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December 26 & 27, 2002

My gg grandmother Viannah Barton was the daughter of Rev. William Barton [Son of David & Ruth (Oldham) Barton] and they lived in Morgan County, GA. She married William Justiss in Clarke County in 1832. Viannah and William Justiss lived in several counties in Georgia. They then moved to Dadeville, Alabama where he was clerk of the court for four terms in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.

It has taken me years to find the names of their children, and one is still missing. They are:
Marcus DeLafayette md. Frances Foy Powledge in Meriwether County, Ga and they moved to LA. They came
back to Georgia after the war was declared. At the end of the war they returned to LA and
then moved to Arkansas where they lived out their lives. He owned hundreds of acres of
land and was in local politics and was very well known.
Augustus Caesar my g grandfather
Benjamin DeKalb

I have been unable to find anything on anyone other than Marcus and Augustus. I would be so happy if I could ever find anything on the four other children.

William Justiss died in 1843. At some point for one reason or another their children, one of whom was my great grandfather A.C. Justiss were sent to live with brothers of their father in Meriwether County, Ga. Viannah at some point went west and in 1859 she married Benoni Gray six months after his wife had died. They had been family friends. They then went to Texas and then after his death she went to Arkansas to live with her son Marcus DeLafayette Justiss who had settled there. She began to be known as Lavina Gray. Evidentally she didn't like Viannah and is buried along with her son's family under the name Lavina Gray.

Hopefully someday someone will see this and supply me with the name of the 6th child of William and Viannah and perhaps shed some light on their sons William, Benjamin DeKalb and Sarah. I know they lived in Morgan County as my grandfather was born there, married in Clarke County, believe they lived in Walton County and Lee County, though I cannot prove that or that they lived in Troup County, I believe they were there at one time.

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