Elizabeth Thrasher b: May 02, 1790 Oconee, Ga d: 1818 Walton, Ga md. Green Berry "Greensby" Reynolds b: 1786 Henry, Va d: 1853 Walton, Ga m: Abt. 1807 Wilkes, Ga.  Elizabeth was the dau. of John & Susan (Barton) Thrasher. Susan was the dau. of David & Ruth (Oldham) Barton.

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Descendant of David & Ruth:

Viannah Barton b: Abt. 1808 Morgan, Ga md. (1) 1832 William Justiss in Clarke Co., GA; (2) Benoni Gray
Children by William Justiss:

Marcus DeLafayette md. Frances Foy Powledge in Meriwether Co., GA.  
Augustus Caesar
Benjamin DeKalb

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James Harris Barton (1799-c1876), eldest child of Caleb and Sarah (Harris) Barton, was a native of Anderson Dist., SC, and removed to GA in 1820, settling in Walton Co., where he lived for thirty years, and married ca. 1827, Susan Rebecca Goodson (ca. 1812-ante 1869), daughter of William Goodson of Jack's Creek in Walton County). James moved thence to Morgan County, where he lived for twenty years. His wife dying ante 12 Feb. 1869 in Clarke Co., GA (probate), he removed to Smith Co., Texas, dying there in 1874/76

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