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Marilyn - 03/01/00
The name of your first known ancestor: Caroline Winston Barton
Where was your ancestor born?: Logan County, Kentucky

Looking for more information on Caroline Winston Barton Dunn and family before 1722. All should be born in Kentucky. She is my Great-Grandmother, and she had 11 brothers and sisters and lived on a 1000 acre plantation in Logan County Kentucky. Married Boling James Dunn, co founder of Quachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Later to Fayetteville, Arkansas where Bolling James Dunn was an original founder of the University of Arkansas. 6 children and 4 grandchildren, my father William Forbes Dunn 2 the youngest grandson. Most Dunn's buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Fayetteville, Bolling and Caroline remained in Fayetteville until his retirement and death. Thanks for any help on Bartons! Marilyn Dunn Carothers

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