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Head of Family  

approx. age males under 20 males  over 20 fem.under 20 fem.over 20






BARTON, Hiram        25





BARTON, James A.        18





BARTON, Joshua        55





BARTON, John M.        25





BARTON, Moses        55





BARTON, Nathaniel        34





BARTON, William        45





9/10/1838:  real estate transaction/Nancy K. Barton/40.05 acres

1840 Census





John T.





1m 30-40 1m 30-40 1m 15-20 1m 70+ 1m 40-50
1f 20-30 1f 30-40 1f 20-30 1f 40-50 1f 30-40
1f 15-20 1m? 15-20 1f -5 1f 15-20 1m 15-20
1m -5 1m? -5 1m 10-15 1m 15-20
1f 10-15 1m 10-15
1f 10-15 1f 10-15
1m 5-10 1m 5-10
1m 5-10 1m 5-10
1m 5-10 1f 5-10
1m -5 1m -5
1m -5 1f -5



James A.


John M.




Thomas A.

1m 30-40 1m 30-40 1m 20-30 1m 60-70 1m 20-30
1f 30-40 1f 20-30 1f 20-30 1f 60-70 1f 10-15
1f 20-30 1f 10-15 1f 15-20 1f 15-20 1f -5
1m 5-10 1f -5 1f -5
1m 5-10
1f 5-10
1m -5

1845:  Mary Barton (b. 10-14-1845; b. where?/d. 10-29-1897/bd.Samaria Church Cemetery; Walker Co., AL)

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6/15/1875: William B. Barton/homestead entry of 80 acres.

7/3/1883:  Joshua T. Barton/homestead entry of 159.9 acres.

9/10/1883:  William W. Barton/homestead entry of 157.88 acres.

From: James E. Gilbert jgilbert@hiwaay.net

I was reading the Walker County weekly news paper published Thursday April 17, 1969 at Cordova, Alabama.

Death Notices


Age 73. Died April 11, 1969 at a Local hospital. He is survived by his wife Norma Barton, 4 sons Thomas E., David, Leroy and Charles; 2 Daughters Jeannette Watts, Frances Bagwell, 1 brother Ozie Barton, 3 sisters Mary Jones, Annie Swindle and Dorothy Hill. Interment was at Union Chapel April 14 With the Rev. Kenneth Bishop officiating.


Date:  1999   From:  Martha     binm1@aol.com

Mary Ann Barton b. 1/23/1834; Jasper, Alabama ?   She is my great/great/great grandmother. She married a John Abner Dill, this old goat went off to the civil war & instead of coming home he married several times without benefit of divorce.   Leaving Mary to fend for herself and the kids. She was living in Bullard, Texas. her daughter Martha Ann Dill married WW Davis in the Bullard, Texas area they had
1. William L. Davis who married Ellen Smith they had 7 children
      a.  Bently Davis married Ruth Spivey and had 3 children
           (1.)  Martha L. Davis married Eddie Hemphill they had a child Martha R.(me) Hemphill who married Clyde                      Moorehead.
2. Emmett Davis
3. Tishe Lou Davis.

My grandmother lived in the house with Martha Ann Dill/Davis, she said that grandma Davis would allow no one to speak of her father after the way he had ran off and left her mom. Little is known about Mary Ann Barton the birth date has been passed down from Martha Ann Dill/Davis to her son & wife then his son & wife to my mother to me. Someone doing the family history had Mary Barton in a family but could not prove it. The woman said that it was the only family in the area that would have a child that age. I don't understand. I just know that we haven't been able to find her located anywhere in a family prior to her marriage in Walker Co. Alabama. I am new to this. Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated. Martha R.

Glenda gbur103132@aol.com on December 17, 1998 at 23:42:32:

Looking for information on Sarah K Willis Barton b.1803 KY d. 1877 she married Hiram Barton b.1801SC d. 1876 in Jefferson Co.,AL on Oct. 25,1820. On the 1850 Walker County Census there is a Mathew Willis 73 living in household with Sarah and Hiram. He is believed to be the father of Sarah K Willis. Does any one have any info on Sarah or Mathew Willis. I am looking for the names of Sarah's brothers,sisters and Mother. I believe Mathew Willis to be my gggGrandfather. Please can any one help me on this family?Thanks so much!
Glenda Willis Burgess

Subject: Willis connection?
Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 17:21:56 -0000
From: Katrina <michael@up-link.net>

I have found your site and was wondering if we might have a connection, both of my great grandparents came from Alabama, I have the Hovater side back to the 1600's but what I have came up with on my great grandfather John Thomas Jefferson Willis side has been nothing but his birth feb 19 1874 and death date dec 31 1945, I do not have his parents names or any sibling names, I had always heard that he was raised by an uncle. If you can help me out any let me know.

From: Roberta "Bobbi" Needham   Roberta.Needham@gte.net

Date: Sat, 6 Jun 1998 00:07:15 -0400

The info I have on Margaret Barton is very limited, but here it is:

Margaret Ann Barton, b. Jan 1849, Sumiton, Walker Co., Al; married in Walker Co., Al. ca. 1865-1875 to Thomas Jefferson Phillips b. 11 Nov. 1844, Dora, Walker Co., Al.  Their children were:

They all died in Walker Co. (except Charles Hiram, who died and was buried in Jefferson Co. in McCormack Cemetery.) Margaret Elizabeth is buried in Oakman Day Cemetery, and all the others are buried in Phillips Chapel Cemetery. My husband is descended from John Mason.

Roberta Gray Needham

Date:  June, 1998

From:   t_dwalters@juno.com (Deborah Walters)

Nancy Barton livind in Bedford, Lawrence Co., Indiana.  I do have the census with her when she married Milford in 1877. I do have her death certificate, but it only lists that she was born in Alabama, no father or mother.

Date: Sept., 1998

From: Dot    bill@viptx.net

My greatgrandmother was Nancy Jane Barton born 1857 in Al. She married Melford Melvin in Indiana in 1877.  Her parents were Moses Barton b. 1835 in Al and Mary A. b. MS Children: 1860 census, Walker Co., AL ( The parents were there also)

Huston 4 b. Al
Nancy J. 2 b. Al
John D. 5/12 b. Al

1870 census Lawrence Co. IN ( Parents were listed too)

Huston 14 Al
Nancy 12 Al
John D. 11 Al
Francis M. 6 Al
Wm. H. 4 IN
Rosanna 2 IN
Juliss 2/12 IN

In the 1860 census Moses is a farmer and in the 1870 he is a miller, but he is still listed as being born in Al. I would like to know who his parents were?? I think it was John Mason Barton. I have no proof, but he had a son born about the same time as my Moses Barton was born and his son was also Moses. I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

[According to the annotated 1800 Census of Pendleton District, South Carolina, (a review book) Mary md. a Mr. Nations.  There are numerous marriages between the Bartons, Murphrees and Nations families.]

Lionel - 12/22/00 22:23:15
My Email:
The name of your first known ancestor: Olly Ann Barton
How did you discover this site?: looking around

Interested in finding info and sharing info on my family. Grandfather, Ben H. Norris of Nauvoo, AL.

From BQ Guest Book:

Jasper L. McPhail - 09/15/00
The name of your first known ancestor: David Eli Barton

My great grand mother was Nancy Barton McPhail, wife of William Lewis McPhail of Yalobousha County, MS (after 1852 this is Calhoun County). She was born in 1821 in Alabama in either Madison or Walker County, the daughter of David Eli Barton whose wife was ane _______. She was married to William Lewis McPhail 8-11-1839 and raised seven children, one of whom was John Thomas McPhail, my grandfather. She had a sister named Miley Ann Barton who married Jacob Fox, and a brother Albert Gallatin Barton. They are all buried at the cemetery at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church about 5 miles south of Calhoun City, MS.

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