Barton that says, "these are the copies I got when down at Daniel Butners. I thought mabe you would like to have it." Here is what she sent about Daniel Barton:

"Daniel Weeden Barton son of Squire and Rachel Barton, departed this life May 31st A.D. 1865. being taken by a band of Federals Malitia by force of arms and brutaly murdered on the public highway in Macon County [section not readable] from his home in Shelby County, Missouri. he being 32 years. 7 and 9 days of age at the time of his death."

From Barton Family Register Report by David Barton:

"Daniel Barton was a sergeant in Co. G 1st NE MO Cavlary. He returned home on leave to heal from wounds where he was taken from his home and killed by the Union miltia. Served with brother Morgan P. in same Confederate unit."

Military: Was a sergeant in Co. G 1st Northeast MO Cavalry. 1st NE MO Cavalry CSA also known simply as Porters Regiment. Regiment was commanded by Col. Joseph C. Porter, Lt. Col. William C. Blanton, and Maj. Elliott D. Majors. It was recruited in north east Missouri and it operated primarily in north central Missouri. Its guerilla-like strikes were very effective against the Federals. Engagements were it saw action were: Memphis (MO), Vassar Hill, Moore's Mill, Kirksville, Florida, Santa Fe (MO). "...Porter's men had marched 500 miles in fifteen days, capturing two towns, fought four battles, two against superior numbrs, paroled a hundred prisoners, conducted extensive scouting, patrolling, and recruiting operations, and tied down and confused Federal forces many times their size -- all of this accomplished by mostly teenage boys with no military training." (Blue & Gray Magazine, March 2000 issue, article entitled: "Porter in North Missouri")

Note: Send for probate record dated 1865.

Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861-1866

Barton, Daniel - Shelby - Oath of Allegiance and description - 04-28-1863 - Roll F 1225

Barton, Squire - Shelby - Parole - 01-05-1863- Roll F 1225

Missouri Archives at http://www.sos.state.mo.us/archives/provost/


1830 Marion Co., MO, Census
Listed with father, Squire Barton.

1840 Monroe Co., MO, Census
Listed with father, Squire Barton

1850 Monroe Co., MO, census:

59th District, Sept. 11, 1850
349/349 Daniel Barton age 24, farmer, 300, b. MO
Sarah age 26, b. VA
Samuel P. age 4, b. Mo
William T. age 2, b. MO
Rebecca A. G. age 8/12 b. MO

1860 Missouri Census

Jefferson Township, Shelby County
Woodville, Macon County Post Office
Index Page 268, Census Page 84
July 19, 1860
560/573 Barton, Daniel 35, M, MO
Sarah 37, F, VA
Sam P 14, M, MO Attended School
W. Taylor 12, M, MO Attended School
Rebecca A. G 10, F, MO Attended School
Phillip P 8, M, MO Attended School
Andrew 7, M, MO Attended School
Elijah G 5, M, MO
Elias C 5, M, MO
Harriet 3, F, MO
Charles L 5/12, M, MO



We understand that on Wednesday of last week a squad of militia from Macon County arrested Daniel Barton of Shelby county: and the next day, while on their return with him to Macon City they shot him. He had but recently returned home from a long imprisonment in the military prison at Chicago. We understand that those who killed him charged him with being an accomplice of some bushwackers who had lately made a raid through that section of the county. He was some 40 years of age and leaves a wife and 11 children. PARIS MERCURY June 9

Wife’s Notes...

Born Smythe Co., VA ®185. Smyth Co., VA, was formed in 1832 from Wythe and Washington counties.

Newspaper Clipping saved by Mae Barton Holland and found in her trunk that had been in storage for over 50 years. (May 2001)
Date and name of newspaper unknown

An Awful Calamity.

The residence of Mrs. Sarah Barton, about two miles southwest of Maud in this county, burned last Friday night and her two unfortunate boys Elijah and Elias, aged 43 years were consumed in it, they were twins and without mind, but men in every other respect. For 43 years they have had the constant care of one of the best of mothers. She had been called to Moberly to see her daughter, Mrs. Archie Wood, who is sick and with Mrs. Rebecca Barr, her sister had gotten there Friday evening. Andrew the son who runs the farm, and unmarried had put the boys to bed, they always remained there until they were taken up in the morning, and went a mile away to church at the Liberty school house, before the meeting closed the light of the burning house was seen and men hurried there but were too late to save the boys as the kitchen was falling in. The fire had evidently taken from the flew, and the bedroom the boys occupied was so full of fire that when a window was opened to relieve them the fire came through so that nothing could be done, the remains were found where the bed stood, except one of them had evidently turned with his head to the foot of the bed.

Their remains were taken and buried at Union church. Andrew is almost crazed with grief, and the mother with faith and fortitude, unequaled almost, bears it with remarkable strength and composure. Mrs. Barton is 75 years of age and had twelve children. Her husband Daniel W. Barton was shot by the soldiers at the close of the war, he had been released from Alton by the U. S. authorities, and returned home and was visiting at his fathers a few miles west of where he lived and was taken by some soldiers but before they reached Macon City he was shot.

The children were all taken care of by the mother and raised to manhood and womanhood except one daughter. Talk of heroines or heroes; who has fought life's terrible battle more bravely than Mrs. Barton? Her friends ought to build her a house and help furnish it. Every man that admires the grand and worthy in our race will help in the good work.

There is another small house on the farm that she will occupy in a short time. Her sons all live in other states except one here Taylor, and the one at home, and one daughter in Moberly and one in Lamar, MO. Her brothers, P. G. and Jacob McBroom live in Oregon, and two sisters in this county, Mrs. Barr and Mrs. Barton. She has been a member of the Methodist church for many years. There was no insurance.

Clipping saved by Mae Barton Holland. In 2001, had been in storage for 51 years. Name and date of newspaper unknown

Administrator's Sale

I will sell at public auction at the Barton farm 3 miles southeast of Enterprise on WEDNESDAY, MAR 26th, 1902
The following property belonging to the estate of Sarah Barton, deceased:

Cattle: Three cows, 2 with young calves by side, the other will be fresh in a few days, 4 two-year-old heifers, will be fresh this spring, 1 yearling heifer.
Feed: 40 bushels of corn in crib, some shock corn, 1 stack of timothy hay.
One buggy, almost new and one spring wagon.
About 100 chickens; a quantity of meat and lard, household and kitchen furniture; several cords of wood.
Terms: $10 and under cash; over $10 bankable note 12 months time, 7 per cent interest.

W. T. BARTON, Administrator

At the same time and place I will sell at public auction the following property:

Horses: Two good work horses.
Cattle: Eight head of yearling heifers.
Grain and Feed: Two hundred bushels of old corn, crop of 1900, shock corn in field, about 2 tons hay in barn.
Farm Implements: One farm wagon, almost new, 2 sets of heavy harness, 1 16-inch riding plow, 1 steel harrow, 1 corn planter, 1 good roller, 1 four-horse pulverizer, 1 disc cultivator, 1 hay frame, 1 long Tom rake, 1 saddle, 1 sled and other articles too numerous to mention.

Terms: Same as above.

T. M. Bishop, Auctioneer.

Clipping saved by Mae Barton Holland. In 2001, had been in storage for 51 years. Name and date of newspaper unknown

J. M. Wine last week, through C. I. Dale, purchased the land belonging to the Barton heirs, near Enterprise. There is 160 acres in the farm and Mr. Wine paid $36 per acre. Mr. Dale then, before the deed had been executed to Mr. Wine, sold the land to P. H. Fisher, of Fairfield, Iowa, at $37.50; making Mr. Wine $1.50 per acre.

1870 MO Census

Clarence, Jefferson Township, Shelby Co.
page 17
July 22, 1870
120/120 Sallie Barton, 46, white female, keeping house, 3000/800, born VA
Gordon, 20, white female, at school, born MO
Parker, 18, white male, at school, born MO, attended school
Thomas, 16, white male, born MO, attended school
Elijah, 14, white male, born MO, idiot
Clifford, 14, white male, at school, born MO, idiot
Catharine, 11, white female, at school, born MO, attended school
Charlie, 8, white male, born MO, attended school
Stephen, 7, white male, born MO, attended school
Sarah, 6, white female, born MO attended school
[Elias Barton family lives next door at household 121/121.]

1880 Census

Enumeration District 66
page 17
Enumeration Date: June 8, 1880
Jefferson Township, Shelby Co., MO
Dwelling 133, Family 137
Sarah Barton, white, family, 52 years of age, widowed, born VA, father born VA, mother born VA.
Parker Barton, white, male, 27 years of age, son, single, at home, born MO, VA, VA.
Andrew Barton, white, male, 25 years of age, son, single, at home, born MO, father born VA, mother born VA.
Charles L. Barton, white, male, 14 years of age, son, single, at home, born MO, father born VA, mother born VA.
Elijah Barton, white, male, 24 years of age, son, single, at home, Idiot, cannot read or write, born MO, father born VA, mother born VA.
Clifton Barton, white, male, 24 years of age, son, single, at home, Idiot, cannot read or write, born MO, fathe born VA, mother born VA.
Lollie Barton, white, female, 16 years of age, daughter, single, at home, attending school, born MO, father born VA, mother born VA.

1900 Missouri Census

Jefferson Twp, Shelby Co., MO
SD 142, ED 160
Index page 90, Sheet No. 7A
June 19-20, 1900
133/133 Sarah Barton, head, white female, born March 1823, aged 77, widow, 11 children with 9 living, born VA, fb Ireland, mb VA, Farmer, reads and writes and speaks English, owns farm free, farm schedule 112
Andrew T. Barton, son, white male, born Feb. 1853, aged 47, single, born MO, fb MO, mb VA, reads and writes and speaks English

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I was looking through this really old tall thin book...ledger, I think. It was packed in Mae Barton Holland's trunk and stored for over 50 years. The cover and first few pages are in pieces. It had a couple of recipes of sorts and then what looked like blank pages. So I started in the back and there are several recipes and remedies for things like croupe and diptheria. I then came to more blank pages but kept going. Toward the middle of the book in very beautiful handwriting is a list of children and birthdates of children of Daniel Weeden Barton, and of him and his wife. Believe journal dates to 1800s as there is a place to put date and has the number 18__.

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Charles L. Barton
Obituary from unknown paper. Found in Family Bible of Mae and Ed Holland. In 2001, had been in storage for 51 years.

Reference Note 339
On inside front cover of photo album, the following is written: wife of Parker Barton
Addie Barton fell heir to this book at Uncle Andy Barton death in March - 1934

Then on a piece of paper with MAB monogram is written:
this old album goes to may Holland when I am done with it but there are a lot of dear pictures in it to me but not any of my children would know them and may is the only one that does of the Barton family

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