Although there is no such thing as a generic Barton Coat of Arms, it is interesting to see which Bartons have been awarded this honor and what their coats of arms look like.

There are at least four different examples of coats of arms that I've discovered.  

 The above illustrations for two different Barton coats of arms can be found at Designs of Wonder.  I don't know the names of Barton men to whom these coats of arms belonged, nor do I know the deeds they accomplished to earn their coat of arms.

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"There is no such thing as a Coat of Arms for a surname, as Coats of Arms belong only to the original grantees and their descendants in the male line."
"Anyone who can establish a direct male line of descent from an ancestor whose arms are registered at the College is automatically entitled to those arms. Official recognition of this necessitates recording of the descent in the registers of the College of Arms."

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