1796: Robert Barton, 150 acres

1788: Robert and James Barton, witnesses

11-12-1794: John Barton, late of Warren Co., to John Torrence of Columbia Co., for 40 pounds a tract of land in Warren Co. on Beach Tree Creek bounded by Robert Barton's land, Solomon Newsom's land, a vacant land 150 acres originally granted to John Barton 9-10-1786.  Wit: Anthy. Neal, David Neal. Rec: 4-7-1796. [Warren County Deed Book A, p. 287; forwarded by Judy Barton.]

1805 GA Land Lottery:  John Barton, Robert Barton

1817: Harris Dist., Warren Co.: James Barton, Robert Barton, William Barton [Tax Digest, 1814-1817;  forwarded by Judy Barton.]

1830 Census Index: James Barton

1840 Census Index: Ainey Barton

1846: Catherine Usry and Newel Barton [2nd note says marriage took place in Upton Co., GA]

1850 Census Index:
Martin Barton, Delaney Barton (15 year old female living with Allen Kelley family), Newell Barton, Robert Barton, Wells Barton.

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