1784-1785 1790 1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850
#22 James Bartin

#23 James Bartin

#19 Thomas Bartin

#23 Susannah Bartin

#81 James Barton

#82 John Barton

#98 Elijah Barton #465 Aquilla Barton

#464 Elisha Barton

#464 Lewis Barton

#466 Lewis Barton

#? Burley Barton

#45 Hannah Bartin

#45 Thomas Bartin

#47 Elisha Barton

#50 John Barton

#46 Lewis Barton, Jr.

#50 Lewis Barton, Sr.

#45 Thomas Barton

#300 Equillar Barton

#286 Lewis Barton

#302 Lewis Barton, Jr.

#302 Rose Barton

#301 Thomas Barton

#294 Thomas Barton, Sr.

#300 William Barton

#103 Thomas Barton

#109 William Barton

#254 Thomas Barton

#231 William Barton

ca 1762:  Birth of Lewis Barton, son of Daniel BATTEN and Misses Susannah BARTON

1796: Polly Barton md. Simon Denney, Lewis Barton and Auld Murphy witnesses or bondsmen?

1797: Ann Barton and George Simmons; Elisha Barton and Alex Murphy witnesses/bondsmen?

1799: Elisha Barton md. Polly Cochran; witness, bondsmen? Reuben Cockran and Alex Murphy

1804: Lewis Barton md. Margaret Willson

ca 1807:  Birth of Lewis Barton who md. Sarah Harrelson

7-24-1804:  Lewis Barton md. Margret Willson

1806:   John Barker md. Kezia Barton; bondsman, Aquila Barton

1-1813: Thomas Barton md. Frances Burch

2-1813: Aquilla Barton md. Elizabeth Kennebreth

1826: Abraham Barton md. Mary Burch

3-8-1827:  Lewis Barton md. Sarah Harrelson

1831 page 15:  The will of Lewis Barton, Sr. includes wife, Sarah, and children:

  1. John Barton

  2. Elisha Barton

  3. Lewis Barton, Jr.  [see Carroll Co., GA]

  4. Aquello Barton  [see Thomas Co., GA, Greene and Webster Cos., MO--any connection?]

  5. Mary (Barton) Denny

  6. Sarah (Barton) Simmons

  7. Zilpha Barton

  8. Elizabeth Barton

  9. Rebecca Barton

[Caswell Co. Will Book M, 1831-1836]

Elizabeth BARTON 1835 page 498

[Caswell Co. Will Book M, 1831-1836] 

1842: Aquilla Barton md. Sally Hensle

1855: Chesley Barton md. Mary Page



Shamonia is a descendant of Aquilla Barton (b 1815; Caswell Co., NC) who md.Sarah "Sally" Henslee/Hensley. They moved to Greene and Webster Cos., MO.  

Date: Sat, 7 Nov 1998

From:  Cathy

Aquilla Barton (1815; Caswell Co., NC/d. 1897; Webster Co, MO) md. 1842 in Caswell to Sarah Henslee (dau. of John Henslee).   Aquilla and Sarah had 13 children.

Cathy says there is grave in Fordland, MO about 1/2 mile from where Aquilla and Sarah  are buried which is marked, "Aquilla Barton."  The stone is so old the dates can't be read.  A Mr. Triplett told Cathy this older Aquilla was the father of Aquilla who md. Sarah Henslee.  Mr. Triplett got this information from his mother who was the younger sister of Aquilla who md. Sarah Henslee.   Mr. Triplett's mother also told him the older Aquilla's wife's name was Elizabeth.  Mr. Triplett is 98 years old .  Cathy would like to know if anyone has a list of Aquilla and Elizabeth's children or know the names of  his parents?  Could his parents be Lewis and Johanna (Simmons) Barton or Lewis and Sarah (Dorman) Barton?

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