James Barton Horn (b. before 1755; Orange Co., NC), son of Thomas and Ann (Barton) Horn who md. 1743 in Baltimore, MD.

1755 Tax Rolls: Burr Barton, Thomas Barton, William Barton

1. David Murphree (b. 1760: Orange Co., NC or Ireland/d.2-18-1838; Airmount, Yalobusha, MS)  Md. Jemima Cornelius 1795 in NC.  They had a daughter, Bethania, who md. William Barton.

ca 1762: Birth of James Barton who md. Elizabeth Crabtree.  James was the son of Thomas Barton of Virginia.  Thomas was the son of William.  Either Thomas or William md.    ?   Taylor.  

1770: Absalom Rhodes (b. 1770; Orange Co., NC/d. 1835; Richmond Co., GA) married Mary Barton. Absalom moved to Richmond Co., Georgia ca 1790.  Don't know if he md. Mary in Orange Co., Richmond Co. or some where along the way.

1772 Tax Rolls: John Barten

1774: Thomas of Orange Co., N. C. witnessed the will of Thomas Crabtree in Orange County and was named by Mr. Crabtree as 'overseer' of his will [See The Barton Bulletin, Reunion Edition, 1978, p.19-28].

John Barton was in Orange County before the Revolutionary War. He signed the Regulator Movement petition. He also signed a petition asking for the formation of Caswell County so citizens wouldn't have to travel so far to go to Court. Caswell Co. was created in 1778. (N. C. State Records).[Via? The Barton Bulletin, Reunion Edition, 1978, p.19-28].

1779 Tax Rolls: Thomas Barton

1790 Orange Co. Census Index:

#97 Elizabeth
#97 Elizabeth (duplicate or two Elizabeths?)
#82 John
#94 Thomas

1792: James Barton md. Elizabeth Crabtree

1793: John Barton md. Nelly Thompson.[Did they have a son, Stephen?]

1796: Birth of John Barton (d. 1846; IL) md. Sally or Sarah Penn--marriage place not known.         

1798: Thomas Barton and Elizabeth Campbell, witness/bondsmen: James Campbell and John Taylor

1800 Census Index:

#549 David H.
#543 James
#549 John
#490 Thomas
#548 Thomas

1806: Birth of Ralph Barton in Orange Co., NC.  He md. Angelina Johnston in Guilford Co., NC.

1810 Census Index:

#874 A.
#935 James
#850 Jno
#879 Jno
#795 Tho
#824 Tho

1811: Elizabeth Barton md. James Comb, witnessed? by Asyl Barton and J. Taylor (or was J. Taylor the bondsman? unclear)

1816: James Barton md. Mirna Stallings..

1820 Census Index:

#292 Asa
#334 James
#304 John
#316 Thomas
#416 Thomas Jun.

1820: Wm. Barton md. Mary Wilkey.

1822: Wm. Barton md. Sarah Carroll, William Brown and J. Taylor Jr. witness/bondsmen.

1824: Isabell Barton md. Abraham Crabtree

1824: Samuel Barton md. Nancy Barton

1825: Josiah Barton md. Elizabeth Easton

1825: William Barton md. Nancy Dockery, William Barton witness/bondsman

1826: Dulenia Barton md. Daniel W. Johnston

1826: Eliza Barton md. Moses Falkner

1826: Thomas Barton md. Fanny Davis

1826: Margaret Barton md. James Scarlett

1830 Census Index:

#336 Jacob
#267 John
#319 Milia
#268 Samuel
#326 Thomas
#280 Thomas, SR.
#253 William

1830: Will of Samuel THOMPSON to daughter, Nelly Barton, wife of John Barton --"Kennedy's place adjoining lands of Wm. Strayhorn" 200 acres. Also mentions Nelly's son, Stephen Barton. [Abstracts of Wills Recorded in Orange County, North Carolina 1800-1850]

The above data was sent by way of snail mail many years ago and is unclear.  The parcel of land might have also been willed to other members of the Thompson clan.  Anyone interested should read the actual will to get accurate information.

1840 Census Index:
#220 Ellen
#187 Josiah
#248 Mary*
#254 Mosier
#252 Samuel
#182 Thomas
#255 William
#216 Williamson

1842: Sym Barton md. Suzaney Bowles., witnessed? by John Bowles

1846: Mary Barton md. Perry Price

1847: Will of Thomas Barton proved

1850 Census Index

#286 Ann
#192 Betsey
#173 Betsy
#289 John
#218 Mosieur
#193 Nancy
#173 Samuel
#235 Tempy
#188 Thomas
#192 William

1852: Wisley Barton md. Eliza Clark

1855: Mary Frances md. Thomas Crabtree

1860 Census Index:

#481? Harriet
#392 Jesse
#325 John
#464 Maradeth
#482 Nancy
#344 Tempe
#609 Wisely

Claudette Duncan sent actual census records she had read and came up with additional information for the 1860 census:

#92-684 Simpson Bartin & family
#165-1196 Harriet Barton & family
#85-614(?) Wm. Bartin

1867: Nancy Barton md. Asa Crabtree

From BQ Guest Book:

Keith - 09/22/00

My William Barton was born about 1800 in North Carolina, I believe in Orange Co. He died 1860 in Fayette Co. In 1843 he gave his portion of his deceased father's land (John Barton of Orange Co.,) to Lemuel Carroll, whom I believe to be Williams' brother in law. I believe William married Sarah Carroll. So, I think John Barton is my gggg grandfather. Believe he married Nelly Thompson in 1793. John may have had brothers James and Thomas Barton of Orange Co. I would think someone has encountered this line and can link me up. I have extensive Barton lineage from William Barton and willing to share information with my fellow cousins.

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