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*Hugh resided in Anderson Co., TN (1830) before moving to Franklin Co.  He served in the War of 1812 and was the heir of Gilbreath Barton of Marshall Co., AL.   According to the 1973 Easter Edition of the Barton Bulletin, pages 12-14, Dr. Hugh and Mary (Shirley) Barton were the parents of Armistead.  They were originally from VA, then moved to TN and finally to Franklin Co., in a location which is now Colbert Co., AL.  Dr. Hugh had a son, Hugh, who md. Jane Harris and moved to Bastrop, TX. Clark T., the nephew of Hugh, was a leading merchant in Tuscumbia.  This same edition of the Barton Bulletin also stated that Hugh was the son of Roger and Margaret (Gilbreath) Barton and that Roger was the son of Thomas Barton (1720; VA/1800; BA)  Which Thomas?  Does anyone know?

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Jim - 02/08/00

My ggrandfather was James Armstead Barton lived in Franklin Co AL in the 1800,s.

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John Lackey - 01/20/00
The name of your first known ancestor: Thomas Barton
Where was your ancestor born?: England

There was a question on your site="Which Thomas was Hugh Barton's father. All I know is he married Hannah Clark , Queens, NY about 1736 Also, my g-g-grandfather, Henry Cook Barton (1832 - 1911) was not mentioned. He is not the Henry C Barton mentioned. I have an 1849 daguarreotype of him and matched 1858 portraits of him and wife Emma Goodloe by Wikkiam Frye. I have more info on dates and places, but I don't know what would be helpful.

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