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The name of your first known ancestor: Aquilla Barton (b. Caswell Co. N.C.)

I am looking for info. on my Grandfather Samuel Barton. Born 1854 in Webster CO. MO. Married Francis Ann Criger in 1873. Would like the names of the nine children (5 girls & 4 boys)and any additional history.

Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998

From:  Cathy  CMast69167@aol.com    

Aquilla Barton (1815; Caswell Co., NC/d. 1897; Webster Co, MO) md. 1842 in Caswell  Co., NC to Sarah Henslee (10-15-1818/d. 12-15-1897; Webster Co, MO) (dau. of John Henslee).   Aquilla and Sarah had 13 children.

Children (ages taken fron the Census Book)

Cathy says there is grave in Fordland, MO about 1/2 mile from where Aquilla and Sarah  are buried which is marked, "Aquilla Barton."  The stone is so old the dates can't be read.  A Mr. Triplett told Cathy this older Aquilla was the father of Aquilla who md. Sarah Henslee.  Mr. Triplett got this information from his mother who was the younger sister of Aquilla who md. Sarah Henslee.   Mr. Triplett's mother also told him the older Aquilla's wife's name was Elizabeth.  Mr. Triplett is 98 years old. Cathy would like to know if anyone has a list of Aquilla and Elizabeth's children or know the names of  his parents?  Could his parents be Lewis and Johanna (Simmons) Barton or Lewis and Sarah (Dorman) Barton?

For more details on this family, be sure to visit Cathy's web site:  http://hometown.aol.com/cmast69167/page2/index.htm

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Louis Ernest Barton (b. 1895; Webster Co. MO/d.1969; Springfield, MO) was the son of William Floyd & Francis Barton.

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