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Squire Phillip Barton

Husband: Squire Phillip Barton
Birth: 21 Dec 1801 ®107 Place: KY ®107
Death: 14 Mar 1868 ®178
Burial: Place: Bacon Chapel Church, Lentner, Shelby Co., MO ®178
Father: probably Roswell Barton (1774-)--NOT PROVEN
Mother: probably Martha (Patsey) McRae (-1844)--NOT PROVEN

Marriage: 22 May 1823 Place: Ralls Co., MO ®121
Wife: Rachel Thrasher

Birth: 3 Oct 1793 ®178 Place: Campbell Co., KY ®178
Death: 23 Dec 1885 ®178 Place: Shelby Co., MO ®178
Burial: Place: Phillips Cem., Duncan's Bridge, Monroe Co., MO ®178
Father: John Thrasher (1765-1834)
Mother: Rachael Fee (1766-1845)
Other Spouses Ben Dougherty


1. M Child: Morgan Phillip Barton
Birth: 23 Feb 1823 ®518 Place: Marion Co., MO ®218
Death: 14 Jan 1863 ®518 Place: Alton Federal Prison, IL
Spouse: Elizabeth Ann (Betsey) McBroom
Marriage: 27 Jan 1847 Place: Monroe Co., MO ®121


2. M Child: Daniel Weeden Barton
Birth: 22 Oct 1825 ®107
Death: 31 May 1865 ®107
Spouse: Sarah (Sallie) McBroom
Marriage: 1 Jan 1845 Place: Monroe Co., MO ®121


3. F Child: Elizabeth Jane Barton
Birth: 25 Oct 1827 ®107
Death: 13 Feb 1907 ®178
Spouse: Charles M. Maupin
Marriage: 10 Jul 1845 Place: Monroe Co., MO ®121


4. F Child: Nancy Ann Barton
Birth: 4 Mar 1830 ®107 Place: Marion Co., MO ®178
Death: 25 Apr 1913 ®520 Place: Maplewood Cemetery, ®520 Clarence, Shelby Co., MO ®178
Spouse: Harlan Butner
Marriage: 2 Oct 1859 Place: MO ®178


5. M Child: Elias Taylor Barton
Birth: 26 Mar 1832 ®107 Place: Marion Co., MO ®178
Death: 20 Oct 1914 ®178 Place: Clarence, Shelby Co.®178
Burial: Place: Union Cem., Clarence, MO ®178
Spouse: Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Roe
Marriage: 3 Feb 1869 Place: Shelbina, MO ®178


6. M Child: George Washington Barton
Birth: 18 Nov 1834 ®107
Death: 22 Aug 1863 ®107 Place: Vicksburg, MS


7. M Child: Stephen Alfred Barton
Birth: 5 Feb 1837 ®107
Death: 5 Oct 1864 ®107 Place: Allatoona, GA ®127


Husband’s Notes:

Chronicles of the Civil War in Monroe Co. gave his

name as Squire Phillip. ®176

August 1, 1845, Squire Barton and Rachel, his wife of Monroe County, Missouri; Taylor Barton and Ann, his wife of Monroe County, Missouri; and Daniel Thrasher and Nancy, his wife of Shelby County, Missouri, deed to Noah Donly of Marion County, Missouri, 80 acres in Marion County. Ann Barton relinquished her dower. Rachel Barton relinquished her dower. Nancy Barton relinquished her dower and her right of inheritance. The property cited is W 1/2 of SE quarter of Section 14, twp 57, Range 5 West. The 80 acres was originally purchased by Martha Barton ( patent dated Nov. 10, 1830) at the U.S. Land Sales Palmyra Office (incorrectly indexed by BLM as Martha Barlow).

Squire and Rachel sold Martha Bartons Clark Co. Land. Email from MO Archives: We have searched our index to Deeds for the years 1833-1848, and we have found a record for the sale of one of the properties that you were looking for. The property at W 1/2 NE Sec. 7 Twp. 66N 8W was sold by

Esquire and Rachel Barton, and the record of this transaction is found on C1689 Vol. E page 272:

County: Clark
Record: Deeds
Vol. E
Pages 272-273
Reel: C1689

This Indenture made and entered into by and between ESquire Barton and Rachael Barton his wife of the county of Monroe of the first part and Samuel Miller of the second part all of the State of Missouri witnesseth for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and forty Dollars Cash in hand paid by Samuel Miller unto said ESquire Barton and Rachel his wife respt whereof are hereby acknowledged have give granted bargained and sold and do give grant bargain sell unto the said Samuel Miller the following described tract or parcel of land towit. Situate lying and being in the County of Clark and State of Missouri as follows all our interest in and to the west half of the North East quarter of Seven township Sixty Six Range Eight West forty acres of land said Barton, undivided part of the said Eighty acres of (Barton undivided…written and then crossed out) also twenty acres of Bartons undivided part of the Lots No.-One of the South West quarter of section No Six Township Sixty Six North of the base line and Range Eighty west containing in all Sixty agreeabl to the United States Survey (w with line over it) is further under and bargained that the said Esquire Barton and Rachel his wife is to warrant and forever defend the right and title to the aforesaid land unto said Samuel Miller and unto his heirs and assigns against all and every person or persons claiming under me the said Barton and every person and persons claiming the said lands in any wise - In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the day and year first above written.

Esquire Barton (Seal)

Rachel Barton (Seal)…she put her mark

State of Missouri

County of Monroe

Be it remembered that on this 6th day of October 1845 before one John G. Caldwell Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for said County of Monroe personally appeared Squire Barton and Rachel Barton and proven by Joseph Lidner and Wm Goe two credibl witnesses examined on oath to be the wife of the said Squire Barton and the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument of writing as a party thereto having executed the same and they severally acknowledged the same to be their act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned The the said Rachel Barton being (b?in) first made acquainted with the county thereof and examined separate and apart from her husband upon such examination acknowledged and declared that she executed said deed and Relinquishes her dower in the lands and tenements therein mentioned freely voluntarily and without any compulsion or undue influence of her said husband.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixs the seal of the Monroe Circuit Court at Office at Paris on the day and year last aforesaid. ---- Js P-G Caldwell Clk Filed November 19th 1847

Willis Curd/Card Recorder

Taylor and Ann Barton also are recorded as selling the same land to the same Samuel Miller...see Taylor Barton.

Here is transcription of Squire Barton's provost papers.

Petition on behalf of Esq Barton of Missouri
Saint Louis Dec. 9 /62
Major Gen Merrill

Dear sir

I called on Col Dick Provost Marshall general in regard to the care of Squire Barton of Monroe County and was by him refered to you; as you are aware he was sent to this city from Hudson on the charge of Harboring Bushwhackers – without saying a word in extennation from me you will admit that the old man has already been punished quite considerable; and if I thought there was the remotest propibility if liberated of a repletion I should be the last man to seek his liberation – but I know the Mr. Barton well and I am confident you may return him to his aged Partner without his ever giving you or the union friends any trouble.

But to make matters doubly sure I only ask that he may be released on his Parole and Bond. It will not have escaped your observation that in Tennessee, Virginia and even in this state men are released simply on their Parole who have been engaged in active hostilities; men like the son of Gen Price can return to their families by taking the oath and giving their Parole – I am sure that your assent will be given to the favor I ask and that you will return this infirm old man to his aged partner who is more afflicted by this event that has overtaken Mr Barton


Wm A Lockwood

That you may know I do not belong to any kind limb(?) of ??? I inclose one or two endorsements which you will please return as I shall have occasion to see Co. Dick after I hear from you

Please direct to 180 North 6th street

Lockwood is endorsed by Daniel C. Laudy, O. B. Tilley & F. P. Blair Jr.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Head Quarters Hoffman Batalion
Depot Prisoners of War
Near Sandusky Ohio
Jany. 5th 1863.

I Squire Barton of the County of Shelby and State of Mo. Aged 61 years, do hereby promise and declare on my word of honor, that I will not in any manner directly or indirectly aid, encourage or promote the existing rebellion against the Authority of the Government of the United States.

That I will do no act of hostility against the Government of the Untied States, nor render any aid to its enemies.

That I will immediately report to the Provost Marshal Genereal of the Department of Missouri and obey such furtner Orders as shall be made by said Provost Marshal.

Witness Squire Barton [his mark]

By General Order A. G. O. No. 193.

Squire Barton is released from custody on the above Parole.


W. S. Pierson, Major
Hoffmann Battalion
Comdg. Post.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Office of the Provost Marshal
General Dept. of the Mo. St. Louis Jany 8th 1863.

Squire Barton reported, in obedience, to within Parole. He will repair to Shelby County Missouri there remain until further order, and will report in person or by letter to the Provost Marshal at Macon City, sending a copy of this Parole & this endorsement and will obey such orders as may be made by the Provost Marshal of that County or District.

(signed) F. A. Dick

Lt. Col. Provost Marshal Genl

Dept. of the Mo.

Phillip Squire Barton, Citizen, of the Shelby Co., Militia, was captured on 9/07/1862 and was recorded as a Prisoner of War at the Johnson's Island Prisoner of War Depot located in Sandusky Bay, lake Erie, Ohio. He arrived at the prison on 11/17/1862 (from Alton Prison) and was paroled on 1/02/1863 to St. Louis by order of Col. Hoffman. (David R. Bush, Ph.D., Director, Johnson's Island Civil War Military Prison Site)

Missouri's Union Provost Marshal Papers: 1861-1866

Barton, Daniel - Shelby - Oath of Allegiance and description - 04-28-1863 - Roll F 1225

Barton, Squire - Shelby - Parole - 01-05-1863- Roll F 1225

Missouri Archives at http://www.sos.state.mo.us/archives/provost/

I have found out through Juanita (she had a Shelby County, Missouri history) that Squire P. Barton (from KY) came to Missouri and located in Marion County, Missouri (near Hannibal). ®218

Illinois Public Land Purchase Records

Viewing records 1-6 of 6 Matches

Name Type Section Sect Township Range Meridian Acres Price Total Date Month Date Day Date Year Reside Volume Page Blank SocStat ID Corr-Tag

BARTON SQUIRE FD SWSW 10 03S 07W 4 4000 125 5000 December 10 1832 888 343 096 194844 0
BARTON SQUIRE FD E2SE 09 03S 07W 4 8000 125 10000 December 10 1832 888 343 096 194845 0
BARTON SQUIRE FD SWSWMA 10 03S 07W 4 4000 125 5000 December 10 1832 888 702 174 223944 0
BARTON SQUIRE FD E2SEMA 09 03S 07W 4 8000 125 10000 December 10 1832 888 702 174 223945 0
BARTON SQUIRE FD SWSW 10 03S 07W 4 4000 125 5000 December 10 1832 000 701 074 247652 0
BARTON SQUIRE FD E2SE 09 03S 07W 4 8000 125 10000 December 10 1832 000 701 073 247653 0


Squire Barton in the 1830 census in Marion Co., MO:

1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
1 male 20-30
1 male 30-40
2 females under 5
1 female 20-30

Monroe Co, MO 1840 census:

Washington Township ( by census taker # 145)
Squire Barton age 30-40 , wife age 40-50
Squire had boys age: 121101

1850 Monroe Co., MO, census:

household # 331
Elijah T. Sparks = age 23, b. KY
Harriet P. age 25 b.. VA
Samuel age 8 b. MO
Squire Barton age 48, b. KY
Rachel Barton, age 55, b. KY
Nancy A. Barton age 20, b. MO
Elias T. Barton age 18, b. MO
Geoge W. Barton, age 15, b. MO
Stephen A. Barton, age 15, b. MO
THRASHER, Mary J., age 13, b. MO
THRASHER, James, age 8, b. MO

(They were the children from the second marriage of Elias Thrasher, brother of Rachel Thrasher Barton. So, they were also niece and nephew. ®178 )

1860 Missouri Census

Jefferson Township, Shelby County
Woodville, Macon County Post Office
Index Page 268, Census Page 84
July 19, 1860
562/574 Squire Barton, 58, male, farmer, 4800/4800, KY
Rachel Barton, 64, female, KY
Elias Barton, 28, male, farmer, 1600/200, MO
George W. Barton, 24, male, farmer, 400/200, MO
Stephen Barton, 23, male, farmer, 400/400, MO
Sarah Thrasher, 26, female, MO

(This Sarah Thrasher appears to be Rachel Thrasher Barton's niece, Sarah Ann Thrasher, dau of Stephen F. Thrasher and Lucy Mullins. Sarah Ann was the right age, her parents were living in a nearby county, and she was still unmarried in 1860. ®178)

1860 Slave Schedule

Clay & Bethel Townships
Shelby County, MO
Index page 399, Census Page 4
July 1860
Squire Barton
1 slave, 32 years of age, male, mulatto
1 slave, 9 years of age, male, black


Wife’s Notes:

According to the Barton family record Rachel was born 21 Oct 1793 in VA.

Note re Campbell County birth location: It would have been Scott or Mason County in 1793.


1880 Census

Enumeration District 66
Page 13
Enumeration Date: June 7, 1880
Jefferson Township, Shelby Co., MO
Rachel is living in with her son Elias T. Barton and family in dwelling 101, family 105.
Rachel Barton, white, female, 86, mother, married during the census year, at home, born KY, father born VA, mother born VA.

Note: believe census taker marked wrong column and Rachel should have been marked widowed instead of married during census year.


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