Thanks soooo much Gary H. and Gary W. Colburn and Ben Barton!

When Gary  H. Colburn found out Willis Barton was his g-g-g-grandfather and was buried at Sardis, Gary went to find Willis and Margaret's graves.  That 's when Gary discovered Willis' tombstone was broken.  Someone had tried to fix it, but it had broken a second time.  Gary then contacted Ben Barton (who knows just about every Barton descendant who ever lived in and around Winston Co.) wondering if Ben could get some of the other descendants of Willis and Margaret to put in some money for a couple of new markers.  Ben said he would see what he could do.  After about 9 months to a year Ben had collected some funds.  

Gary went to Haleyville, Jasper, Winfield, Carbon Hill and Hamilton to see what he could purchase with the contribution. A company in Winfield agreed to make the stones for what had been collected.  After the stones were finished, Gary picked them up, then got Gary Wayne Colburn (his son) and Ben and headed to Sardis Cemetery.  Gary W. had to do the manual labor because Gary H. had his back broken in the past and Ben is getting up there in years.  They placed the new markers in front of the old headstones, not wanting to remove the relics.  The pictures below were taken the day the new stones were put them in.  All three of these men performed a necessary service in accomplishing the goal.  

Ben Barton and Gary Wayne Colburn

 Notice the veiw of the Alabama Hills behind Ben and Gary.  At certain times of the year, this view is breath taking.



Barton Family Workbook

Barton Bulletin Board