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Date: 11/03/00
From:  Janette

Milay E. Barton born 1849 in GA married on Aug.2,1866 in Whitfield Co.,GA to John H.Wood Jr. (not Sr. as I have in my other posting) born abt. 1842 in GA.
Their children:
1. James C. Wood born 1867
2. John T. Wood born 186
3. Sarah Lucinda "Sallie" Wood born Nov.22,1870 died June 8,1945 in Sugar Valley, Gordon Co., GA married John Alexander Montgomery (this is my grandparents)
4. Julia A. Wood born 1873
5. Rosa J.Wood born 1875
6. William H. Wood born 1877 married on Jan.9,189 in Murray Co.,GA to Lillie Griffin
7. Mary M. Wood born 1878. I think all the children were born in the Mill Creek area of Whitfield Co., GA.

Any help as to who Milay E's parents and siblings are will be greatly appreciated.

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