I am looking for information on Willoughby Barton or his daughter JeLanie Barton Howard and their descendants from

the Mobile, AL area.

5-7-01 from TibbieGopher

Answered 5-16-01 wrote:

1. Who was the Willoughby Barton (b ca 1790, m to Sally Ramsey, daughter Mary Ann Ramsey Barton) who served as Land Registrar of Jackson District, Mississippi Territory, became Al state rep from Mobile County 1823-24, 1824-25, Al state senator from Mobile 1826-28 and was said to have died during the 1828 yellow fever epidemic in Mobile?

From Debby:

According to in a 1997 email, Willoughby and Ann Barton had sons James and Willoughby, Jr.  
Willoughby, Sr. may have been the first of this line to come from Ireland. Their family tradition said he was from County Cork.

According to news accounts in my hard copy notes:

Barton, Mrs. Ann, wife of Capt. W. Barton died 6-7-1806, Augusta, Georgia. [Savannah Republican 6-24-1806 as per Marriages and Deaths, 1763-1820, by Mary Bondurant Warren]

"Barton, W. esquire of Augusta and Ramsey, Miss Sarah E., dau. of the late judge Ramsey of S. C. married at Silver Bluff 11-24-1814. [Marriages and Deaths, 1763-1820, by Mary Bondurant Warren]

"Barton, Mrs. Sarah Eve, 22 years, wife of Willouhby Barton of Augusta died at home of brother, John David Ramsey, Beaufort Dis. S.C. husband and infant daughter, mother, brothers and sisters survive." [Augusta Chronical, 1-16-1819 as per Marriages and Deaths, 1763-1820, by Mary Bondurant Warren]

"In Mobile, Ala. Willoughby Barton, Esq., Attorney at Law, formerly of Augusta, Geargia" [Death notice in the 8-30-1828 Charleston, SC Observer.]

From Tibbie:

2. Who was the Willoughby Barton (b ca 1803 probably in Georgia) who lived in Monroe County, Alabama and was said to have had a brother named William?

From Debby:

I have the following hard copy note, but don't know what the source is:

1860: Charles Barton (b. ca 1800; SC) resided in Monroe Co., AL with new bride, Louisa, who was probably a 2nd or 3rd wife. Son, Willoughby, also lived in Monroe Co. Was Charles the son of William who was the son of Elias, a descendant of David and Ruth (Oldham) Barton? [See] For more information on this line, contact the Barton Historical Society as they have done a recent update on their huge family book:

I thought I had their web site listed on my information page, but at least this gives you a little information about the BHS and an email address to make contact with the society.

Just found this on the Barton Quest site:

There was also a Willougby who md. Rebecca McCoy and had Tom, Ben, William, Joe, Willoughby (b. 1799) who md. Sarah West in 1822. I believe Willoughby and Sarah lived in Hall Co., Ga for a while, but later moved back to SC.

From the Barton Bulletin, 1977-78 Winter Edition, pg. 33, and BB 1978 Reunion Edition, pg. 13, and BB Reunion Edition, 1981:

David Barton of 1870 Mobile Co. was "reportedly a brother to Judge Willoughby Barton" (1790-1828; d. Mobile, AL). Willoughby md. Sally Ramsay, the dau. of Judge Ephraim Ramsay of SC. Willoughby's dau., Mary Ann, md. Noah B. Cloud. BB, Reunion Ed. , 1980, pg. 25: "David's wife, Amorilla B. Barton and John Barton sold land 1854, Mobile Co., AL to the daughter of Judge Willoughby Barton and her husband, Dr. Noah Bartlett Cloud of Macon Co., Ala."

From Tibbie

In 1857 Willoughby married Margaret Lambert and had two children--a daughter, Missouri who died of unknown causes after 1870, and a daughter, Jelaine b 1871 and died 1941 in Washington County, Al?

From Debby:

I checked my Washington Co. files, but found nothing significant.

Hope this gives you some leads. I have no idea of the accuracy of any of it.