Barbara is a descendant of Moses Barton of Walker Co., AL   Following is an excerpt from Barbara's email:

My grandfather, James Azor Barton's, younger brother, William Henry Barton moved to Texas first - as a single man. Hamilton Co., Bosque Co. and Erath Co.'s sit catty-cornered and all three come together.  Henry went to Bosque Co. My grandmother's family went to Erath Co.   Henry married in Bosque Co., and then received a land grant in Greer Co., OK.   He moved there, must not have liked it, sold it to my grandfather, and Henry moved back to Bosque Co. By this time, my grandfather's two youngest brothers came to Greer Co. from AL.  They married there in a triple ceremony along with one bride's sister.


Sami is seeking information on John Holland JENKINS, who md. Susan (b.1761; VA) believed to be the dau. of Francis HOLLAND. She died in Sumter Co. AL

John Jenkins is buried in the BARTON Cem. (on land that was homesteaded by Peter Looney Barton) in Bosque Co.

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