1869:  William Edward Barton (b. 1868; Pickens Dist., SC) moved to Crawford Co., MO with his parents.  Lived in Texas Co., MO in 1901 and 1902.

Date: Sun, 30 May 1999
From: Doug <dbchurch@hargray.com>

My Great Grandfather, Lincoln Christian Barton (born Dec. 31, 1861 in Lawrence, KS? or Lawrence Co., MO?/d. Texas Co., MO) married Frances Ellen "Fannie" Ellis. Lived in Montgomery Co. MO and Shannon Co. MO.

My Grandfather was Joseph William Barton. He married Nellie Plowman and after her death, Ruth Mae Barton. They resided in Texas and Shannon Counties, MO. Their children were Thela Maxine and Freda Louise by Nellie; William, Kenneth and Mary Margaret by Ruth.

Oct., 1999 Update:  Joseph William Barton was married to Adeline Rife who spoke no english, just german. It's been said our Barton's real surname was Baron or Barron, and that they raised horses and/or mules and may have been from OH or PA., and were "Pennsylvania Dutch". Any info would is appreciated.

Date:  July 1999

From:  Norman    nbarton126@aol.com

Peter Monroe Barton (b. Hartshorn, Texas Co., MO)  was my grandfather.  He had 12 children.  They all lived in this general area.  He was one half Cherokee Indian...Would like to explore the Indian aspect, but don't know where to go for this information.

Date: Apr 2000

Barbara <bmw@ccp.com>

John Barton, the father of
Peter Barton b. in Lincoln Co., KY, the father of
James Parson Barton b. in Casey Co., KY, the father of
Peter Monroe Barton b. in Texas Co., MO

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