More Mysteries

     This should not be considered a documented account.  It is merely a place to begin for those of you who are just starting out in southern Barton research.  Before the mystery, we should establish some things that are commonly believed to be true.  Since circumstancial evidence  to the ancestry of Willis Barton pointed to Pendleton District, SC and since numerous family histories state that at least one patriarch of the Pendleton Dist. Bartons,  David, and the patriarch of the Greenville Co., SC Bartons, Thomas, were brothers, we first turned our magnifying glasses upon their families.  With all the known descendants they had documented, we could not find a place for Willis to fit.  I haven't had the pleasure of viewing the Greenville/Pendleton (G/P) Barton's latest genealogy book, but according to some of the old sources we located, the following were the families of David and Thomas:

David & Ruth (Oldham) Barton                                            Thomas & Sarah (Wilson) Barton

  1. Benjamin                                                                     1.  Thomas (b. 1750)

  2. John  (b. 1760; Fauquier Co., VA)                              2.  David (b. 1752)

  3. Thomas (1768; VA/d. 1826; Montgomery Co., AL)    3.  Benjamin (b. 1760)

  4. William (1763/d. 1820's?; GA)                                    4.  William (b. 1762)

  5. David Oldham (1770; VA/1842; Pickens Co., SC)

  6. Presley (1765/1822; SC)

  7. Susan (1767; VA/1837; Oconee Co., SC {then considered GA})

  8. Ruth who moved to Bibb Co., AL

  9. Nellie

  10. Mary who moved to Madison Co., AL

  11. Frances who moved to Bibb Co.,  AL                                

If any of the G/P Barton researchers would like to provide more current information, I'd be pleased to include it.  If any of you (G/P Barton descendants) would like me to link to your web page or include your email address here, I'd be happy to do that, as well.

Some say there was a third brother named John (and if the facts were known, there were probably a lot more siblings).  He is a controversial subject.  I have seen at least three different Johns used to fill this gap and from the information we gleaned from all three of these Johns, there  was no known spot for Willis to fit.

There were many South Carolina Bartons who were not of the G/P least...not traceable by us.  If anyone who comes across this page is descended from any of those others and would like to include data, send me an email.

And now for the Mystery.  

Among the other South Carolina Bartons, there was a group which has seldom been mentioned.  By land transactions, we know they were numerous.  Unfortunately, most of them had scattered before the first census.  These were the Bartons of Laurens Co., SC.  Who were they?  Where did they go?  WHERE ARE THEIR DESCENDANTS???  There are a lot of Barton descendants looking for their roots, but all they know is that their g-g-g-etc.-grandfather came from somewhere in South Carolina.  I contend that a great many of those Barton researchers come from the Laurens Co. Bartons.  Among those are probably many of the Jefferson, Walker and Winston Co., Alabama Bartons; Yalobusha Co., Mississippi as well as other Mississippi Bartons.

Some of the pre-1790-census Laurens Co. Bartons were Benjamin, David, James, Josiah, Lewis & wife, Jedidah J., Sarah, Thomas and William.  Mentioned in the will of Richard Fowler were his daughters, Alice and Rebecca who were both married to Bartons.  Rebecca Fowler was possibly the wife of Benjamin because his wife was named Rebecca and he lived close to Richard Fowler according to land transactions.

The following still lived in Laurens by the time of the 1790 census:  Joseph, Jr.; Joseph; Isaac; Bavester.  Joseph, Jr. was probably not the son of the 1790 Joseph of Laurens County.  Joseph, Jr.'s father may have already moved from the area. One source suspects Joseph, Sr. moved to Kentucky even before Bavester Barton did.

Bavester (1790; SC) (called Rabester in at least one census index) migrated from Laurens Co., SC (1790) to Pendleton Dist. in time for the 1800 census.  He finally went to Kentucky.  His daughter, Mary, later moved to Hall County, Georgia with her husband.  We thought perhaps that showed Bavester and Willis were some how connected and maybe that is the case, but we later discovered Mary's husband also had relatives in the Hall Co., GA area.  Bavester's other children settled in Kentucky, Tennessee,and Missouri...maybe other states, as well.  His children were:

  1. John

  2. Berry

  3. Wade

  4. Obediah

  5. Bathsheba

  6. Francis

  7. Elizabeth

  8. Mary

  9. Leroy

  10. Bently

Isaac left before the 1800 census.  Was he the Isaac who was listed in the 1805 Georgia land lottery with brother?, John Barton, and Bayless Nations?  Is this the same John who traveled with the Yorks through Tennessee and finally settled around Jefferson Co., Alabama?

Some think that Joseph Barton (b. ca 1755) of Laurens was possibly a brother to the G/P Barton patriarchs, David and John.  There is no clear evidence that I've found which supports this idea, but it's another possibility to consider.  Some of Joseph's descendants settled in Cass County, GA and the surrounding counties.  Joseph's known children:

  1. David (b. 1777) who settled in Cass Co., GA

  2. James...what happened to him?

  3. Rebecca

  4. Cassey

  5. Pheby

If any one else is interested in the Laurens Co. Bartons or has data to share, I'm just an email away.  


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