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Sandee - 06/23/00 14:27:43
My Email:mrburnam@bellatlanti.net
The name of your first known ancestor: Agnes Laticia Barton

...Agnes Laticia Barton (senn..married name) m. to Frank Senn..Had children (not in order of birth) Harold, Albert (my father) b.1919,d.1954,Iowa, Robert (Bobby), Frank Jr., Willamae, Emmabelle and Helen. any help please they fell off the face of the world. the married name of gmom is SENN,any help would be appericated.I know they lived in WI, MO. and cal..thank you Sandee Senn

From BQ Guest Book:

Rita - 02/19/99 03:09:24
My Email:bounderi@yahoo.com
The name of your first known ancestor: Emmett Colton Barton
Where was your ancestor born?: Missouri

Actually my first known was Robert Thomas Barton But I don't know where he was born. His son Emmett was my Paternal Grandfather born Nov. 27th 1872 somewhere in Missouri then moved to Texas married Sarah Alice Byfield then to New Mexico and last in Arizon . Valentine Texas rings a bell.

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