Jonathan Marion Barton (1830; Hall Co., GA/1910; AL)

Married:  Hannah Anne BLACKSTOCK  


  1. Margaret M. md. (1) Robert LEAGUE (2)Robert A. GODSEY  
  2. William Marion md. Martha LAMBERT  
  3. Sarah Eveline md. William Thomas FARRIS
  4. Andrew Jonathan md. Mary Ann Margaret GREEN  (photo)
  5. Roxanna Elizabeth md. David Welsh GILBERT (photo)
  6. Martha B. md. Jeff HENSON (photo)
  7. Mary Arizona md. Robert MCCRARY   (photo)

Children of Maragret M. "Marg" Barton (b: 1853; Hall Co., GA) & Robert Walker League (b: 1846 /d: 1878)  Margaret md. (2) Robert A. Godsey (b: 1840 d: 1932 ), but had no children by him.

William Henry League (b: 1869 Winston Co., AL d: 1949 in Winston Co., AL) who md. (1) Deliah Texanna Carter (b: 1872 d: 1908 ) and (2.) Nancy Luan Cumens/Cummins (b: 1881 d: 1961)

Martha Eveline League (b: 1871 d: 1923) who md. James Anderson Wilson (b: 1871 d: 1947)

Mary Etta League (b: 1873 d: 1964) who md. Sam Davidson

Sarah Elizabeth "Sally" League (b: 1875 d: 1963) who md. Isaac Daniel "Ike" Johnson (b: 1876 d: 1963)

George Ann Ettafer? League (b: 1878) who md. Louis Godsey (b: 1875)

Children of William Marion Barton (b: 1856 Gainesville, Hall Co., GA /d: 1909; AL) & Martha Jane Lambert (b: 1858 Marion Co., AL/ d: 1919; Winston Co., AL)

Martha Ann Barton (b: 1876 d: 1948 in Lynn, Winston Co., AL) who md. Alvin Dow Gaut (b: 1869 d: 1941)

William Jonathan Barton (b: 1878 d: 1952 in AL ) who md. Elzader Rose (b: 1884 d: 1971)

Mack Andrew Barton (b: 1880 d: 1951) who md. Meta Tubbs (b: 1878 d: 1965)

James Garfield Barton (b: 1883 d: 1954) who md. Jessie Gravlee

Mary Elizabeth Barton (b: 1886 ) who md. Harvey Monroe Gray (b: 1886 d: 1920 )

Charles Harrison Barton (b:1888 AL) who md. Elizabeth Mitchell (b:1887 KY d:1960 in Winston Co., AL)

Wesley Marion Barton (b: 1892 d: 1964) who md. Rettie Bell Waddle b: 1892 1970

Homer Wheeler Barton (b: 1895 d: 1927) who md. Francis(ces?) ?

Children of Sarah Eveline Barton (b: 1859 AL) & William Thomas Farris (b: 1849 AL )

William Thomas Farris, Jr. (b: 1876 AL d: 1957) who md. Margrete Woffard (b: 1882 AL d: 1949)

Willis Bynum? Farris (b: 1878 AL ) who md. Ella Kelly?

Roxie A. Farris (b: 1878 AL) who md. Bartley Sylvester Henson (b: 1875 AL)

Luther J. Farris (b: 1886)

Arthur Dee Farris (b: 1889 AL d: 1968) who md. Lillie Henson (b: 1898 d: 1985)

James Claude Farris (b: 1893) who md. Racie ?

Andrew Frank Farris (b: 1895) who md. Mae Warren

Annie May? Farris (b: 1898)

Henry M. Farris (b: 1901 AL? d: 1908 in AL?)

Children of Andrew Jonathan Barton (b: 1861 Double Springs, AL d: 1914 in Fanshawe, OK) & Mary Ann Margaret Green (b: 1861 Montevallo, AL d: 1948 in Fanshawe, OK)

America Palestine Barton (b: 1885 Winston Co., AL d: 1962 in OK?) who md. William Daner Crabtree

Lula Anabelle Barton (b: 1887 Double Springs, AL d: 1965 in Shawnee, OK) who md. Ramoth Merracue Hunt b: 1876 d: 1947 in Wewoka, OK

James Andrew Barton (b: 1889 Double Springs, AL d: 1956 in Indianola, OK) who md. (1)Mary Almeda "Molly" Ramsey (who d. after delivering a stillborn daughter).  Md. (2) Viola Box who abandoned James and their children.  Md. (3) Mary Susie Annie Williams (b: 1904 McAlester, Pittsburg Co., OK d: 1996; McAlester, OK)

Augustus Hix Barton (b: 1891 Fanshawe, OK d: 1933 in Fanshawe, OK) who md. Viola Robbins

Pearly Mae Barton (b: 1894 Fanshawe, OK d: 1988 in Kilgore, TX) who md. (1) Pete McCartny   (2) Alvin Traylor and (3) T. H. Gregory (d: 1976 )  Pearl lived a sad life, in part because she was widowed three times.

William Henry Barton (b: 1897 Fanshawe, OK d: 1966) who md. Norma Malcalm

Dewey McKinley Barton (b: 1900 Fanshawe, OK d: 1983 in NM) who md. Chloe Pennington

Tressy Ola Barton (b: 1905 Fanshawe, OK d: Abt. 1996) who md. (1) Charles Emory Lee, (2) Jim Barefield, (3) Alfred Luther Beckes

Children of Roxanna Elizabeth "Roxie" Barton (b: February 21, 1864 Winston Co., AL d: 1947 in Walker Co., AL) who md. David Welch Gilbert (b: 1859 Marion Co., AL d: 1943 in Walker Co., AL)

William E. Gilbert (b: 1881 Walker Co., AL   d: May 17, 1962 ; Walker Co., AL) who md. Lucius Ceattus "Sac" Frost (b: 1882 Fayette County, AL d: May 28, 1962 in Fayette County, AL)

Ophelia Gilbert (b: 1882 Walker Co., AL d: 1966 in Walker Co., AL)

Byas Gilbert (b: 1885 Walker Co., AL d: 1976 in Walker Co., AL) who md. Malindy Odella Ivey (b: 1894 d: 1951 in Walker Co., AL)

Lonzo Jonathan Gilbert (b: 1889 Walker Co., AL d: 1964; Walker Co., AL) who md. Pearl Pickett (b: 1895 Walker Co., AL d: 1981; Walker Co., AL)

Minnie Alma Gilbert (b:1891 Walker Co., AL d: 1962; Walker Co., AL) who md. William W. Turner (b: 1889 d: 1924 in Walker Co., AL)

Roe Chester Gilbert (b: 1894 Walker Co., AL. d: 1969 ; Walker Co., AL) who md. Autie Ann White (b: 1895 Marion Co., AL d: October 20, 1972 in Jefferson Co., AL)

Mckinley Gilbert (b: 1896 Walker Co., AL d: 1944; Winston Co., AL) who md. (1) Dora Cooner          (b: 1898 Fayette County, AL. d: in Fayette County, AL)  Mckinley Gilbert md. (2) Harriett Augusta Strong  (b: 1906 Van Buren Co., MI d: 1988; Walker Co., AL)

Mary Margaret Ezella Gilbert (b: 1903 Walker Co., AL d: 1986; Walker Co., AL) who md. Velco Ivey   (b: 1900 Walker Co., AL d: 1967 in Walker Co., AL)

Children of Martha Belzuria? Barton (b: 1866 d: Abt. 1891) who md. Jeff Henson

Josie Henson (b: Abt. 1882 d: Abt. 1896)

Nancy Henson (b: 1884) who md. Bartley Kidd (b: Abt. 1880 AL)

Ben Henson

Pearl Henson (b: Abt. 1889 AL? d: in Olton, TX? ) who md. George Bodkin (b: Abt. 1892 d: Abt. 1986; Olton, TX?)

Children of Mary Arizona Barton (b: 1872 AL d: 1961 in AL ) who md. J. Robert McCrary (b: 1873 AL d: 1964 in AL)

Andrew Jonathan "Buster" McCrary (b: 1897 Double Springs, AL d: 1984 in Nashville, TN?) who md. Victora Cagle

Pearlie Evalianah? McCrary

Mirtie Lea McCrary (b: 1900 Double Springs, AL d: in Nashville, TN?) who md. Mark Patterson

Hanna Belle "Belle" McCrary (b: 1903 Double Springs, AL d: 1990 in AL ) who md. Paul Blanton

Emma Alice McCrary (b: 1906 Double Springs, AL ) who md. William Cortez Burdick (b: 1903)

Leonard Jackson McCrary (b: 1908 Double Springs, AL d: 1983 in AL) who md. Nora Bell Blanton       (b: 1911 Winston Co., AL)

Fannie Elizabeth McCrary who md. Marion Alexander "Mate" Harris (b: 1903)

Fred McCrary who md. Irene Busler


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