1860 Census of Jonesboro, AR
362/362  Barton,
Wm. H.
Synthia P.
30 M GA
24 F SC
  3 M SC
  2 M SC
  1 F AR
            Morgan, Alexander 20 M SC

1880 Soundex?
916 Barton, Age
Birth Place
Comments which are not part of the census
Wm. H.
Eliza M.
Pulaski C.
Cythia P.
Louise J.
Winfield D.
Cleveland L.
Arthur J.
William H.
Len E.
May M.
Eunice F.
Leora E.
50; ?
45; SC
23; SC
20; AR
19; AR
17; AR
15; AR
13; AR
11; AR
10; AR
  7; AR
  5; AR
  3; AR
William Henderson Barton, son of Willoughby & Sarah (West) Barton.  Sarah's parents lived in Hall Co., GA for a while.
Eliza M. (Morgan) Barton
Pulaski Clayman

Winfield Decatur

Willoughby Barton was the son of David & Nancy (Barrett) Barton of Greenville Co., SC.  David was the son of Thomas & Sarah (Wilson) Barton.

1880 Soundex

3-48-52-17, Jonesboro
    P. E.     27; SC
    C. P. A. 20; AL
    W. P.      3; AR
    D. J.        1; AR

Wm. H. Barton also listed in this census, but I don't have the details.

Tom Norvell is not working on the Barton family, but had an aunt who married Winfield Decatur Barton.  He furnished the following data in the 1980's.

Winfield Decatur Barton (b. 11-18-62/d. 6-26-1934; Jonesboro, Craighead Co., AR) md. Anna Beecher "Beechie" Norvell (9-21-1892; Wartrace, Bedford Co., TN/d. 10-9-1928; Jonesboro/bd. Oak Lawn Cem.)  She was a Baptist, a school teacher, the daughter of David Crockett Norvell and Elizabeth Martin Medearis.

  1. David Ralph Barton (b. 1890; Jonesboro)
  2. Winfield Decatur, Jr. (b. 2-1892/d. 7-1892
  3. Arthur Seibert (1893/1967)
  4. Mary Jerusha (1896/1983)  [Note from Webmaster: There was a Jerusha Barton from Bedford Co., TN related to William Henderson Barton.]
  5. Elizabeth Beecher (1899/1981
  6. Lillian Margaret (1901/1971
  7. Beechie? (d. at birth in 1903; Jonesboro)

Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000  
From: Michael <>

My great, great, grandfather was William Bayliss Barton (b. April 19,1845/50; AL/d. Sept 24,1925/bd. Pine Hill Cem., Jonesboro, Craighead Co.,  AR)
Mother:  Melissa Copeland
Father:  Elija/Elige/Eli Barton

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