6-26-1833:  John Barton of Chatham Co. bought land from Faith Bird of Emanuel Co., GA and sold land (7th Dst., 3rd Sec., Lot 47 [Cherokee Co.?]) to Moridca Myers.

1840 Census Index:  Abram Barton

1860 Census Index:

1880 Soundex, Canton, Cherokee Co.:

Descendants of James Brown Barton

1 James Brown Barton 1869 - 1956 b: September 03, 1869 Canton, Cherokee, Ga 1956 Atlanta, Dekalb, Ga
.. +Tallulah McCarley 1870 - 1949 b: December 05, 1870 Rockmart, Polk, Ga April 19, 1949 Atlanta, Dekalb, Ga

........ 2 Martha Mae Barton
............ +Royal Chester Camp

........ 2 Essie Estelle Barton
............ +Crocker

........ 2 James Brown Barton

........ 2 Thomas Wilson Barton

........ 2 Ed McCarley Barton

........ 2 Leila Belle Barton
............ +Sanford

........ 2 Eula Elizabeth Barton
............ +Wilhoit

........ 2 Margarette Ann Barton
............ +Jennings

........ 2 Ruth Barton 1909 - b: November 21, 1909
............ +Edward L. Prichard b: Atlanta, Dekalb, Ga

Possible Fowler/Barton Connection

Date: Thu, 14 May 1998    From: Lee

Rumors handed down thru several lines of Fowlers has it that we were originally Bartons and were adopted by a Fowler family.   James Fowler b. 1797 in SC migrated to GA in early 1820's. Also brother William and possible brother Thomas (no proof). Several Fowler descendants have the given name Barton, which leads credence to the rumor. During my research I have met very distant cousins who were told the same thing. I cannot link James Fowler to any of the Fowler lines in SC. He stopped for a while in Hall County, GA (as did a number of Barton families) before settling in Forsyth/Cherokee Counties GA.

Has anyone run across any Barton children being adopted in SC in the early 1800's?

[Lee (above) mentioned on his web page that James, Sarah and daughter Jane were living in Habersham during the 1830 census.  
Lette (b. 1818; SC)  
Elizabeth (1822; GA) [Why such a gap between Eliz. & Jane?  Death of children in between? Perhaps md. twice?]
Jane (b. 1830)
Phillip K. (b. 1832) Lee says Phillip's birth place was Hall County.]

Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999

From:    Jackie

Date: Wed, 6 Jan 1999

My family surname is Fowler from S.C. I have been working on the family since 1982.   My gggrandfather James Fowler was born in S.C. in 1797 and the story goes there was a young man by the name of Barton who went to war.  When he returned his family had been killed or moved away, so the young man went to live with neighbors or? and took their name Fowler.   I have always wondered if this was true and probably is because it came down through the family.  They also named the boys in all the lines down either James, William or Thomas.  If I can ever trace the Fowler's to the Barton's it might be the same line.  

Lee Fowler's ggrandfather (Phillip K) and my ggrandfather (William Thomas) were brothers.  I believe James Fowler 1869-1936 (W.T. son) lived at one time in Hall County because my dad use to go to Gainsville to cut trees on one of the mountains.  They also had the first Case steam tractor in the county (Hall or Forysth).

 My elderly Uncle said after the war when he (Barton) returned home and the family was gone he went to a neighbor to live and took their name, so there might not have been an adoption.  I need to figure out what war and where in S.C. this took place.

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