1850 Census

Barton, James M.      30; SC

          Jane                18; MS
          George              2; TX
          infant            1/12; TX
Miller, Thompson B. 24; TN

[James Mattison Barton, sheriff, son of Benjamin & Zilpha (Baker) Barton; grandson of Benjamin and Dorcas]

#60        [This family was listed also as #950.]
Barton, Zilpha            40; SC   [Widow of Benjamin, son of Benjamin and Dorcas]

          M. O.              21; SC
          Nancy             15; AL
          Thomas           16; SC
          Waddy            14; SC
          Millissa            12; SC
          Lemuel            11; SC
          Baily                 9; TX

McClarty, Thompson 26; AL

              Arvella N.    29; SC
              Ben Franklin  3; TX
              Zilpha Ann     2; TX
Barton, Thomas J.      27; AL

Barton, Stephen      46, SC [Stephen's 3rd wife, Sarah R. (Green) Barton d. 1-1850 in MS while enroute to TX.]

          Hiram           19; GA
          Martha         14; GA
          John             12; GA
          Hannah         10; GA
          Young            8; GA
          Mathew         6; GA
          Matilda   33/12; MS

Barton, James        44; SC [brother of Stephen]

          Delila           38; GA [Delila (Boyd) Barton]
          Thomas       14; GA [James and Delilah had other chldren who died on the way to TX.]
          James H. P. 12; GA
          Hopkins        3; GA

Barton, David T.    21; GA  [David Thomason Barton, son of Stephen]
          Mellinda      22; GA
Barton, David        54; SC  [brother of Stephen][David's wife, Hannah Thomason, died in MS on the way to TX.]

[Is any one familiar with a story that there was some kind of epedimic in MS (ie, typhoid) which is why so many died on the way.  Also, it seems like these Murray/Hall Co., GA Bartons were the ones who lost a great many personal effects plus the family Bible when a raft went under water on the Mississippi River???]

[Mattie is interested in data for the brothers listed above:  Stephen, James and David.]

Barton, Reuben P. 25; SC       [Barton, Reuben T. md. to Carey Ann Reed, 5-24-49]
          Cairy           8; AL

Barton, Elliot M.  24; SC
Barton, Ben K.    22; SC

Yancy Merideth. (b. 4-6-1836 Clayton Co., GA/d. 6-10-1886; Rusk Co., TX), son of Thomas Howard Barton & wife, Mary Berry of Clayton Co., GA.

Barton, Robert M.  Confederate Pension Applications filed at Texas State Archives:  #30446 [Is this Robert Marion, the brother of Yancy Merideth Barton?]
Box, Ellen, husband Benjamin Barton                                                                   #319231

Date: May 1998

... William Reid (not William REED aka "Silver Billy) was my direct ancestor through his son, Reuben. Two of Reuben's children married Bartons in Rusk County, Texas -- children of J. Benjamin Barton and Zilpha Baker. J. Benjamin's parents were Benjamin Barton and Dorcas Anderson.

They didn't come to Texas, however, until about 1840. Mine came here in the mid to late '40s... is looking for information on ROBERT MARION BARTON  (b. 1882/d. 1958).  He is buried in Pirtle Cem., Rusk Co. TX.  Md. Dacie Bell (b. 1898/d. 1925).

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