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Mark A. Barton - Feb. and Mar., 2000
The name of your first known ancestor: George Barton
Where was your ancestor born?: Ireland

George Barton came to the U.S.A. in 1820. He settled in SW Iowa. He had the following children:

1 Samuel
2 Naoh
3 James (my gg grandfather) married Sarah E. West (b1864 d1904) they had the following children:
    1 James (b. ca 1850; IA?) child Walter (b. 1877; Gravity, IA) Walter md. Helena Thompson and had:         
        1 Marion (b. 1905; Taylor or Adams Co., IA/d. 1945) md. Nellie Walton
    1 Wayne
2 Jim
3 Peggy
4 Walter
5 Francis
6 Dorthea
7 Jerry

2 fm., name unknown

2 Fred
3 Evy (married James Templeton)
4 Thomas
5 Walter (my ggrandfather)
6 Hattie
7 Yettie
8 Clarence
9 Jessie

4 Martha
5 William (b1799 in Ireland d1895)

It is said that Samuel and Noah took George and moved to the Stockton, [Cedar Co.] MO. area about 1895. If anybody has a connection I would like to hear from you.

One other little thing. When I was younger I do remember seeing an old picture with a family, on the back I remember the names of the two female children, Nettie and Yettie. I may have a bad memory, but those names stick in my head. Any help?

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