(Near Lynn, Winston Co., AL on the old Yankee Trace)

Because of double markers, the cemetery records are not generally alphabetized by given name.  These records have not been updated in several years.

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Alexander, Altie

Alexander, Homer, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Alexander (1927/1928)

Alexander, Howard

Alexander, Lillie (3-14-1886/8-31-1919)

Alexander, Myrtle

Barnes, Carolyn Sue (8-7-1944/8-8-1944)

Barnett, Eleanora, dau. of Alonzo & Emma (2-24-1903/7-27-1909)

Double Marker:

Barton, Elaine, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Barton (10-3-1923/10-4-1923)

Barton, Wayne, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Barton (10-3-1923/12-1-1923)

Double Marker:

Barton, William Charlie (5-3-1891/9-3-1971)

Barton, M. Elizabeth (9-6-1893)

Barton, Joe Ann (7-19-1941/1-27-1942) dau. of Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Barton   "A little bud of love to bloom with God above."

Barton, J. H. (8-10-1865/2-26-1935)

Barton, Nelson Hagood, AL, PVT, 19th Knf. (8-2-1922)

Family Plot:

Barton, Ernest L. (10-22-1899/12-31-1965)

Barton, Ernest E., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest L. Barton (2-21-1931/3-18-1931)

Barton, Pearly M., dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Barton (12-7-1904/12-23-1904)

Barton, Texana (7-26-1873/12-18-1918)

Barton, Andy (12-9-1872/1-17-1963)

Double Marker:

Barton, Frances (1860/1943)

Barton, G. B. (1862/1951)

Barton, Margret (3-11-1806/9-6-1897) wife of Willis

Barton, Willis (9-23-1803/9-4-1891)

Barton, Srgt. Jonathan (12-26-1930/4-17-1910)

Barton, Mrs. H. A. (1-4-1834/5-6-1920)

Barton, Nancy E. (6-23-1844) age 18 years old

Barton, Carline, wife of J. W. Barton

Barton, J. W. (1-20-1849/3-19-1907)

Following tombstone is old, broken and too difficult to read completely  but here is part of what it said:  

     M. E. Gilbert _____________ (1-12-1871/d. 8-25-1889) age 18 years, 7 mo., 14(?) days

Barton, Saro G. (7-9-1977/4-?-1879)

Barton, N. J., wife of G. M. (9-19-1842/8-29-1911)

Barton, Gilford M., Co. L, 1st AL Cav.

Barton, James Taft (5-6-1907/12-19-1980)

Barton, Harrison (1868/1967)

Barton, Ida (1882/1919)

Barton, Martha, formerly Weaver (10-30-1840/3-28-?)

Baughn, W. L. (3-4-1828/8-18-1886)

Bell, Julia (1855/1928)

Brooks, Ernest Lee (11-29-1939/4-5-1963)

Brooks, Edis (3-20-1918/4-20-1984)

Brooks, Ester Lee (3-1-1942/6-28-1942)

Cagle, J. B., Co. A, 1st AL Cav.  

Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Travis Cagle (2-20-1950)

Carter, Mary Kathrine (Mollie) 6-20-1868/8-7-1960)

Chambless, George Ann (5-22-1859/2-17-1956)

Double Marker:

Dupree, Stella Irene (3-5-1931/4-19-1982)

Dupree, Harold Lloyd (1-30-1930/______)

Elliott, Evada (11-17-1923/2-1-1924)

Farris, Margrete (9-7-1882/7-7-1949)

Farris, William T, (10-23-1876/4-25-1957)

Farris, Arlie, son of W. D. Farris (1-10-1912/10-5-1912)

Farris, James Thomas, SA US Coast Guard (7-11-1961/7-24-1983)

Farris, James W., PFC US Army (3-7-1919/2-24-1975)

Fry, Oliver G., son of S. K. and S. A. Fry (5-6-1905/11-3-1907)

Gilbert, M. E.  (tombstone is old , broken and too difficult to read completely  but here is part of what it said:  M. E. Gilbert _____________ (1-12-1871/d. 8-25-1889) age 18 years, 7 mo., 14(?) days

Glenn, Lillie (12-7-1891/12-1-1945)

Glenn, George W. (11-16-18~5/3-16-1937)

Glenn, Annie M. (6-11-1866/10-17-1931)

Glenn, Bertie M. (1-25-1908/6-2-1918)

Glenn, Mary E. (5-7-1840/6-27-1930)

Infant dau. of Dave and Rosalee Glenn (6-3-1918/6-3-1918)

Glenn, Bessie B. (2-22-1902/11-9-1919)

Glenn, Delbert L. (10-14-1919/10-14-1919) son of Mr. and Mrs.

Glenn, Earl

Guthrie, H. Edward (8-1-1919/12-11-1959)

Guthrie, Bathsheba B, (3-14-1886/8-13-1942)

Guthrie, S. Monroe (5-26-1872/9-13-1936)

Harper, Ruby Lee, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Harper (1928/1929)

Double Marker:

Harris, William C. (10-12-1898/2-27-1973)

Harris, Cora N. (12-13-1913/ _______)

Harris, Henry W. (3-27-1907/4-20-1907) son of G.S. & M.G. Harris

Double Marker:

Harris, George A. (1872-1943)

Harris, General S. (1866-1958)

Harris, Alvin S. (6-22-1903/3-13-1915) son of G.S. & M.G. Harris

Harris, Lillie S. (12-30-1899/9-30-1900) dan. of G,S. & M.G.

Harris, Ocie Matt (4-3-1905/2-11-1961)

Harris, Dolores (4-17-1931/2-12-1962)

Harris, M. S. (4-17-1870/5-7-1899)

Harris, L. M. (1-8-1833/3-2-1897)

Harris, Sergt. F. G., Co. L, Ist AL Cav. (2-21-182~/1-21-1897)

Harris, David Alien, son of Carlos Harris (3-6-1911/3-6-1911)

Harris, D. C. (1858/1939)

Harris, Mrs. D. C. (1876/193)

Hill, Rolan Y. (12-28-1872/1-12-1904)

Inf. of Mr. & Mrs. John Hill (no dates)

Hyde, J. D. (6-11-1826/5-10-1883) Co. L Ist AL Cav.

Hyde, Sarah Jarome [Barton] bd. next to J. D.--no gravestone

Double Marker:

Kelly, George W, (9-4-1893)

Kelly, Isebelle (Isabelle?) (1-18-1898/11-18-1953)

Kelly, Clarnce (Clarence?) son of J. A. and M. E. Kelly

(8-17-1908/ 3-24-1927)

Double Marker:

Kelly, Margret Evaline (11-27-1874/6-8-1943)

Kelly, James Albert (1-11-1867/12-2~-1955)

Kelly, Illa Lorene (11-30-1920/12-27-1943) wife of Frank Kelly

King, Oscar (11-26-1886/3-29-1966)

King, Ada T., wife of Oscar King (2-1~-1894/12-11-1943)

Lackey, Mary Elizabeth (12-7-1872/11-11-1959)

Langley, Mayfield AL PVT US Army WWI (6-22-1892/12-15-1966)

Langley, Marcie, wife of M. F. Langley (6-11-1903/9-20-1941)

League, Robert Walker (10-5-1846/1-1879)

League, Joseph A. (12-15-1884/4-8-1958)

League, Margret (1851/1928)

League, C. A. (12-23-1847/12-25-1924)

Infant dan. of Aaron and Lestie Lovett (b. & d. 10-7-1928)

Double Marker:

Lovett, Lestie (3-6-1911/_______)

Lovett, Aaron (3-4-1908/3-8-1968)

Lovett, Sandra Faye (1-27-1960) dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lovett

Double Marker:

Miles, Lillie F. (5-7-1893/3-12-1977)

Miles, Martin D. "Tony" (4-27-1888/8-2-1970)

Miller, B. M, (1933/5-11-1904)

Miller, J. M. (7-28-1842/6-2-1908)

Musgrove, Andrew (1898)

Musgrove, Grady (1905)

Musgrove, Mildred (1917)

Musgrove, Ellis (1919)

Musgrove, M. J. (1882-1958)

Musgrove, D. F. (1872-1945)

Pickle, Pauline (1-16-1918/1-7-1919), dau. of Mr. & Mrs. B. P. Pickle

Pickle, Johnnie (9-14-1901/12-21-1901), son of Mr. &Mrs. B. P. Pickle

Rednour, Annie (10-30-1871/6-9-1966)

Sims, Emma A., formerly Baughn (1-7-1855/12-1~-1875, age 21) Mother of two children.

Double Marker:

Tidwell, A. C, (Bud) L. (7-15-1922/3-23-1979) PFC US Army WWII

Tidwell, Ruth (12-17-1923)

Tidwell, James H., AL PVT 363 INF WWII (7-10-1925/10-13-1944)

Tidwell, Howard (5-19-1924/8-26-1948)

Tidwell, Flora, wife of R. F. Tidwell (9-13-1904/7-15-1948)

Tidwell, Robert F,, AL PVT WWI (9-3-1896/10-26-1961)

Double Marker:

Townsend, Jane Drusiller (12-2-1879/6-2-1941)

Townsend, Jesse Tilden (6-23-1878/5-20-1964)

Infant dau. of Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Townsend (9-30-1931/11-30-1951)

Townsend, Ruby Lee, dau. of Jesse and Jane (1915-1917)

Townsend, Rhoda (10-10-1841/7-2-1927) wife of Ed Townsend

Townsend, Samantha Milinda (7-28-1879/3-18-1953)

Townsend, William Cicero (1-11-1880/10-27-1922)

Townsend, Edward (4-20-1844/4-22-1912) A.F. & A. M., No 464

Double Marker:

Townsend, Arkana (10-6-1873/4-22-1955)

Townsend, Annie (1-11-1870/9-12-1960)

Townsend, Ellis Edward (9-10-1920/8-17-1925)

Townsend, Cleveland (1882-1962)

Townsend, Purnie A. (7-29-1903/8-20-1909) dau. of E. H. and N. J. Townsend

Townsend, B. Annie Bell, dau, of J.T. & Ruth Townsend (1-3-1986/8-1887)

Turner, Elmer (1-26-1896/10-7-1936)

Turner, Victora (8-3-1868/5-31-1904)

Ward, Martha A. (4-12-1876/8-27-1949)

Ward, David Anderson (6-18-1873/3-1-1952)

Double Marker:

Ward, Velma Ann (1-18-1915/1-5-1985)

Ward, William F. (1-25-1911/_____)

Ward, J. M. (3-7-1847/9-23-1919)

Ward, Sarah, wife of J. M. (3-30-1847/6-17-1918)

Ward, William F., son of J.M. & Sarah (1-26-1871/2-13-1891)

Ward, Andrew J. (8-22 or 24-1876/11-1-1878)

Ward, Corpl Anderson, Co. L, 1st AL Cav.    [Descendant of Anderson Ward:]

Ward, Mary (Couldn't read the date, broken tombstone.)

Ward, Winnie G., wife of A. Ward (3-16-1828/1-4-1888)

Family plot:

Weaver, Harvy (2-8-1911/7-1920)

Weaver, Willie C. (7-20-1889/10-24-1897)

Weaver, Berry (1-28-1901/9-16-1902)

The Weaver Twins (1-9-1903/1-10-1903)

Weaver, Hessie Lee (1-6-1904/9-12-1904)

Weaver, Martha Elizabeth, wife of Henry (9-16-1846/5-19-1931)

Weaver, Peter W., husband of Armindia (4-6-1812/12-25-1877)

Double Marker:

Wesley, Arlis (5-12-1926/5-25-1983)

Wesley, Lovena (3-3-1928/_____)

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