Most records were destroyed prior to 1896 due to a tornado.

1830 Census:

Page 246

1m (20-30)   [See Jackson Co., GA]

1m (0-5)
2m (5-10)
1 (40-50)
1fm (0-5)
2fm (5-10)
1fm (10-15)
1fm (30-40)

William H. BARTON  
2m (20-30)

Joseph DAY
2m (0-5)
1m (20-30)
1m (40-50)
1f (0-5)
1fm (5-10)
2fm (10-15)
1fm (30-40)

1831-32:  William H. Barton, Clerk of Inferior Court of Stewart and Randolph Co.  (Officers served both counties.)          
[A Source Book on the Early History of Cuthbert and Randolph County, Georgia, by Annett McDonald Suarez, p.77]                                                                                                                                                

1836:  John Barton was one of the signers of a letter to Ex-Gov., William Schley, Com. in Chief of the Militia and Navy of the state of Georgia, written from Cuthbert, Randolph Co.  [A Source Book on the Early History of Cuthbert and Randolph County, Georgia, by Annett McDonald Suarez, p. 53]

1836:  A Willis Barton was wounded while fighting the Creek Indians under Major Jernigan.  Residence was listed as Randolph County, Georgia.  [Historical Collections of Georgia, by White, p. 592]

1838:  John Barton md. Amanda L. Mitchiner 8-30-1838                                                

1838:  Andrew Barton md. Elizabeth Tabb 12-31-1838

1840 Census Index:

1843:  A. J. Barton signed a letter, with others, to Justices of the Honorable Inferior Court of Randolph C. [p. 104, A Source Book on the Early History of Cuthbert and Randolph County, Georgia, by Annett McDonald Suarez]

1849:  William H. Barton bought 160 acres of land from David Standford and later sold the land to James H. Burnett of Murray Co., GA.  [The date may not be accurate here.]

1850 Census Index:


Septemus:  Was he born 3-6-1825 in Henry Co., GA and died. 3/18/1907?  [A John Barton sold land in Henry Co. in 1824] Was Septemus a Confederate soldier who moved to Quitman Co., GA prior to 1880? Was he the son (or nephew) of John and Patsy (Hardin) Barton of Jackson Co., GA?

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1880 Soundex

#718 Barton, Matilda      53; GA  

Date: 11/18/99
From:  James    jcottle@planters.net

Septemus (Septamus) Barton was born 3-6-1825 in Henry County, Ga. and died in Quitman County Ga. on 3-18-1907. He was married to Elizabeth Burke. She was born on 4-24-1828 and died 1-31-1905. They had one son who was William Jasper Barton born 1851 in Georgia. One Daughter Martha Barton no data available. Septamus Barton served in the Civil War in Company F, 61st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Evans Brigade, Gordons Division, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A. Quitman County Georgia "Stark Guards" "Wiregrass Rifles" (originally Co. F, 7th Battalion Georgia Infantry) Septamus was listed as a Private on Aug. 15, 1861 and surrendered at Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865. I have not been able to trace the parents of Septamus. Possibly John or William Barton of Henry County Ga. Any Information would be appreciated.

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000      
From: Linda    Brainiacs123@cs.com  
My family comes from Hall, Henry, Randolph and Quitman counties in Georgia.  My great great grandfather is Septimus Barton b.3-6-1825 in Henry county. d 3-18-1907 married Betty Elizabeth Harrell b 4-24-1828 d. 1-31-1905 in Ga.  They had three children:

  1. William Jasper
  2. Martha Burnett
  3. Mary who died young in a farming accident.

We are looking for Septimus parents. The story goes that Septimus father came with other brothers from either, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. There were said to have been 9 brothers who came.  Three went west, three in Mass. and the rest to the South. We have not been able to connect up the brothers.

I do know from my grandfather, Clayton Barton, said that Septum's father married a Harden and the mother was related to the Castleberrys. I found John Barton married Patsy Hardin in 1806 and William Barton married Betsy Hardin but have no date. The parents of these girls were Valentine Hardin and Margaret Castleberry. This leads me to believe that William is somehow Septimus father.  Septimus brothers are:

  1. William
  2. Andrew
  3. Marion
  4. Mark
  5. John.

We know there are more but do not know who they are.   William H. is thought to be Septimus brother since he lived by him on the same road. There is a 15 year span in their ages which I gather is not all that uncommon in those times. There was supposed to have been anywhere from 9 to11 brothers.

From Craig:   crfluharty@comclin.net

Septemus Barton had a son named William Jasper Barton.

William Jasper Barton married Margaret Smith.  I do not have any further information about birth/death/marriage.

William Jasper Barton and Margaret Smith had the following children, which were all born in Quitman County Georgia as far as I know. The children were as follows:

  1. Mark Stanley Barton
  2. Carl William Barton (d. 1991 in Akron, Ohio)
  3. James H. Barton
  4. Ross Barton (d. 1989 in Wooster, Ohio)
  5. Eason Barton (d. in Quitman County, GA)
  6. Ruby Barton (d. in Montgomery, AL)
  7. Lulabelle Barton (d. in Eufala, AL)
  8. Bess Barton
  9. Mamie (Margaret?) Barton
  10. Clayton Burke Barton (b. Oct 25 in Quitman County, GA, 1896, d. Feb 4, 1982 in Quitman County, GA)

From:  Martig117@aol.com

1 Daniel Washington Harrell b: May 19, 1801 in SC d: November 21, 1859

   Md. Rachel Ann Brown b: 1804 in NC d: October 01, 1847

  1. James Monroe Harrell b: 1825 md. (1) Eliza Ann Bledsoe b: March 1832 in 2 d: 1925 in Pike Co, AL.   James Monroe Harrell md. (2) Saphronia Dawson
  2. Wm John Christopher Harrell b: August 04, 1826 in Randolph Co, GA  md. (1) Sally Gay (Harrell).   Wm John Christopher Harrell md. (2) Vasha Beershiba Dawson
  3. Elisha Harrell b: January 12, 1831 d: June 03, 1904 md. Jane Nesbit b: April 09, 1852
  4. George Washington Harrell b: 1834 md. Mary Alice Roberts
  5. Wade Hampton Harrell b: July 01, 1836 in Georgia d: September 19, 1909 in Birmingham, AL md. Alice Caroline Shepard b: February 28, 1845 in GA d: July 19, 1922
  6. Mahala Martha Harrell b: 1838 md. William Posey
  7. Rachel Harrell b: 1840 md. Jim Smith
  8. Betty Elizabeth Harrell b: 1841 md.Septimus Barton
  9. Mary Ann Harrell b: 1841 md. John Craft
  10. Jeremiah Harrell b: Abt. 1845 md. Donnie Smith
  11. Saphronie Harrell b: 1847 md. James Taylor Roberts

From BQ Guest Book:

Jean - 03/12/00

I am looking for any information on Septamus Barton who married a Harrell in Randolph or Quitman County, Georgia mid 1800's.

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