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The above Septemus was from Randolph Co., GA.

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James - 11/18/99 01:27:48
My Email:jcottle@planters.net
The name of your first known ancestor: Septamus Barton
Where was your ancestor born?: Henry County Georgia
How did you discover this site?: Surname Web - The Genealogy Panel

Septemus (Septamus) Barton was born 3-6-1825 in Henry County, Ga. and died in Quitman County Ga. on 3-18-1907. He was married to Elizabeth Burke. She was born on 4-24-1828 and died 1-31-1905. They had one son who was William Jasper Barton born 1851 in Geo gia. One Daughter Martha Barton no data available. Septamus Barton served in the Civil War in Company F, 61st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Evans Brigade, Gordons Division, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A. Quitman County Georgia "Stark Guards" ""Wiregrass Rifles" (originally Co. F, 7th Battalion eorgia Infantry) Septamus was listed as a Private on Aug. 15, 1861 and surrendered at Appomattox, Va. April 9, 1865. I have not been able to trace the parents of Septamus. Possibly John or William Barton of Henry County Ga. Any Information would be appreciated.

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Jean - 03/12/00

I am looking for any information on Septamus Barton who married a Harrell in Randolph or Quitman County, Georgia mid 1800's. Please email me. I think this is the best sight I have seen for tracing family. Real impressed with the set up!  Great Job! Jean

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