(Links will take you to the child of Willis to which these descendants belong, but living
descendants and their line of descent are are not listed on their ancestor's page.)


(Mary Jo Bagwell through Owen Barton)

Mary Jo Bagwell

Mike Bagwell

Wendell Bagwell

Nettie Mae Bailey

Patricia Bailey

Dan Baker

Gary Michael Baker

Gary Michael Baker

Kacie Jenae Baker

Matthew Douglas Baker

Neotha "Toots" Baker

Austella Banks

Jacky Nell Banks

Larry Gene Banks

Patricia Ann Banks

Wallace Banks

Wayne Junior Banks

Zim Banks

Cloressa Baranak

William Baranak

William Martin "Billy" Baranak

Jim Barefield

Harry Vollie Barnard

Phillip Hyde Barnard

Timothy Percy Barnard

Bobby Allen Barnes

Bobby Jack Barnes

George Waymond Barnes

Justin Scott Barnes

Melody "Michelle" Barnes

Sarah Ruth Barnes

Scott Barnes

Addie Barnett

Christine Barnett

Cratis "Tate" Barnett

Dovie Ann Barnett

Dyliska P. "Ick" Barnett

Elizabeth "Tib" Barnett

George Barnett

Harriet Elizabeth Barnett

Ina Barnett

Jnett "Jen" Barnett

Melanie Anne Barnett

Raypherd "Raph" Barnett

Sam Barnett

Venodia Barnett

Willodean "Will" Barnett

Margaret Barr

Juley Ann Bartlet

Ronald Bartlet

"Oscar" Barton

Ada E. Barton

Ada Elizabeth Barton

Agustus Hix Barton

Alan Barton

Allen Barton

Allie Barton

Alonzo Irvin Barton

Alton Lee Barton

Alvin Monroe Barton

America Palestine Barton

Amy Nichole Barton

Andrew Barton

Andrew B. Barton

Andrew Jackson Barton

Andrew Jonathan Barton

Annette Barton

Arthur Barton

Arvid Kenneth Barton

Ashley Sharlene Barton

Audra Jo Barton

Austin Lee Barton

Barbara Barton

Barbara Maxine Barton

Barry Craig Barton

Bathsheba Barton

Beatrice Barton

Beckie Barton

Ben G. Barton

Benjamin Garland "Bennie" Barton

Benjamin Harrison Barton

Bennie Barton

Bernice Barton

Bertha E. Barton

Bertha Jane Barton

Bertie Barton

Bessie Barton

Betty Barton

Betty Ruth Barton

Betty Sue Barton

Bill W. Barton

Billy Barton

Birtha Barton

Bobbi Joy Barton

Bobby Barton

Bobby Allen Barton

Bobby Joe Barton

Brenda Barton

Bret Lee Barton

Brian Kirk Barton

Bruce Barton

Bruce Alvin Barton

Bryce Horton Barton

Buddie Barton

Burvel Barton

Butch Barton

Butch? Barton

Byron Keith Barton

C. W. Barton

Carl Barton

Carla Barton

Carlton Bud Barton

Carmen Lynn Barton

Carol Elaine Barton

Caroline Barton

Carrol Eugene Barton

Casey Barton

Catherine Barton

Cathy Barton

Cecil Barton

Charles Bruce Barton

Charles Edward Barton

Charles Edward Barton III

Charles Edward Barton, Jr.

Charles Harrison Barton

Charline Deborah Barton

Charlotte Elizabeth Barton

Christine Barton

Christopher Barton

Cicero Madison Barton

Clara Barton

Clara L. Zora Barton

Clifford Eugene Barton

Clifton Barton

Columbus Barton

Cornelia Barton

Coy Barton

Craig Arley Barton

Cranford G. Barton

Curtis Alan Barton

Cynthia Annette Barton

Dale Barton

Danny Wayne Barton

David BartonEdward Barton

David Larry Barton

David Washington Barton

David Washington Barton, Jr.

David Wayne Barton

Deborah Ann Barton

Delila Melissa Barton

Della Barton

Dennnis Barton

Dewey McKinley Barton

Dewey S. Barton

Dewey Shafter Barton

Dezzie Ola Barton

Docia Barton

Donald Verl "Donnie" Barton

Donna Rose Barton

Doris Barton

Doris Fern Barton

Doris? Barton

Dorothy Sally "Dot" Barton

Dorthy Beatrice Barton

Dove Barton

Dovie Barton

Dovie Ann Barton

Earl Barton

Earlene Barton

Edward Barton

Elaine Barton

Eldean Barton

Eldred Odus Barton

Eliza J. Barton

Eliza Jane Barton

Elizabeth Margaret Barton

Ellison Garfield Barton

Emma Barton

Emma Rosedale Barton

Ernest E. Barton

Ernest L. Barton

Estina/Esther J. Barton

Ethel Barton

Eunice Barton

Eva A. Barton

Evaline A. Barton

Eveline Barton

Eveline Eliza Barton

Evelyn? Barton

Evlena "Lena" Barton

Faye Barton

Flora Barton

Flossie Barton

Floyd Henry Barton

Floyd Roy Barton

Foy Hugo Barton

Frances Ann Barton

Frankie James Barton

Fred Jackson Barton

Fredda Grey "Gay" Barton

Gail Barton

Garlan Barton

Garlon Barton

Gary Barton

General Buel Barton

George Daniel Barton

Geraldine Gayle Barton

Gertha Arilla Barton

Gilford Jonathan? Barton

Gilford M. Barton

Ginneffer (Jennifer?) Barton

Gladys Barton

Gladys Lantty Barton

Gladys Lucille Barton

Glenda Gay Barton

Golden John Barton

Goldie Lorene Barton

Grady Barton

Grady Carl "Carl" Barton

Grayson Wayne Barton

Gregory Allen Barton

Guy Barton

Guy Virgil Barton

H. A. "Dink" Barton

Harvey McKinley Barton

Hattie Barton

Hazel Lee Barton

Hazel Rebecca Barton

Helen Barton

Henry Daniel Barton

Henry Grady Barton

Hollis Barton

Homer Barton

Homer H. Barton

Homer Verdo Barton

Homer Wheeler Barton

Howard Vernon Barton

Howard Vernon "Rowdy" Barton, Jr.

Huey Edward Barton

Hugh Barton

Ida Barton

Ida Bell Barton

Imogene Barton

Imogene Cleo Barton

Irma Jean Barton

Iva Mae Barton

Iva May Barton

J. C. Barton

J. D. "Doc" Barton

Jack Barton

Jackie Barton

Jackie Don Barton

Jackson Woodrow Barton

James Barton

James Alexander Barton

James Andrew Barton

James Brockman "Brock" Barton

James Calvin Barton

James David "Red" Barton

James F. Barton

James Garfield Barton

James Harold Barton

James Harrison Barton

James Harrison Barton

James Howard Barton

James Lawrence Barton

James Lee Barton

James Leonward Barton

James Luther Barton

James Marion Barton

James Marion "Dee" Barton

James McCabe "Mac" Barton

James Taft Barton

James W. Barton, Jr.

James Weyman Barton

James William Barton

James William Barton

James William "Little Red" Barton, Jr.

Janet Teresa Barton

Janie Barton

Jarrod Troy Barton

Jason Barton

Jason "Hunk" Barton

Jeffrey Alan Barton

Jeffrey Troy Barton

Jennifer Barton

Jennifer LeAnne Barton

Jeptha Brock Barton

Jess Barton

Jessa Kelly Barton

Jesse Barton

Jessie Pernie Barton

Jessie Roberta Barton

Jewell Elaine "Elaine" Barton

Jimmie Dale Barton

Jimmy? Barton

Jo Earle Barton

Joanne Barton

Jocie Adline Barton

Joe Barton

John Barton

John Chambers Barton

John David Barton

John Disco "Dink" Barton

John Frank Barton

John L. Barton

John M. Barton

John Roosevelt Barton

John Thomas Barton

John Wesley Barton

Johnnie? Barton

Johnny Joyce Barton

Johnny Mack Barton

Jonathan J. Barton

Jonathan Marion Barton

Joseph Arnold Barton

Joseph Garrison Barton

Joseph Hiram "Little Joe" Barton

Joseph Jerry Barton

Joseph W. Barton

Joseph? Barton

Josh Barton

Joyce Fay Barton

Joyce June Barton

Joyce Marie? Barton

Judson Barton

Julia A. Barton

June Barton

June Marilyn Barton

Kamlyn Barton

Kandace Dore Barton

Karen Barton

Karen Barton

Karen Elaine Barton

Karen Sue Barton

Katherine Lynn "Katie" Barton

Kathy Barton

Kathy Barton

Kayla Marie Barton

Keith "Dallas" Barton

Kellis Barton

Kelly Renea Barton

Kenneth Barton

Kenneth Barton

Kenneth Darold Barton

Kenneth Franklin Barton

Kenneth Mark Barton

Kenneth Michael Barton

Kenneth Ray Barton

Kimsey Barton

Kimsey J. A.? Barton

Kooper Alan Barton

Kori Lynn Barton

Lacey Barton

Lance Bryan Barton

Lanie LeAnne Barton

Larry Barton

Lauris Harden Barton

Lecil Barton

Lecil Barton

Lela Barton

Lela Bell Barton

Lena Bell Barton

Leo Barton

Leo Arvel Barton

Leon Barton

Leon "Crack" Barton

Leona Barton

Leona Belle Barton

Lewis Barton

Lewis Eddie Barton

Lillian Dean Barton

Lindsay Alan Barton

Lindsay ReAnne Barton

Lottie Lorene "Rena" Barton

Louise Barton

Louise Barton

Lucinda J. Barton

Lucius Leon Barton

Lula Anabelle Barton

Luther Hugo Barton

Mack Andrew Barton

Madeline Mae Barton

Madgie Barton

Madison Matthew Barton

Mae Barton

Malissa Barton

Margret M. "Marg" Barton

Margaret Barton

Margaret E. Barton

Margaret J. Barton

Margaret Marie Barton

Margie Barton

Margie Dean Barton

Margurite Barton

Mariah Jane Barton

Marie Jane Barton

Marie Layne Barton

Marion Andrew Barton

Marion Elizabeth Barton

Marion Henry Barton

Marion Merlota "Merle" Barton

Marjorie "Margie" Barton

Martha Ann Barton

Martha Ann "Mattie" Barton

Martha Belzuria? Barton

Martha Caroline Barton

Martha Elizabeth Barton

Martha Emma Barton

Martha Savanna Barton

Marvin Curtis Barton

Mary Barton

Mary Anne Barton

Mary Arizona Barton

Mary Bernice Barton

Mary Eliza "Lizzie" Barton

Mary Elizabeth Barton

Mary Ella Barton

Mary Frances Barton

Mary Glenn Barton

Mary Katherine Barton

Mary Laura Barton

Mary Louise Barton

Mary Malissia Barton

Mattie Irene Barton

Maurice Lamar Barton

Max Barton

Mayo Velma Barton

Melinda Gay Barton

Melissa Barton

Michael Barton

Michael Otho Barton

Millie M. Barton

Minnie Lee Barton

Monica Elaine Barton

Monroe O. Barton

Morgan Lauren Barton

Morris Douglas Barton

Morris Douglas "Doug" Barton II

Myra Mitchell Barton

Myrtie Barton

Nancy Barton

Nancy Barton

Nancy Caroline Barton

Nancy Jane Barton

Nancy Susan Barton

Nancy Suzanne Barton

Neal Barton

Nelda Barton

Nelda Ruth Barton

Nellie Marie Barton

Nelson Haygood Barton

Nettie M. Barton

Noah Garnett "Curley" Barton

Noah Jackson Barton

Noah Madison "Tude" Barton

Nola Mae Barton

Ola Fae Barton

Olly Ann Flory Barton

Ommie Virginia Barton

Opal Barton

Orley Barton

Orville Lee Barton

"Oscar" Barton

Oscar Lee Barton

Otho Barton

Owen Ciscero Barton



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