Date: March 2000
From: William

James Henry Barton (born May 14, 1867 in Tennesse and died July 17, 1904 in Conway County Arkansas).  Possible son of Moses N. Barton of SC/AL clan.

James married Mary Susan Hill in Conway County Oct.8, 1892. Possiblya cousin of James M. Barton of Conway County, I

Date: Jan 1999     
From: Jerry & Betty 

Here are some of the facts that we know about.  I have no prior knowledge of Hannah L. Barton before she married John Calvin Powell at a place unknown. We believe that the marriage took place somewhere in Conway County, Arkansas. She was born May 6th, 1867 at an unknown location. The reference in our family bible says Hannah came from Tn but no proof of anything yet.  If the Ark reference is correct she had several brothers and should be traceable. She died Dec 15th, 1902 at another  unknown location. We believe somewhere near Martinville, Arkansas. We know that John Calvin moved his family to the bottoms near Oppolo, Ark but we do not know if that was before or after Hannah's death. Her children are:

  1. Jessie Monroe Powell, b. May 20 1887
  2. Leona (Omar) Powell,b. Nov 18, 1888
  3. John William A. Powell, b. Oct 18, 1892 d. Oct 8th, 1904
  4. Brewer Evans Powell, (my father) b. Nov 5, 1895
  5. Mary Mildred Powell, b. Sep17th, 1899
  6. May Powell, b. Aug 30th, 1902 d. Sep 22, 1902.


From:  Debby:

I went through my hard copy notes and came up with the following:

Mary Barton  (daughter of Isaiah? & Martha (Alexander) Barton) md. James Jessee Webb in Hardeman Co., TN 12-24-1882.  They followed Martha Barton and her sister, Lucinda (Alexander) Lockhart, to Conway Co., AR some time in the 1880's.  

Mary (Barton) Webb was still living there in June, 1900 during the census.  Mary's mother, Martha, was left a widow with a lot of children to raise.  Her known children were:

  1. Mary (Barton) Webb
  2. Ann "Nannie" (Barton) Grove   Hardeman Co., AR Bartons
  3. Jane (Barton) Mills
  4. Liza (Barton) Autry
  5. Hannah (Barton) Powell  <======
  6. Lige Barton
  7. Martha (Barton) Driscoll
  8. Jim Barton
  9. ?        (male who died.)

Martha's husband, Isaiah Barton, was said to be the son of Nathaniel, the son of Moses of Walker Co., AL.  It hasn't been proven that Isaiah was Martha (Alexander) Barton's husband.  Isaiah is included in some family sheets as Nathaniel's son, but this also may not have been proven.  Isaiah is enumerated in the 1850 and 1860 census of Walker Co., AL and is shown with a wife, Martha.  Following are their children:

  1. John M. [Not accounted for in above list]
  2. William [In 1850, but not 1860 census]
  3. Margaret [Not accounted for in above list]
  4. Massey Jane [Matches #3]
  5. Nancy [Matches #2?]
  6. Louisa [Not accounted for in above list]
  7. Elijah [Matches #6]
  8. Mary [Matches #1]

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