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Joseph Jr. and Phoebe [Barton] Nation's son Bayless Nations (listed as Bails, I think that may have been a nickname) married Mary Ferguson 1-17-1824 in Jefferson Co. AL. They came to Gonzales Co. TX from Yalobusha Co. MS sometime between 1843 and 1854 with their daughter Nancy Ann Nation and her husband James Crozier and some of their children. At least the last two of Nancy and James' children were born in Texas in 1854 and 1858. Their oldest child, James Henry Crozier is the father of Edward Theodore Crozier, who is my mother's father. So, Bayless Nations b. 1782 was my ggg-grandfather.   Do you have any info on his wife Mary Ferguson? Bayless' father (Joseph Jr.) had a brother named Baylis Nation. I believe this is the Baylis mentioned in the 1805 GA land lottery info. He would have been 45 at the time. Bayless would have been 23 then. And Bayless also had a brother named Joseph W. Nation (who had a twin named James M. Nation) who would have been 21 in 1805. I don't know how to tell whether it was the older Baylis and Joseph or the younger Bayless and Joseph in the lottery info."

Bayless Nations followed the same Jefferson Co., AL/Yalobusha Co., MS route as the Barton family.

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Jaen* P Cowan was born in Ireland March 18, 1825. He came to America in 1843 when he was 18 years of age...He landed in Charleston, South Carolina, but later moved to Mississippi where he lived for some years. Here he met and married Thyria Jane Nation(s).  She seems to have been called Elizabeth in later years.  They married about 1849.

Thyria Jane had a sister, Nancy Ann, who married James A Crozier. In 1840 the Croziers came to Texas and settled in the Elm Grove community of what is now Fayette Co., Texas. Later the Cowan's came to Texas, first to Gonzales Co. near Belmont (about 1851) then in 1852 John and Elizabeth Cowan came to Fayette Co. and settled near her sister in the Elm Grove Community.

For the possible connection to the above, note:  A Nations family who lived in Nachadoches Co., TX (related to a Gonzales Co. Nations family) had children who later came to live with William Barton (of Walker Co., AL) who at that time resided in the Upshur Co., TX (the Pittsburg area) according to the 1860 census.  From what family does William belong?  Is he related to Moses, Joshua or David Eli Barton of Walker Co., AL?  Is Thyria Jane related to the three Nations who md. the three Bartons?

For more information, see Nation Family

After doing a Rootsweb search, an item from Probate Court records of Gonzales Co. came up pertaining to the property belonging to the Lockhart heirs .  In the description of the property, a Margaret Barton is mentioned as follows:

"ANDREW LOCKHART drew the following...parcel of land...beginning at a stake set in the bank of the Guadalupe river for the upper corner of a tract of land partitioned to MARAGRET BARTON."

Continuing the search on Genforum, I found that Kimber Barton who md. Elizabeth Lewis had a daughter, Catharine, who md. Charles Lockhart.  Whether Charles and Andrew have any connection, I don't know, but this article (submitted by an Elmer Boggs, written by his grandfather, Charles Powell Chandler in 1878 and 1885) went on to say:

"Kimber and aunt Catharine both died  [with?] living families near Gonzales Texas."

Mr. Chandler lists the children of Kimber and Elizabeth (Lewis) Barton as:

Deborah who md. Ellis Chandler
Mary who md. Clement H. Warring
Naomi,who md. Matthew White
Catharine who md. Charles Lockhart
Matilda who md. Dr. John Vevens (both died. in Platteville, WS)
Joseph who died in St. Louis, MO
Sarah who md. Willis Day.

"Kimber Barton was a wagon master in the revolutionary army and served during the war. Often heard my Grandmother [Elizabeth Lewis] tell of working in the fields during his long absence. She was a woman raised in affluence and well educated, but the trying times came on and she tilled the soil and kept the family the 7 years of bloody strife. She died in 1842 in her 94th year.


Elmer Boggs' email adr. is no longer valid.

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