1816:  According to Annals of Northwest Alabama, Vol. I, p. 21, Emanuel York and John Barton were the first settlers of Tuscaloosa.  "Mr. Powell, a Blount Co. historian, stated that in 1815 several citizens left the Upper Districs of South Carolina and migrated to Tennessee, then early in 1817? arrived in Blount Co., AL."  The book also mentions that John Barton was a blacksmith and it was thought he and Emanuel York were brothers-in-law.  John Barton performed the first marriage ceremony in Tuscaloosa which was then Mississippi Territory.

During 1817 to 1820, Barton and York were said to have moved to Jones' Valley.  One source says Jones' Valley, TN later became Tuscaloosa.  Another source says Jones' Valley was about ten miles north east of Birmingham, Alabama. Can any one shed light on this confusing data?

1818:  Among the charter members of the First Methodist Church in Tuscaloosa were:  John Barton; Thomas, Emanuel and Jonathan York.  [Pioneers of Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama Prior to 1830, by Tuscaloosa Genealogical Society, 1981,  p. 9].

1824:  William Barton md. Sarah Roberts  [Bk. III A, Marriages--Tuscaloosa Co.]

Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999

From: "Dick Stewart"   rmstewart@excelonline.com

Dick states there was a Barton & Stewart law practice in Tuscaloosa AL in the 1820-30 timeframe.

1848:  Thomas Barton md. Susan Grim  [Bk. III A, Marriages--Tuscaloosa Co.]

1850 Census Index:  No Bartons listed.

1852:  Thomas Barton md. Sarah Crouch  [Bk. III A, Marriages--Tuscaloosa Co.]

1860:  Tuscaloosa Co. Census Index:

1870:  Tuscaloosa Co. Census Index:

1880:  Soundex Index:

1885:  An Elizabeth Barton was born in Tuscaloosa.  She later md. Elijah Tilman Hocutt.  Any one know into which family she fits?

Family of Elias Wilburn & Kate (Hunnicutt) Barton:

  1. Peter
  2. Cloud Thrasher
  3. Thomas Hunnicutt Barton md. Alabama Virginia Watson (b. 1842; d. 1905)
  4. William
  5. David

Date:  04/99

From:  Kimberli     kimberli.david@cwix.com

Effie Mae Barton [who was from near Tuscaloosa AL] was born in June of 1919 and had (as far as I know) two sisters and a brother. Both sisters are still living in AL. Their names are Tommie and Em- Em was at one time married to Frank Lary, a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers in the fifties.  The brothers name is Barry Barton. I believe the father's name was John, or Thomas and the mother's name was Hattie? Effie moved to Pensacola in 1935 when she eloped with my husband's grandfather.

Date:  03/23/99

From:  Dianne       bhtatum@aol.com

The name of your first known ancestor:  Thomas Dunn
Where was your ancestor born?  Ireland
Looking for any lead to Frances J. Fanny Barton second wife of Winton Orvington Dunn in Tuscaloosa Al, she had to have been born after 1835 and I have no idea who her parents are, and any help or lead greatly appreciated.

12/6/2001  From: keithwiseman@mindspring.com

My great-great grandparents were Bartons from Ralph, Alabama. All I know about them is that my great-great grandmother was Caroline Dietz who married a Barton.

My great-grandfather was John Thomas Barton, who married Mary Lee Cox, and lived in Millport, Alabama. They are buried in the Bethlehem Cemetery not far from Millport.

I know that my great-grandfather, John Thomas Barton, had a sister named Itura, and many other siblings (I have a list at home, but I'm at work).

According to a note on some papers, Caroline Dietz Barton is supposed to be buried in Ralph, Alabama.

Does any of this ring any bells? I'm not sure which county Ralph is in, but looking at the map, it could be your county.

I'd appreciate any information you could send me. Thanks for being on the web.

Keith Gore Wiseman

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