12/05/1889: James I.  Barton md. Lucy Porter
06/18/1891: Steven M.  Barton md. Eliza Ann Fatheree
01/14/1892: Lucy L.  Barton md. W. J. Shelton
12/24/1896: E. B. Barton md. Mary E. Shelton
09/27/1896: Mattie Barton md. William J. Fautheree
10/14/1897: Penola P. Barton md. William T. Collins

Date:  06/09/99

From:  Stephanie

Erb Benjamin Barton (b. Winn Parish, LA) was my grandfather, married Ruby Olean Shaw.   Some of Erb's siblings were:

  1. Frank
  2. Irene
  3. Johnnie (female)
  4. Ella Mae  

(All raised in North Central Louisiana.)

E. B. & Ruby had 4 children:

  1. Norma Jean (died at 3 yrs)
  2. Eula
  3. Elizabeth
  4. Martha Sue
  5. Billy Benjamin


According to the Winn Parish Enterprise (September 15, 1949), an E. B. Barton was md. to Mary Elizabeth Shelton (Winn Parish, LA Marriage Records list this marriage taking place in 1896) and they had a son named E. B. Barton.  According to the Winnfield News-American (August 17, 1934), an E. B. Barton was the son of  B. F. Barton.  Brown Cemetery of Sardis, Winn Parish, LA has an E. B. (1877-1949) and an E. B., Jr. (1914-1980) bd. there.  These records also list a Parlee P. (1849-1937), wife of Benjamin F.

With other information gleaned from several Rootsweb sites, a POSSIBLE family tree emerges:

Benjamin Franklin (1854/1934) md. Parlee P.     ?     (1849-1937)  Their possible children:

  1. Erb Benjamin Barton (b.1877/d.1949) who md. in 1896 to Mary Elizabeth Shelton   The following isn't a complete list of  Erb & Mary's children which may explain the absence of Ella Mae and Johnnie:
    1. Irene Barton who md. a Hughes
    2. A. G. (fem.) Barton who md. a Simmons
    3. L. E. (fem.) Barton who md. a Donohoe
    4. Oscar Barton
    5. Olla barton    [Ella Mae???]
    6. Frank Barton
    7. E. B. Barton, Jr.  (1914/1980)  
  2. Charlie Barton
  3. Ruby Barton who md. a Tidwell
  4. Vashti Barton who md. a Collins
  5. Mimi Barton who md. a Ray

Brothers to Benj. F. Barton???  The 1860 and 1870 Winn Parish census records need to be studied.
  Barton Thomas    5-41   (b. ca 1856; LA)
  Barton William J. 5-41   (b. ca 1862; LA)

From:  Cindy    

Ira Warren Barton was from Winnfield, Winn Parish, LA.  He married a cherokee woman by the name of Pauline Lena Coleman.

DeWanna's Isaac Barton family lived in Winn Parish for a while.

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