Many Bartons resided in Laurens Co., SC before the first census was taken.  Among them were James, Joseph and Bavester.  Some of these early Laurens Bartons eventually moved to Pendleton District, SC.   Bavester left Pendleton and migrated to Warren Co., Kentucky.

From the "Statistics of South Carolina" by Robert Mills published in 1826, the first settlers [of Duncan's Creek] were named "M'Crery, Green, Hannah, Abernathy, Miller, Beard, King, Mitchell, Coffee, Gisham, Barton, Young, McClure, Adams and M'Daid."

Many of the early Laurens settlers were Scotch-Irish.

 1790 Census Index

Jerald   Some Bartons md. into my Couts family  [Bavester Barton Clan and Couts intermd.]

Rhonda      RHONKAY@AOL.COM   I am a dec. of Chrisley Couts Jr. [From the Bavester Barton Clan]

From:   Lynda Chalk Welch  

Babester Barton  b: about 1760, married about 1780 and died by Oct 1813 in Warren Co., KY (left will dated 16 May 1813). His wife is know only as "Elizabeth".


1. Mary (my ancestor)   b: 1784 in S.C.   m:  Thomas Rogers Putnam ca 1800.  Mary died 1825-29 in Murrayville, Hall Co., GA.
2. Charity b: 1786 in S. C. m: Willoughby Rose 1806 in Warren Co., KY.  Charity d: 1868 in Clinton Co., Illinois (didn't find her on your list of Babester's children).
3. John b: 1788 in Laurens Co., S.C., m: Nancy Couts, 3 Aug 1808, Warren Co., KY. His death date unknown to me.
4. Francis (Fanny) b: 1790 in S.C., m: Chrisley Couts, 11 Feb1812, Warren Co., KY. Fanny died in Lafayette, MO. (date unknown).
5. Berry b: 1791 in S.C., m: Barbara Graham 22 Apr 1818, Warren Co., KY. Berry died 1851 in Graves Co., KY.
6. Wade b: 1793 in S.C., m: Jane Thompson (born 1797), on 22 Aug 1816, Warren Co., KY. Wade died after 1880 in Graves Co., KY.
7. Elizabeth (Betsy) b: 1796 in S.C., m: Lacy Meaders first on 5 Apr1821 in Warren Co., KY. Married second to Aaron Couts. Elizabeth's death date unknown to me.
8. Obediah b: 1800 in Pendleton Dist., S.C. Died at age 16.
9. LeRoy Jackson   b:  1803 in Warren Co., KY,  m:  Christina Collins, 2 Aug 1827, Warren Co., KY. He died 8 Sep 1860 in Johnson Co., MO.
10. Bathsheeba b: 30 Jan 1804 in Bowling Green, KY, m:  Nathaniel Pearson, 3 Feb 1825. She died 14 Sep 1857 in Clinton Co., Illinois.
11. Bentley B. b: 1806 in Bowling Green, KY. m: Martha Elizabeth Pearson 1829. He died 12 June 1884 in Lafayette Co., MO.

Lynda Chalk Welch

Eva, the wife of a descendant of Joseph Barton of Laurens Co., SC:

Date: 98-07-09

From: MagieLou   Descendant of Bavester Barton.

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