William Barton  (b. 1790; SC) who md. Bethania Murphree

  1. Bailey    (b. 1828; AL)  Moved to Rusk Co., TX

  2. Martin    (b. 1830; AL)                                                                William and Bethania were in 1830 Walker Co, AL

  3. Samuel  (b. 1831; AL)                                                                                                           1840 Yalobusha Co., MS

  4. Jemima  (b. 1833; MS)                                                                                                          1850 Yalobusha Co., MS

  5. David     (b. 1837; MS)   Died in War between the states                                                          1860 Upshur Co., TX

  6. Alfred     (b. 1837; MS)   Moved to Hill Co., TX

  7. Matilda   (b. 1839; MS)

  8. Solomon (b. 1843; MS)  Moved to Titus Co., TX

  9. Thomas  (b. 1848; MS)  Moved to Titus Co., TX

  10. John       (b. 1848; MS)

Note:  Almost all of these children appear to be named after Bethania's family members.

By 1860, William and Bethania had the children of a Nacodoches Co., TX Nations family living with them.

For more things to ponder about William and his ancestry, click here, scroll down and begin reading at about the 6th or 7th clue.

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