James Lewis Barton descendant:

Evelyn Jones was born March 13, 1924 in Brownfield, Terry County, Texas, and died December 21, 1996 in Vista, San Diego County, California. She married Wesley Dick Singleton May 25, 1951 in Austin, Travis County, Texas.

BQ Guest Book:

Stan - 05/08/00
The name of your first known ancestor: William Barton 1782-1840
Where was your ancestor born?: Greenville, SC, 1782

Seeing info on William Barton, who came to Texas from Alabama, 1828, as part of Austin's Little Colony. First w/Charlotte Anderson, 2nd/w was Stacey Pryor. Barton Springs, Austin, TX, is named after him. Brothers Elisha and Benjamin also came with him to X.

Stan Glaeser - 05/22/00
The name of your first known ancestor: Wm Barton of Texas

Seeking info on Wm Barton, who came to Texas with brothers in ca1828. When did wife, Stacey Pryor die. Where was dau Parthenia Barton born. This Wm Barton, of Barton Springs, died 1840. Thanks.

[Descendant of Thomas Barton, Jr.]

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