1850 Census:  

Date:   Mon, 09 Nov 1998

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1850 U.S. Census Tippah Co., MS 2 1183
R.P. Harrison
39 M Farmer AL
31 F             AL
[Robert P. Harrison] 
[Catherine Barton, dau. of H. C. & Rebecca Barton]
Rachael R.
Susan M.
Margaret A.  
Sarah J.  
Ann E.
13 F             AL
10 F             AL
8 F              AL
5 F              AL
2 F              MS
4/12 M         MS
18 M            AL
16 M            AL

William and Benjamin are R. P.'s two sons by Polly WILSON. They are William J. and Benjamin S. HARRISON. Robert P. HARRISON apparently moved around a lot.  It looks as if he was in Texas many years before moving his family to Texas. Even though he is on the 1850 census for Tippah County, he appears in some records in Texas in the 1840's. After moving his family to Texas, Catherine died in 1859 at Brazoria County.  In October of 1860 R. P. married the widow Anna HUBBARD HOWE. She was the widow of Edward Percy HOWE.  A descendedent of Anna HUBBARD HOWE currently living in Blanco county on the old R. P. HARRISON place has some diaries that were kept by a daughter of Anna H.  HOWE. It appears that R. P. HARRISON and Catherine were friends of the HOWE's from back when the HOWE's were living in Yabalousha County, MS.  Edward was a newspaper man and had moved his operation to Texas except that the ship they were traveling on got into some trouble at Indianola, TX and was scuttled, the printing press being lost. Seems about 10 or 15 years ago some archeologists found that scuttled ship's remains including the old printing press.

Catherine BARTON Obituary:

Mrs. Catherine Harrison died at the residence of her husband, R. P. Harrison, in Columbia, Brazoria Co., on the 30th ult., of congetive chill.   She was the daughter of H. C. and Rebecca Barton, born in Jefferson Co.,    Alabama on Oct. 10, 1819, married November, 1836 and joined the M. E. Church, South in 1845. She and her husband came to Texas in 1845, resided at various places in the State. Left husband and large family of young  children, some too young to know their loss. P. V. H., Columbia, Aug. 9, 1859.   [Texas Christian Advocate, Aug. 1859, Vol. VI, No. 3]

By the way...family "lore" (and this is from at least 5 different descendent lines of R. P. HARRISON or his sister, Hannah D. HARRISON, wife of Rev. Samuel JOHNSON) has it that the HARRISON's were related to the Presidential HARRISON's. So far the direct connection has not been made.  Both HARRISON's were born in TN, then moved with family as children to AL...I am the 3rd great-grandson of Rev. Samuel JOHNSON and Hannah D. HARRISON.  

See Patriarch file on Henry C. Barton for more information on these Tippah Co. families.

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