Thomas Barton purchased Stafford County, Virginia, land in 1678.  Originally this property was in Prince William Co., VA (formed 1730-31).  Possibly Thomas Barton [1] the forefather of the Greenville Co. , SC Bartons.

Thomas Barton [2] sold the above property in 1728.  In the deed he stated the property was bought by his father, Thomas Barton, in 1678 .   Thomas Barton, Sr. [2] and his wife, Grace, left their 3 children in the care of another couple on Sunday, June 3rd, 1700. The couple also had 3 children plus an orphan boy came to play so there were 7 children altogether.  Indians attacked, killing the couple and all of the children except the orphan who managed to hide.  This incident is documented in two legal accounts--a letter on file in Virginia Provincial Records and the History of Prince William County, by Fairfax Harrison.  This latter account gives the story, but doesn't mention the Barton surname.

Thomas Barton [2] died before his wife.  Grace Barton made gift deeds to two minor children, William and Lydia Drummond, before her death.   [Drummond?]

In 1731, Thomas Barton, Jr. [3] patented land in Prince William Co., Virginia .  Thomas Barton, Jr. [3] died 1752 in Prince William Co.   David was named administrator of Thomas Barton [3's] estate.  

David, Thomas and John were reported to be brothers and it is believed by many they were the sons of Thomas [3]. Perhaps the new Barton book  (  put out by the South Carolina branch has come up with documentation.  This Barton clan started genealogical research very early and several members of the family, now deceased, claimed they knew for a fact that David (who md. Ruth Oldham) was a brother to Thomas [4] (who married Sarah Wilson).  For years it has been said they also had a known brother, John, but which John?  [For more data on Thomas who md. Sarah Wilson, see Stafford Co., VA.]

David Barton (who was the administrator of Thomas [3's] estate) md. Ruth Oldham and remained in Virginia until after the area became Fauquier Co. in 1759.  In 1771-72.  they migrated to the Surry-Wilkes Counties' area of NC. David Barton  went to Kentucky (with Daniel Boone?) and was killed there by Indians in 1775. [Wilkes Co. Records]  

Most of this data was gleaned from an article in The Barton Bulletin, Reunion Edition, 1978, p. 17-28

The Barton Historical Society used to put out this bulletin which was packed with genealogical data.  They still have some past editions to sale for any interested genealogists.

From Mary:

My Barton is Valentine, who was in Prince Wm Co, VA when his second child John was born on 1803. He was still there in the 1810 census.  He was in Boone Co, KY by about 1815. He also claimed land in the Gore of Indiana in Aurora, Dearborn Co., in 1813. His wife was Elinor Moore.

There is a Valentine Barton on a list of servants brought to Maryland in 1669 out of Hull, England. The name recurs in the Northern neck of VA throuhout the 1700's, in Stafford Co, Farquier, and Prince Wm.

This is probably the same Barton family as that mentioned in book Five Generations of the Family of Burr Harrison.

I have been unable to determine the parents of Valentine, despite quite alot of trying. I descend from his daughter Alcey (Alice) who married Wm McGlasson in KY.

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